Strawberi cicah coklat ala Siti dan Datuk K and a toast – Part 2/3

It was first strawberry coated chocolate and now real  love bites!  Ooooo, wicked!We get some really lucious strawberries on the supermarket shelves. So, I got a packet just for the heck of it. Then, I remembered the method [tag]Datuk K[/tag] woo-ed [tag]Siti[/tag]. “Datuk K tahu Siti suka strawberi dengan coklat, jadi Datuk tiap-tiap hari suap Siti dengan strawberi cicah coklat.”

I melted some butter and dark chocolate to make chocolate sauce. Dip the strawberries in and coat with love hearts sugar sprinkle. Wah….lomantik sungguh kan?

Then, I opened a bottle of French wine, had some crackers, cheese and ham. Toast! Cheers!

KNN, you think this is a romantic thing to do before my birthday? Heck, no! ‘Cos my 20 years old friend is in KL because he has a board meeting to attend today and tomorrow and will be back only tomorrow evening.

Well, you would think that ‘never mind, in KL, can go K.M. Oli Mohamed or BP De Silva and get something like Siti’s wedding ring as present.’ Also no, ‘cos his credit card kena cancelled because this stupid Hongkie restaurant forget to returned his card after we ate there last Sunday. We only realised yesterday and to be on the safe side, we cancelled the card (though we did get it back from the restaurant last night). So, he is in KL, with no credit card. Like that how to buy RM1,000,000 diamond ring for me leh? I reminded him not to carry too much cash in KL, damn risky of being mugged and robbed.
So, here I am finishing a whole bottle of wine (with a help of a few sips by the older boys) and not even feeling lightheaded.

But that’s not the worst part of it yet. I had to wake up at 6.30 am this morning and also had to force myself to hear the alarm and wake up at 6.30 am tomorrow so that I can wake up my kids for school.

That macro lense that I am eyeing since last week better be the model I want and better be in the shop, waiting for me. ‘Cos tomorrow I am going to claim my [tag]birthday[/tag] present in the form of a camera lense.

(comments disabled ‘cos got Part 3/3 somemore. Hey, it’s my birthday, so I write as many post as I fancy lah)