Can we live without TV?

Sometime last week, I glanced through one of those [tag]parenting[/tag] column written by a local columnist. She said that they recently moved to a new place and she did not allow her children access to [tag]TV[/tag] and doesn’t have a TV at home.

Today, I read in another column by another local columnist that she forbade her daughter from listening to any songs with sexual overtones. Mind you, Doncha by Pussycat Dolls is bad according to her because it encourages boys to dump their girlfriends for someone hotter.

For the first columnist, I wonder what her kids do during their free time?

“Come chewren, let’s watch the fatty pork roasting in the oven! Oooh…see how exciting it is? The fats are spewing like volcanoes…”

For the second columnist, oh well, how is she going to weed out sexual overtones? Every damn thing you see and hear has sexual overtones. Even James Blunt ‘You’re beautiful’ has a part that goes something with ‘ Fucking high’. Each time I heard it from my kids’ PC, I will just go ‘Oi, oi, what f f song ha?” and that’s that.

I better shut up now. But I think it is pretty freaky to forbid our children from things we deem evil. I prefer to expose them to every thing while pointing out what is wrong and what is acceptable. That way, I can be sure that my kids will not stick out like a sore-thumb when they are grown up and need to blend into society.

So what say you? Will you deny access to TV for your children in the name of good parenting? BTW, have your kids watch ‘How do they do that?’ on Discovery Channel. And parents, if you have children glued to MTV, share with them some wisdom that MTV is very money focussed and only suitable for entertainment. Shows like Pimp my Ride, For Better or Worse and etc, though entertaining, screams ‘Money is everything’. And shows like Room Raiders and stuffs are pure fiction and no one is to treat choosing a date like those reality shows. *nag, nag, nag* That’s what this MTV (mommy TV does when the kids are watching MTV.

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25 thoughts on “Can we live without TV?

  1. Well, TV as all things are a tool for our usage and not we the tool for their usage. We wouldn’t die if we do not have to watch T.V for a day or two …. I hope.. if you do, then there’s really something really wrong with your life that you have to escape into the fantasy of T.V. land..

    So, can we live without TV? well, if we happen to have a life that is so hectic and tiring that we don’t have a spare time to do anything else, then, maybe yes..but children, retired people, laid back guys and gals, I think they need the idiot box to kill time or else they would be so completely bored in their lives that they would end up going bananas and be up to all sort of mischief

  2. oo..i liked watching tayangan gambar on friday nites..still got those nowadays? u know, the ones with pontianaks & p. ramlee, saloma & jim samsuddin wan! hahahaha!

  3. ketingalan zaman lah u wuching hahahahahahaha..then again..those old classic malay films are still the best compared to the crap we get nowadays…

  4. Bryan – Hoi, hoi, my brain notchet rots wor. Abuden, who has time for TV nowadays?

    QV – Orang zaman dahulu mah…

    Wuching – Aiyoh…nowadays the Malay filems mostly got no moral value anymore. All those rich buggers ala Bold and Beautiful mya style. I love P. Ramlee movies too. “Apek, apek, buka pintu”

    QV – I think it is rather extreme if a parent totally ban TV set from the houselah. That means no video, no Unka Ho DVD, no documentaries, cartoons, no news, no music….Oh, there is p0rn on the internet.

    ST – I grew up without a TV for the first 10 years and it wasn’t so bad back then. But I don’t think I want to torture my kids like that. Otherwise, I will end up in an old folks home with nothing but the four walls next time.

  5. When I growth older, I found book is more interesting than TV. I refuse to be fed with junks like ads, stupid local news, etc. A lost of innocent? TV is a nice medium if you stockpile VCD/DVD titles selectively.

  6. True True aunty, if they want to push T.V. completely out of the house, next thing, Computer also…like that how? Mana progress ni? Going Backwards lah….hehehe

    I guess all T.V like all things should be in moderation lah…

  7. QV – LOL, If no TV, no internet, how to know about such important news hor?

    mot_t- I am talking about parents and their kids lah, we all old lioa, want to watch what also can la. Blue one oso can lah.

  8. hmmm..difficult to say lor..i’ve seen one family without a tv and i saw the difference in the children’s behaviour..very good one wor..but now the dad works for NTV7 i think got tv leow…but kids still very well behaved..i guess it’s how you teach the kids that’s important..parental guidance must be there. but if just place the kids in front of the tv n then u just do your own stuff i think not good lor…

  9. No TV? NooOoOoooOoOoOOOoooOOoo~ It’s too late for me. My brains are rotted through. I need my TV and DVDs.

    And yeah, that James Blunt is a potty-mouth.

  10. i can live without the tv now but not witout the pc. but when i was a kid, i could not live without the tv.

  11. I used to be able to live without TV. Until I won a 29inch TV at a lucky draw and had it (and Astro) installed in my bedroom. Now I’m hooked. And also turning blind from the bright rays that fill up my tiny bedroom every time I switch on the TV. But still, I can’t stop watching……. *sob* CSI (all 3), House are my drugs. And I watch Prison Break because Wenworth Miller is oh, so hot! Hahaha

  12. We can never avoid the `evil doers’ of the world from our kids. Be it a simple VCD musical series or whatever we see on TV. To be honest, what is `clean’ these days? Even if we forbid our kids at home, they are still exposed in school. It’s like with my first kid, I refuse to allow him to take anything sweet or thought to be not healthy. An older lady told me that I must introduce and allow him to eat everything, after all when he goes to school, you can’t prevent him from tasting `sweet food’. True and by allowing the child that exposure, you don’t actually turn him to be a swa ku and look so phathetic looking at other people’s food drooling and at the same time also he might decide to `steal/pinch’ other peoples food. Do everything moderately and be selective.

  13. No tv… i mean please its so silly… no songs with sexual contenet? PLEASE! GOD! almost every song out today HAS some kind of sexual content whether u like it or not! da kids are gonna turn out to be perverts… like snipping panties… stealing panties…

  14. Can’t listen to Pussycat Dolls? Shudders…!! These people are fanatics! I let my daughter watch and listen to EVERYTHING! Somehow or other she has developed her own personality and can decide what she likes and what she doesn’t!! She loves James Blunt (second to Josh Groban), listens to PSD and everything else but she hates steamy video clips (unlike the father!) like Paris Hilton’s and movies with love scenes (Loves “Tuesdays with Morrie” and movies like that)! I wonder if those parents who control their kids so much end up half as well eventually…as far as their poor deprived “don’t do thie don’t do that” kids are concerned!

  15. I agree. You cannot hide from all the crap that the media presents. You just have to point at what is wrong and hope they understand you are trying to give them values and not trying to keep them from having fun.

  16. Prison Break is definitely one of the best action suspense TV series. I love the story line, i like T-bag too.~-~

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