Late night ramblings

I am 90% sure that last night, when I just fell asleep, the wooden stool in my bedroom creaked like someone pushed it. I woke up and without any fear, I wondered to myself, is it my mom or is it my (dearly departed) son? Then, for a few fleeting moments, I tried to figure out. My mom’s 8th year death anniversary just passed on August 23rd. It is one of her favourite grandson’s birthday. So it has to be her.
Sometimes, I marvel at the way God works. Do you all remember Albert (my church choir bass singer) whom I mentioned was hit & run by a lorry when he was riding his bike? He went into coma due to brain injuries. Later on, he woked up but one side of his body was paralysed. Each week, when we gathered for our weekly choir practice (for Christmas?!?! roll eyes) we would discussed amongst ourselves how short life is. One minute, Albert was with us, walking into choir practice with his funny moustache, ponytail, jeans bermuda and white shirt and the next minute, he is lying in the ICU, not sure what the future holds for him.

So, on Sunday, I was the only fool who sat there waiting for the choir members to arrive. Apparently, practice was cancelled but I wasn’t informed because I told my leader earlier that I will be in KT (but I came back one day earlier). This thin man but looking familiar also came to sit on the pew where our practices take place. He smiled and nodded at me. I smiled back and absent-mindedly wonder why the person sat there just like me. The church was already deserted after mass. Suddenly, I jumped up and asked, “Albert, is that you?” (before he had his accident, I didn’t know his name)

I was gushing at how happy I was to see him walking and sitting there. His scalp still has a bald spot and of course, his signature curly moustache and ponytail were no longer there. I told him how earnestly we prayed for his recovery and what a miracle to see him joining us for choir practice. I gave a call to my leader and was told that choir practice has been cancelled and even Julie can’t believed that Albert is back to singing with us so soon after his discharge from hospital.

I asked if Albert can ride his bike but he told me that part of his right side (if I remember correctly) is still not so strong yet. Indeed ‘cos his mouth was sort of droopy still. I offered him a ride back but he said he has transport.

After I got out of church later on, I found Albert struggling to go up on the kapcai (small cc motorbike) riding pillion while his wife (I assume) was fetching him. It was then drizzling and he was putting on a raincoat. It was a touching sight to see Albert. He is so strong and stoid and kept going despite of his recent injuries. I remember how Albert always rode his big bike to all those hotels and venues where we have had our Christmas carollings and singing. Now, he has to be fetched by his wife on her kapcai. I admire Albert.

Seeing his recovery, I know there is a miracle out there. I know those heartfelt, silent, desperate prayers that all of us, strangers to him, bonded only by the love of Christ and the desire to serve [tag]God[/tag] (through our singing) have been answered. Hallelujah. [tag] Christ [/tag]the Lord, We thank You for answering our prayers, strengthening our faith and most of all, helped Albert to be back on his feet.

Meanwhile…let’s us do something for Lisa (SCB) on her coming birthday on 2nd September. Let’s continue to have faith that she too will recover and be strong again. Do your part, pray for her, sing for her or just keep her in your thoughts.

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  1. Miracle is out there, this brought to mind a conversation I had a few days back which went

    “Why is it that God heals some people but not all?”

    My response was rather of deep pondering and my initial reply was “Lets ask God when we get to heaven”

    But when I think back on it, maybe its because some healing are done physically, and some are spiritual healing, for example, they are some who have accepted their illness and rejoice over the fact and await the time and day that they will return to our Heavenly father that it is by the acceptance of dying which gives us Faith in God and that is the miracle there. We can never Force God to do something for us, he does what He finds suitable for all of us.

    So, miracles do happen, always and around us, it might not be a visible thing, nor immediate, but it is there, it might not be a physical healing, but it might be a spiritual healing. God might not heal the person we are praying for,but he might heal the people around them spiritualy and bring them closer to Himself.

  2. Very touching post, auntie, especially the part about Albert going up the kapcai….very, very sad. BTW, how’s SCB ah? Has she woken up yet?

  3. Prometeuz – I heard she is in a Singapore hospital. But not sure what her condition is like.

    QV – If only everyone can see things that way….

    wingz – Tenkiu for what wor.

  4. I agree with Prometeuz. This is a touching post and a long awaited lift-me-up post I have read in blogs in a long long time.

    I wish Albert all the best and may the Lord continue to work his wonders for Albert and his family. 🙂

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