Oh what a beautiful morning…..

My body clock went haywire
Slept at 11pm and woke up at 5.30 am
So, I have seen the most beautiful sunrise
Eaten Hokkien Mee and Curry Mee
And am going back to sleep again
Not going to wake up until noon
But have a big question to ask
About morning rituals
Do you ‘deposit’ at home or at work/school/college/univesity etc?
Imagine…if everyone deposits at work
It means the companies/Government/etc wasted several minutes paying their staffs to shit
And not to mention wasting toilet papers, water and air freshener
Ignore me, I am just curious
And pardon the short lines ‘cos I am not wearing contact lense

Don’t wake me up till noon.

21 thoughts on “Oh what a beautiful morning…..

  1. definitely at home! depends on when the “money” wanna come out la right? if “transaction” is slow then deposit at work lol
    damn, i’m grossing myself out haha..

  2. Waaah.. morning-morning oredi blog one aa! good-good.. I think you ask about deposit bcoz you have yesterday mee curry in the morning neh!! summore got hokkien mee..

    I boarding school last time breakfast “roti canai” and “nasi lemak” sure sign of long lines at the loo, coz both dishes served with sambal chilli tak masak (not properly cooked coz the cook come in too late too wait the sambal cook properly-properly) !!!

  3. i have a ritual, i always do it after breakfast so i do it at home all the time. but sometimes when i have to go when i’m out i can do it anywhere as long as the toilets r clean!

  4. I always do it at home, 1st thing in the morning! My bowel movements very regular lah!! Oh…no wonder some do it when they come to work!! Dont want to come out! Constipate lah like that! U enter toilet…sure pengsan! I tot they wanted to save water and toilet paper…didn;’ wanna do at home!!!

  5. Depends on my body. Shiok shiok at home… otherwise can be at work… sometimes both oso got coz still got remnants… hee hee hee…

    The questions is, how many times a day do you go (big time)?

  6. definitely at work (last time)…coz ate breakfast oso at work…no time to do anything at home except rushing, rushing, rushing to beat the morning jam!

  7. Wah, woke up so early to blog eh? Got go to bank depositing money or not?

    By the way, it’s 11:55am now, you still got 5 minutes sleep. hehe.

  8. Good question. Some people can tahan until they reach “preferrable” toilet. For morning ritual, normally I will do at home.

  9. Depends when did the urge come. But usually in the office cos I spent 10 freaking hours in the office daily! I even makan-minum office. Tapau nasi lemak and make milo kau in the office.

  10. yay, my favourite topic…

    deposit at a time that i feel the urge. my intestines don’t wear a watch, and they don’t use GPS. so, follow their rules, ok?

    a friendly word of advice, when there’s nothing to deposit… u squeeze or meneran macam mana pun, nothing’s going to come, so relax and wait for the urge. don’t get uptight 🙂

    lastly, if employers want to be so kira about the time ppl take to deposit, they’ll have a headache when the employees take mc for piles pulak. haha.

  11. Did you know that if you try too hard that you can get a hernia… it’s happened before. But not to me. That’d hurt big time.

  12. Wuahahahaaha – I got 13 people poop-ed here!
    Nigel – Can get backside open flower (piles) too if strained too much.

    Bernard – I don’t know about others but I got ‘insecure bowel’. If anyone tells me, “Let’s go” (out of the house), I must go ngggg-ngggg first baru can. Hahaha. I hate public toilets.

    hijackqueen – I got one ex-coll who always bring the office paper (not mine, lucky) into the loo with him. Everyone hates it but he is the boss.

    moo_t – The worse is going to those hotel on rush-rush tour. Then hor, after eat the buffet breakfast, must fast-fast do bisnes before the tour begins. That’s why I never follow group tour. Tension sial.

    Neo – I really went back to sleep till 11.30 am ‘cos my kid come back from school at 12 noon, so must be ready to open the door for him. Alamak, if not he got locked out.

    sooi sooi – Wuah…glad to have you back. I see-see and notice that you are not around most of the regular blogs and had been wondering about you.

    Nigel – One time only lah, unless I eat mangoes. Hahaha. I cannot tolerate vitamin C. If take Vit. C tablet, die lor…lausai.

    STP – Yahor, throughout my school years, I never see teachers pangsai before. Not like, “Murid-murid, duduk diam-diam, cikgu pergi berak sekejap.” You never got nature’s call midway during invigilating ah? How ah, if the invigilators want to pangsai during important exams? Last time take SRP, SPM, tension la, must make sure no sakit perut or else…

    wuching – Hahaha, I did it in Bondi Beach, Sydney. My first experience of an international toilet. And I went, Cheh…angmoh toilets also so jinjang, all batu-batu wan.

    fire80 – I woke up the moment azan subuh blasts out. Normally, I can’t hear but these two days, tuned to it. So, woke at 5.20 am, by 8 am, I hungreee…so had hokkien mee and curry mee with the atm lah. He tapau…Then, hor, he must settle bisness before going to work. That’s how I got the idea to ask everyone. Hahaha. ATM said must make sure clear all or else if kena traffic jam on Penang bridge, die ler…Hokkien Mee and Curry Mee explode.

    sharon – Yalor, somemore can strip clean and do it in comfort. Hahaha.

    AhPek – Haiyor…you dog meh? Must mark territory.

    SA – So you are one of those who reads? I only do it on weekends with the Sunday papers.

  13. Wah Lilian your pangsai habit and fears very similar to mine lah. As I read your replies to other comments, I can identify with them.

  14. WMD – Actually I got this ‘syndrome’ during my fifth pregnancy lor. Cos the baby pushing on the bowel so always feel like pangsai-ing and never really mentally recover from there. But nowadays, not so chialat. Last time, during pregnant, the whole family will make fun of me. Must give warning : OK, 10 more minutes we are going out – fast-fast go pangsai.

  15. i like your part 3/3 of your birthday dedication… very the touching…. my birthday too is coming up and i wish i can feel the same way as i do but the delima of being a “young adult” is very stressful

    but anyway.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lillian!!!

  16. terence – LOL, that means you don’t close the door when you do bisnes lah?

    nyonyapenang – Sometimes, can read until forget where I am. LOL

    Fi – Tks! God bless us all!

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