Who has time for Mawi-Ina vs Siti-Datuk K when there is this gorgeous, funny, charismatic, entertaining Dr. House?

Duh, double duh, triple duh. I thought of tuning in to peek at our national TV. First, I see Aznil Nawawi blabbling about Mawi and his break-up with that girl Ina. Fast-fast change channel go to see Siti. And who do I see? Not Siti, not Datuk K but that other K. Gawd, why must the camera focused on him for so freaking long when they didn’t do the same for the handsome Sultan in blue (from where ah?).

Thank God for Dr. House. Woohoo, I love Dr. House now more than ever. [tag] Dr. House[/tag] saved me from the torments of local TV. Dr. House is my saviour.

And seriously, if our leaders have any senses, it is time they arrest this idol worshipping thingie before the whole generasi rots. What inspirasi do these singing sensation provide other than singing soppy love songs about missing each other, longing for each other, bordering on lusting for each other, about breaking up and world ending….etc etc. Do these idols provide any motivation to the young people other than dreaming of getting their faces plastered on  instant mee Mawi cups? Seriously……

Oh ya, talk about mee[tag] Mawi[/tag]. We got saman by the cops in Kuala Terengganu due to mee Mawi. My accountant husband parked his car right in front of some supermarket on a busy road to run down to get a few bottles of drinking water because it is selling for RM2 in the market but only 89 sen in the supermarket (5xmom sniggers secretly).
While waiting, my #3 kid insisted he must eat instant mee in a cup. There were mee Mawi cups on sale at 89 sen. So, I got down from the car too, leaving my eldest son and #2. And within a few seconds…kena slapped with a saman for obstructing traffic in Kuala Terengganu which we haven’t paid. ‘Cos the traffic police closed on the whole of Friday and Saturday (lucky chaps, eh?) but we  can pay our summons in Penang too.

So, who cares about Mawi and Ina, whether they have split, going to get back together, going to sing together or what? I have more important things to do, like paying the RM70 (which may be reduced RM50 if the polis kesian us) which a cup of mee Mawi caused? Like blogging about it? 😉

22 thoughts on “Who has time for Mawi-Ina vs Siti-Datuk K when there is this gorgeous, funny, charismatic, entertaining Dr. House?

  1. yeah…
    u r right….
    why must see that mawi thingy and siti getting married…
    its not like they are gonna give us their cash…hehe
    and i see that mawi show have the voting thing going on…
    its all for money..sigh*

    i prefer house anyday… sadly none of my family members agree with me…hehehe…
    peace..nice blog u got here…

  2. So that’s who Mawi is! I have been wondering who the heck is Mawi when i read it across your blog, but now i know who he is coz he’s all over the cup noodles and b4 that i was wondering whose that fella on the cup…LOL

  3. I don’t even know about the Mawi thingy. I didn’t even know when was Siti’s wedding until my friend told me about it. Yeah, Dr. House is all the drama you will need. Can’t wait for Season 3 to start!!

  4. 5xMom, u mellowed or wat? I didn’t bother to catch the CT thingy on TV & tot I could view it here. Aiya, disappointedlah…

  5. I don’t really like House because he’s insensitive and sometimes a total jerk. But, having said that, I’ll still take him anytime over Mawi.

    My boy that day went to pharmacy and started sniffing those cheap cologne. I told him, “this is the one that Mawi sell lor..”

    Immediately my boy put back the bottle. “Mawi, no thanks. Gosh, who would want to smell like him?”

    I bet many young ones do, hor? lol Your boys? lol

  6. Was channel browsing to kill time before House and caught some of the wedding of Siti and Dtk K but totally didn’t bother with that Mawi lah….

    Sultan in Blue is the Sultan of Terranganu, our the next Sultan in line to our the Throne of Malaysia..in fact..he’ll be our new king in a few months time.

    Mee Mawi? WTF is that? I know Mee Maggi lah..but Mee Mawi? Shish!!

  7. Talk about summon. Took 5 mins to buy a packet of RM2.00 nasi lemak and slap with a summon of RM100(PJ) for not getting ticket from 5 mins walk ticket vending machine. Ironically, summon for not parking in legal parking space is only RM50.

