Aduilah…lawak betul…Cicakman the movie (house lizard man)

EDITED 29th November : Ok, I heard the movie trailer is promising. Go give Cicakman a chance. Ignore what I wrote earlier (below).

Sometimes, I don’t know to laugh or cry at our [tag]Malaysians[/tag] idiosyncrasies. Just the movie title alone is already enough to make me laugh.

Cicak Man has makings of a hit

ALOR STAR: Malaysia’s very first funny superhero –[tag] The Cicak Man [/tag] – is set to make an impact with [tag]movie [/tag]goers.

Lead actor Saiful Apek said the movie, which would be released during Hari Raya, had the potential to penetrate the Western market.

Saiful said Cicak Man proves that Malaysia had creative talents to take the filming industry far. (I no bluff wan lah, this taken from The Star)

OMG, did you all read the paper reported Cicakman, touted as Malaysia first [tag]superhero[/tag] movie?

I can only think of two things the cicak or the house lizard does best. Lick with its long tongue and shit all over the place. So, yeah…kita, bangsa [tag]Malaysia[/tag] amat bangga dengan wira negara yang pandai jilat dan berak.

(check the related posts for more pics of cicaks in my house)

Suddenly, the memories of Hashim, my ex-colleague came to mind. Hashim was a despatch guy, 50+ yrs old. He loved (I use the past tense ‘cos by now he probably is too old) to brag about how ‘good’ he is with women. He have two wives. His favourite phrase was, “Mai aku jilat sat” (come let me lick). He would do that with all the girls but married women like us can only giggles while the young, innocent clerks would go, “Huh?” Then, he would flexed his biceps and asked the clerks to ‘picit tengok? keras tak?’ So, the girls bodoh-bodoh check out Pak Cik Hashim. And he would tell them, “Tempat lain lagi keras.” Gee, I love colleagues like that. Good for laughs.

Ini dia…Cicakman…our Malaysian first superhero, prowling the nights, helping desperate housewives with what he does best. “Mai aku jilat sat”. And ladies, don’t forget to pick up his shits.

I can imagine how Cicakman is going to torment the bad guys. He is going to ‘cluck’ (lizards make clicking sounds) till they go crazy. And instead of zapping the bad guys with lasers, Cicakman is going to shit them silly. You know….the little black shit with a white little dot? Yeah…after he had saved all the desperate, damsels in distress, help to ‘jilat sat’, he will leave his trails of little black shits with tiny white dots. Damsels will look lovingly, with glazed eyes, messed up hairs while they picked up the shits, one by one.
Aduhai…Malaysian film makers, kalau nak create superhero, at least create it based on some animals we can be proud of. Like the Kijangman, Kancilman, Kelisaman, Khai..ok,ok, you get it.

Let me introduce you to the dhub from the Sahara Desert. This is not a reptile but a fish? Sebab binatang ni ada sirip, lidah tak bercabang, maka halal untuk orang Muslim, boleh dijadi ubat. Hehehe, so said the Pakcik, the medicine man in Kuala Terengganu.

BTW, who knows why cicak’s shit got a white dot at the top? Let’s think of more future superheroes’ names, shall we? Siputbabiman, semutkongkekman, ulatbuluman, katakpuruman, kodokman, lalatman…

28 thoughts on “Aduilah…lawak betul…Cicakman the movie (house lizard man)

  1. Oh this is absolutely hilarious. Cicak-man…kakakakakak. No wonder i don’t watch any msian movies.

  2. What a way to promote our own Malaysian Superhero to the world…….. Cicakman to the rescue……. By the way who will want a cicak to rescue a damsel in distress since most damsel already afraid of those cicak specially those long tail falling off… what will fall off our beloved Cicakman try to guess…?
    At least now we have a superhero, world tallest building, own own bolehnaut(astronaut) etc etc…
    Well it is Malaysia Boleh …

  3. i’m terrified by cicak..euuwww! im so shock when i saw the photos…ueee again! Faster blog so tat the photo can go down the page :@

  4. Good Lord! I thought the Keluang Man we had on RTM1 b4 was bad enuf. BTW, any1 knows why cicak shit has that white spot at one end?? Like making cookies and u stick half a peanut or a cherry on top?? Ha ha ha!

  5. wohoo… bring out my rubber bands!! I use to shoot cicak off my ceiling to feed my arowana!. Maybe his nemesis could be called arowanaman!

  6. eh, that wan bee-em movie rite? then bad bee-em for the title la. shud be ‘CICAKJANTAN’
    i suppose they choose cicak is bcos cicak can ‘stick’ to walls, runs fast, shit alot and drop tails! LOL

  7. aiyo, even to adapt super powers of some creatures pun pilihlah some cool animals..not geckos!

    i wonder how the mat salleh pronounce cicakman.. maybe Chi-Chuck Man?

