Temu bual Opah Windfree dengan Mawi

Opah : Selamat datang, [tag]Mawi[/tag], ke rancangan Opah Windfree…Jadi, ada apa ucapan Mawi untuk pembaca bolok 5xmom, iaitu pentas Opah Windfree?

Mawi : Makan mee Mawi

Opah : Dua malam yang lalu, Mawi ada bertemu dengan bekas [tag]tunang[/tag] Mawi, iaitu [tag]Ina[/tag]. Jadi, selepas siaran langsung di [tag]RTM1[/tag] bersama Aznil dan Roysham, apa Mawi buat bersama Ina?

Mawi : Makan mee Mawi

Opah : Err…err…Mawi tak ada perkara lain nak cakapkah? Okay lah, kita bincang tentang peranan penting Mawi terhadap generasi muda. Mawi ada apa-apa pesanan untuk adik-adik kecil yang ingin mengikut jejak Mawi?

Mawi : Makan mee Mawi

Opah : (garu kepala) Oh….begitu. Jadi, sekiranya adik-adik semua dah pun makan mee Mawi untuk sarapan pagi, tengah hari, teh petang, makan malam dan supper, apakah adik-adik semua akan jadi terror macam Mawi?

Mawi : (tunjuk gambar peminat #1)

Opah jatuh pengsan, kaki cucuk langit. Sarong pun terselak.
Director : CUT!!!!!!

Camera zoom in on 5xmom.

Ladies and gentlemen…..the above program was brought to you at a cost of RM1.40 for the cup of Mamee and RM3 for the packet of instant noodles. Not to mention the indignity of 5xmom being mistaken as a fan of Mawi by the cashiers in Shell station. This is done in the name of love for blogging. 5xmom has gone out of her way to educate her readers who Mawi and what mee Mawi is.

Shooi commented on August 28th, 2006:^

So that’s who Mawi is! I have been wondering who the heck is Mawi when i read it across your blog, but now i know who he is coz he’s all over the cup noodles and b4 that i was wondering whose that fella on the cup…LOL

Credit also goes to 5xmom’s very accomodating #3 son who is a comedian in the making for posing with the mee Mawi. And yeah, Mawi was in the kitchen of 5xmom! So, claps please….’cos I had to eat the freaking cup of mee Mawi at midnight just for the sake of photography, blogging and errm..education.

-The End-

22 thoughts on “Temu bual Opah Windfree dengan Mawi

  1. Eh..Opah..that mean, you got give free maggi mawi or not? Coz ah..that Opah versi Amerika she give alot of free things away y’know… Hahahahahah…

  2. hahahahaha, Mamee really need somebody to promote their curry flavour.

    IMHO, different brand did own a “flagship” MSG flavour 😉
    Curry – Maggi
    Assam laksa – Maggi
    Lontong Telur – Mamee
    Tomyam – Mama(Thai brand)
    Goreng – Indomee
    Chicken soup – Cintan
    Anything deal with meat – look for Taiwan/Japan brand.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA…advertisement for Mawi and Mee Mawi ah? 😛

    However, still can’t find the fascination here with with Mawi…really dnt know what’s the hype all about him? Hmmm..let me borrow the Chinese Medium Crystal ball…..hmmm…oooh..I see Mawi being a has been in 3 years time and in 4 years time, I see he will be caught driving, intoxicated with drugs, naked ala Jamal Abdillah (the newly reformed drug addict..now that’s another thing I dnt understand..why keep on talking on how he has reformed…for sure he will turn back to it in a few years time..)

  4. QV – It is the in thing to do mah, do drugs, get depression, suicide, just like the western angmohs. Duh. I wonder if our Ministry of Information realise the kind of whipsplash they are creating with the wrong kind of exposures. (reality TV and the likes)

    Austin Powers – Never heard of the brand but will check it out from Tesco.

    moo_t – Cintan original is da best!

    helen – If I kasi, later all my readers run away cursing me. LOL. That advertisement is pretty ‘bad moral’ hor? Considering how conservatives people are, touching here and there like that.

    bakerina – Made me thirsty till this morning. Hahaha.

    shooi – Now you know…

    kacamata – So you are not one of the 4.38 million household la. Hahaha.

    mott – Got, got, I throw cup mee to everyone and every one later throw stones back to me.

    ahPek – Yahor, next time we produce Mee 5xmom (got cili padi with belacan), Mee Ahpek (got added viagra wan), Mee Rojak (with rojak sauce), Mee….you name it.

    encik fakap and inevitable – I hate Mawi 3. 🙂

  5. Mamee lontong menolong saya sepanjang sekolah berasmara (berasrama) penuh. Sampai sekarang saya tak boleh bau mamee lagi…

    Rosyam: *(&*(&*^^$#$@^%%^
    Ina: Ya Bang…?
    Rosyam: %^%@#$@$#)_*))(
    Ina: Ya Bang…?
    Rosyam: &*^&&%$$%%%%&((*&*((@@
    Ina: Ya Bang…?


  6. fire80 – You are the only ONE who got my joke. LOL. Right now, I terbau nasi lemak cooking in my pot, credit to your sis who taught me. Tambah halia, biji halba, bawang, pandan…

    wuching – Kehkehkeh, in case you don’t know that fler is the hottest thing locally so when you touch down in KLIA, you will at least know who is that fler greeting you on billboards. Gosh, I can’t stand him.

    shooi – Ok, must go hunt for that.

  7. Mawi masuk TV,
    Bekas tunang keluar buku,
    Siti juga masuk TV,
    Channel dibanding, mana yang laku.

    More Merdeka ‘Pun-Tone’, in my site.

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