Actually, I got a lot to say about how stupid leaders are. Well, if one is a parent of a family unit, the parent has the final say. The little ones have to consult the parents before any major decision. And if the little ones had done a stupid mistake, the parent will have to bear with it and support the kids, regardless. Once or twice, the parents have to reprimand and this will be harsh so that all the other kids know what are the limits.

But here, we have major, major governing bodies with major, major different points of views and the worst of all, they squabbles in front of the public, making U turns etc. This is way stupid. And the worst is, where the heck is the voice of the head of the leader? Why leave all the weaknesses for the public to see? To be a good leader, one has to be sharp, straight to the point and cut without leaving any blood. Do it once or twice and no one else will dare to squabble in public any more. Take my advice, Mr. Dear Leader. You are wayyyyyy too lenient with your own family members and all those people below you. To be a good decision maker, one has to stick to a decision, through thick and thin, even if other parties think it is wrong. Have no mercy, chop, chop, chop.

But then, it is my birthday so I don’t want to say the above (LOL). Then, there is this question about babies with religions. Well, Mister, babies’ birth certificates DO NOT have the RELIGION OF THE BABY shown. Because not everyone has a religion by virtue of their birth. All my five sons have both my husband and my religion stated in the birth certificate. When they reach 12 years old, they apply for their identity card and only then, they have their religion stated.

I have a suggestion for [tag]Catholic[/tag] parents. Please do consider the turmoils we are facing now. Get your child baptised, give them a sound religious foundation, let them go through cathecism classes, let them receive their first holy communion at 9 years old and go through the Sacrement of Confirmation at 16 years old. This is our Catholics’ rights which we should be thankful for and praise God for the blessing and practice it.

As for those parents who are fighting over their own[tag] children[/tag]’s religions, well, I am sad that your marriage turned out this way. And I hope no circus will come out of it again. This is just so tiring..

Blek….so I will just not say anything and leave you with a very short video ‘cos my toddler only can sing one sentence of Happy Birthday to you.

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  1. i really do not know wats happening to our country these days esp since last year!

    wah yr cake so sinfully delicious! and your boi so cute hahaha my boiboi must sing and blow the candles too even its not his BD!

  2. I have to say that your blog is indeed helping with inter faith dialogue. I am getting better understanding towards others culture and faith here.

  3. Lil, I’m allowing my child and subsequent children to make their own decisions about baptism when the time comes. I will bring them up according to the Word of God and according to His commandments. But for me the decision is still theirs to make because, i was given that choice and i appreciate it more.

  4. Nigel – Hehehe, there has been so much conspiracy theories floating around of Christians wanting to brainwash other religions. So, it is good that we make our firm stand. BTW, are you a Catholic too? ‘Cos Catholics have several rites and when a child is 16 years old, they are old enough to decide and take the plunge to be confirmed.

    fire80 – Aiyoh…you have seen enuff of fat, Chinese women becoming celebriti chefs, you don’t need to see another one lah.

    fire80 #2 – Tks

    wuching – With mould and all?

    babe – It is a sinfully, rich butter cake with loads of chocs. Made me feel so guilty eating it, very fattening.

  5. Lil,

    Nopes not Catholic but Methodist. Yeah, we have the infant baptism and subsequent confirmation when they are come of age.

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