Lu chiak pah boey?

Today is Saturday. Today I cooked lunch. Today I eat lunch.

I cook fennel, the alien looking vegetable with a big hip like stem with tomatoes, garlic and a dollop of butter. This is provencale style.

Last night, I cooked lamb curry like how Indian wives do.  I sendiri grind my spices.  I taruk manyak-manyak poppy seeds or buah kas-kas like mamaks do.  Kasi makan liao high-high. My lamb curry dem cunnn.  Eat already sweats until shirt also wet.

And these ugly looking eyeball-less fishes are the to-die-for ikan cencaru belah belakang with a big dollop of sambal by the side.

Burrpppp…Wa chiak pah liao, lu chiak pah boey?  Phrroootttt…eh, excuse me.  All those spices and kunyit, lemongrass, bawang merah, garlic sure expel winds from your belly.  Top and bottom, they also come out.

(lu chiak pah boey?  Means Have you eaten full-full?  in Hokkien dialect.  It is the Chinese hospitality to greet each other with this question.  It does sound a bit rude in the Western context, no?  But it is just like ‘How are you today’ to the Chinese.)

Happy chiak pah-ing weekend to all!

9 thoughts on “Lu chiak pah boey?

  1. kak teh – Hahaha, I am on curry cooking spree these few days, dunno why. Every day also got curries.

    ahpek – Choy….spoil my appetite only.

    Big Pumpkin – It is not that hard to cook, just follow my food blogs. Very easy oni.

    mott – No lah, I no tumbuk with lesong, I just grind with my blender little grinder. 3 minutes thing. I didn’t know that spices are that easy to grind. Now, I no need to buy curry powder anymore. I just grab whatever spices I have and hope they turn out a tasty combination. Curries taste waayyyy better, you know?

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