  8. eh? I thot the white dot was the calcium they normally deposit out.

    to the tune of feelings..

    Cicak..cicak on the ceiling..
    c’mon here my darling..
    let me give u a spanking…

    ah..don’t know the lyrics to the rest…’twas a long time ago we sang that in school…

  9. HAHAHA Cicakman? Surely we can come up with some better ideas than CicakMan…translate into english, that would be Gecko Man? Or is it Lizard Man? hahahaha doesn’t sound like a superhero, more of a villian character.

    Maybe they should start a new super hero with an existing commenter, namely STP, the Teacher by day, vigilante by Night, its SuiTuaPui to the rescue hehehe

  10. m.o.t.t.: We used to sing “Feelings…nothing more than feelings…shooting at the lizards…on the ceiling!!!” (For frus-cases feeling lonely and depressed to sing!)

  11. “Mai aku jilat sat”

    This one had me in stitches! WAHAHAHA!!!!…

    Ah Pek,
    Now we know the weakness of Cicak Man. The bad guys will be shooting him with rubber bands! Then tortured in a water tank filled with arowanas!!!

  12. OMG, can’t they come out with a better name?

    I’m sure Malaysian next superhero will be called Kutuman!
    Kutuman can jump very far wan, from Komtar to Kulim or from KLCC to Putrajaya. His superpower is to suck all the blood of the bad guys.

  13. abe – That dhub costs thousands of RM lah, they only buat minyak with it. But I ate monitor lizard, biawak before. Sedappppp

    Bryan – Kutuman! Good idea for an Ah Long.

    Nigel Lee – Hahaha, that just popped out of my head when I was writing.

    nyonyapenang – STP terror

    muteaudio – Yalah, who can forget Keluangman. I can even remember the theme song of keluangman, keluangman, keluangman…

  14. Bwhaahhahaahahahaa. The logo design is pretty impressive(though not very original). Hmmm, cicakman don’t have a major villian? That’s boring.

  15. *wince*
    First, we have the Keluang Man. That was a total disaster. Now we have Cicak Man (?)….. Yeah, sure Malaysia Boleh! Memang BOLEH!
    Another BOLEH feat to fill the ‘world record’ thingie?? Don’t we have enough of all those ‘sia soi’ thing like longest popiah, tallest wedding cake, most number of teh tarik pulls, most number of satay eaten, etc etc….
    What’s next? TELUR MASIN MAN….?

  16. clare – Hamdanman?

    moo_t – I wonder if they will give me free tickets to the movie premier? LOL

    STP – Really? I didn’t know that you torture poor cicaks like that?

    QV – The effort is good but the name is so funny. Impressed that they make an English website for this movie. If they do break into the international market (you read that it will be something like Kungfu Hustle?), we gotta wear a brown paper bag on our heads.

    mott – You also know the song? I know the real Feelings song but not the cicak version.

  17. astrosurge – Yalor….why la pick a household pesk hor? And yeah, I wonder how mat sallehs pronounce it?

    jimmy – OK

    nyonyapenang – Wuah…Jantan sounds very obsence mah. Hahaha.

    ahpek – Yalor, my bro also used to tembak the cicak with the getah. Lastik oso got.

    STP – Aiks, I thot cikgu knows EVERYTHING?

    SA – You actually got lizards in the States? That’s something new to me. I thot they only exists here in the tropical countries.

    Evie – Hahahaha, soli lah, I fast-fast think of something else to write, ok?

    Neo – I hope when the movie is launched, it become a major blockbuster and this page will be on #1! Because my pagerank is 5/10 vs. the official site 1/10. Hehehe…evil laughs.

    Pat88 – We shall see the storyline, how a lizard can become hero.

    shooi – This one got international flavour wor…LOL

    J – But why ah, one little white dot and not messed up in the whole shit?

  18. Or ask for T-Shirt. 😉

    Maybe can buy ticket to preview it, since we hardly notice the cicak has many interesting biology facts until now.

    The Malay children song about cicak
    Cicak cicak di dinding
    Diam diam merayap
    Datang seekor nyamuk
    Hap … lalu ditangkap

    So should have some moquito villian. (hmmmm, why I start think of mat rempit) And the cicakman should use a detachable tail as whip(bwhaahhahaa). And super regenerate power.

  19. My english cousin used to play with them when they came to Malaysia for their holidays calling it the chik-chek.

    So there you have it folks… Chik-Chek Man.

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