If you are looking for Bajet 2009 or Budget 2009, you can find it here.

Heh, I cannot be a Finance Minister of Malaysia, evar…because I cannot read for 3 hours continously.

I learn jalur lebar means broadband.

I don’t catch a ball of the national budget after sitting down for 35 minutes.

I only see some very sleepy and bored politicians.

I see Min. Of Education Datuk Hishamuddin (hey, I think he is handsome no?) trying to sembang with the minister next to him (I think is Datuk Rais Yatim, the Heritage Minister or something).

The only time I care about the budget was when I was meddling with the share market a long, long time ago.

I hear Pak Lah sasul sikit. Potong cukai jadi proton cukai.

I think those kiasu people who almost kill themselves with stress by lining up to renew/apply are just plain kiasu. Elo, RM200 spread over 5 years, you only save RM40 per year. Worth getting so stressed ah?

45 minutes over and I still don’t catch no ball.

And that’s is the Bajet 2007 from the home of 5xmom

OMG, OMG, do you know that our ads income through our websites are TAX-FREE? I better go work hard-hard to kikis that kind of money better. A miserly mid level executive pun kena bayar cukai, so what better way than to earn money through the internet?

Wokay, employers get tax relief for the employees travel. Go claim from your boss for some local holidays. Cuti-cuti Malaysia.

Added: Sei lorrrr..Pak Lah said Mandarin will be taught as a compulsory language in sekolah kebangsaan. My kids are going to smell the fart only lor….I hope I hear wrongly.

To boost enrolment in national schools, the Chinese language will be a full subject in 150 national schools and Tamil in 70 national schools from next year. (copy from Bernama)

If your kid get 10A1 in SPM and the home income is less than RM1,500, the student will get scholarship for higher education.

Tax relief for purchase of books, raised from RM700 to RM1,000