    And not to forget the murphy law : those “law(n) enforcer” joker always appear on you but fail to show up when another bugger make worst offend, e.g. block the whole street.

  8. “What inspirasi do these singing sensation provide other than singing soppy love songs ….etc etc.”

    I can count on you for this…just saw a student kepit a Kosmo, got a glimpse of the frontpage “Siti kecewa….” *sigh*

  9. Dr. Gregory House… ooh yeah. i finished season 2 already, waiting for season 3 now. meanwhile,i’m downloadin prison break s02 e02.

    mee mawi…. is tat endorsed by mawi the singer or smth? mee mawi…lol

  10. arghh…can’t stand it when Ina starts singing. pehh malu maaa….dah putus2 ler. mcm le lelaki kat malaysia ni dah pupus. ouchhh but my boy still minat mawi

  11. I enjoyed watching Dr. House. I was at Datin Siti Nurhaliza & Dato’ K’s wedding reception last night. 3 words: Chaotic and disorganised. I was on the highway, driving back to KL from my hometown, when I received a call in the afternoon asking me to be one of the 6 VIP ushers. Dato’ K called up one particular Datuk, who’s a mentor to my friend, asking for help to get VIP ushers. I had to be at KL Convex by 6. I arrived home in KL just before 4, had to iron my clothes and get ready before going out again, with no time to shower or unpack, to avoid the traffic. Madness! As I had to stand next to the VIP tables, I got to see many well-known faces including politicians, several singers and actors. I took some photos of the wedding and left the huge reception hall before 10p.m. because I couldn’t be bothered to wait until it ended and would rather stuff myself up at Mandarin Oriental, which I did, heh! 😉

  12. skyjuice – Oh wow, that’s one big event that you got to. But frankly, I found Siti’s hairdo a bit weird la. Her forehead is wide so they shouldn’t make it so much more broader. Hahaha, kaki kutuk, I ni.

    gina – Yalah, melekat macam tu even when the guy has ditched her. Still have feelings konon.

    Alex – Aiyoh, so many people never notice mee Mawi? Wait I go buy and blog it. Hahaha. It is Mamee mee in a cup.

    mama23beas – Kecewa pasal apa? Can tell ah? ‘Cos tak ada Kosmo

    moo_t – Hahaha, that one is my atm’s fault lah, he go and stop right in the middle of a busy main road.

    QV – Oh, that is the Sultan of T’ganu lah. Hehehe, see how lost touch the rakyat with their future Agong? Too much highlights on politikus lah.

    mott- Whoever design that pink ballgown ought to be shot. It was so Cinderalla like. Can’t they design something with our lovely kebaya style and not some silly, fairytale princess gown? Gosh, I hope the fashion media hentam that kuat-kuat. Something with our lovely songket would have been so much appropriate.

  13. helen – Aiyoh, my boys don’t give two hoots about local singers. In fact, I boycott Canon products (camera) ‘cos of the Mawi endorsement. Otherwise, I wanted to buy Canon DSLR. Another one is Amber Chia. Anything she endorse, I stay away.

    pelf – Chialat lah. So efficient the cops.

    MLNS – That one anti-climax cos it is the same old misai face. I don’t know why but he looks so ‘beh song’ with the lips senget a bit like he is not happy with something. And the whole thing was so tense. The singers (Ziana Zain) sucks ‘cos their voice/or sound system very teruk. So, I potong stim, don’t want to watch.

    wuching – Yeah, right.

    KLJS – The papers make a huge coverage today. Like we have no other things to say.

    wingz/shooi – The work of clever media manipulation.

    encik fakap – Ya, agree. But tell it to those fans out there. They worship and idolised him. There were huge signboards on the East Coast of Mawi with the politicians.

    Devan – Tks

  14. Well, it wasn’t front page news today though……. probably tomorrow you will see the headlines….

    The Wedding of the Decade.

    or something like that……

  15. ya lar got better things to do like tidy up my blog then to watch the so called wedding ler..but then hor that mee mawi nice wor..too bad got his face only..

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