Garfield and a 20 years old card – Pt. 1/3

Sebuah siri ‘Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah’, keluaran 5xmom.
This is divine intervention.  This 20 years old birthday card dropped out of some old recipe book a few days ago.  Oh wow…..20 freaking years old until the card also turned yellowish.

The Garfield above is hand-drawn by one love-struck 26 years old, jobless, part-time insurance salesman, ex-Asst. Financial Controller of Holiday Inn cum full time accounting student.

We only knew each other for less than a week.  (card was cut by one inquisitive toddler, cannot remember who)

Is he fast or what?  Signature has been photoshopped out to protect the privacy of the signature.

This 20 years old Garfield soft toy is still in good condition, even after being adopted by so many kids.

(part 2 and 3 coming soon, so comments disabled)