Being 42 (part 3/3)- Is Google going to celebrate the same birthday as me?

Is [tag]Google[/tag] going to celebrate it’s[tag] birthday[/tag] on the Seventh of [tag]September[/tag] like last year? Last year, I shared the same birthday with Google. But Google said their birthdays change dates but remain in September. [tag]HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOOGLE[/tag]. WILL YOU GIVE ME DOUBLE ADSENSE INCOME THIS MONTH? And while you are at it, please increase my pagerank to 7/10 and be kind to place me high-high on the search positions. You know what? I am currently on Number One for Budget 2007 Malaysia. One out of 3.1 million pages. Beh hou siaw!

>>>>Now, on to the real post

Being 42 means…

  • I have lived half my life, if I am one of those lucky few who lives to 80+ yrs old
  • I have lived two third of my life if I got my parents’ gene
  • I have almost completed my mission and can go any time, any day
  • I have a patch of white hairs on the right forehead which I love and refer as ‘Cruella DeVile signature patch’
  • I can always write people’s stupidity off because I am older, wiser and smarter because I said so

Being 42 means…..

  • I don’t care if anyone remembers my birthday because it is better off that people forget that I am touching half a century old
  • I don’t have to feel bad that little wrinkles are appearing on the forehead because I am not ever, going to need a perky look to hook any man anymore
  • I can get away with many things because I have the age advantage

I don’t celebrate my birthdays anymore because I celebrate life each day. I give thanks to God for all the goodness that surrounds me. My birthday has no more meaning to me the day my son died because I found that life is just a fleeting thing, one minute you are here, next you are gone. So, I don’t wait for a whole year to celebrate it.

Then again, each year, only one my birthday, I can release that egoistic, selfish prick self of mine and give glory to my greatest self. Yay, I am the bestest, greatest, kindest, smartest, humourous, entertaining, cutest, most generous, most loveable, most hardest of heart, most cynical, coolest person on earth. No one can beat me to that. *pats own shoulder for being so wonderful* Hahahahah, I have used up every adjectives available to flatter my ownself, so there is nothing anyone needs to say anymore. Thank you.

At 42 years old, I have everything. There is nothing that I need anymore. Ahhh…..blissful life.

61 thoughts on “Being 42 (part 3/3)- Is Google going to celebrate the same birthday as me?

  1. wuah, my internet service came just on time to celebrate ur birthday! happy birthday 5xmom, may God bestow you with even more love, blessings & good health this yr!

  2. Happy Birthday Dearest Lilian. Hope you’ll live to be 100 years old so that you can continue to liven our lives with your colorful postings & photos.

  3. Happy birthday buat kak lilian sayang. Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki, dan bulih keep on blogging for more years to come!

  4. Happy Birthday to “bestest, greatest, kindest, smartest, humourous, entertaining, cutest, most generous, most loveable, most hardest of heart, most cynical & coolest” Lilian! 🙂

  5. let me sing song for u;

    happy birthday to u!
    happy birthday to u!
    happy birthday dear lilian!
    happy birthday to u!

    hip hip hurray!
    hip hip hurray!
    hip hip hurray!

  6. Hi!

    Lama dah tak datang sini.. tup2 you are celebrating your birthday -) seems like a friend of mine is sharing her birth date with you -)

    Happy Birthday! Semoga panjang umur & murah rezeki.

  7. Happy Birthday to you aunty,

    May God protect and watch over you today and all the days of your life. As we give thanks to Him for the gift of life, let us also reflect on the many countless unborn children who are not given the chance to live because of the decision made by others and not themselves. The choice is not theirs but it is others.

    Anyway, I’ll leave it to STP to render you a Marilyn Monroe rendition of a Breathless Happy Birthday 😛

    SO once again dear Aunty, a Happy and Blessed Birthday and may God bless you and your family always.

  8. Happy Birthday, Lilian! And don’t talk about being old at 42…;just one year older than Wuching and if u say u’re old, I’m sure he’ll take offence! I’m a dozen years older…and I’d tell myself that today is the FIRST day of the rest of my life. Live it to the fullest!!!

  9. Happy Birthday Lilian. I know you very geli with those what you call pretentious cyber hugs and kisses so here’s some for you.

    muaks! muaks! muaks!

    Hehe. Geli adi anot?

  10. Hijackqueen – No lah, that photo I took when I was in KT. Nothing to do so I experiment with self potrait. But hor, the valley is real lah, not photoshopped wan. hahaha.

  11. Happy belated birthday Lil, sorry baru nak cakap hari ni… May your special day bring the joy & happiness you richly deserve.

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