There is some documentaries about the above. The question struck me. Where were you on [tag]September 11[/tag], 2001? I know where I was. It is hard to forget.

I was seven months pregnant with Vincent (not named yet). Pregnancy was fine. It was during the school holidays. I watched the whole thing on CNN . At first, disbelieving because I thought it was some prank or movie. Then, Bloomberg and all the other news channel, including NHK were showing the news. (Yeah, I am very doubtful of CNN so I checked NHK ‘cos Japaneses don’t lie. 😛 ) I phoned my sisters.

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We stayed through till late night, catching the news. I remembered Pentagon building and those voices over the phones. Each day, I kept my hope high. The New York Mayor was my hero then. Damn, I can’t even remember whether it was Bush or Clinton, I think Bush was with his daddy. I shed tears sometimes. I remember the multi religion funeral services. Jews, Muslims, Christians…..

So, each day, I was on the couch catching the news. Or rather, each night I was catching the news because New York was 12 hours behind us. One hospital remained in my mind was St. Vincent’s Hospital. Now that I think of it, probably I named Vincent after this? Hmmm..I can’t remember.

On September 22nd, school opened. I started driving the kids to school. That night, I had profuse bleeding. OK, ok, the question was Sept. 11, not Sept. 22. So, Vincent was born prematured at 28 weeks, and hence, my long, long, ardous journey.

Therefore, September 11, 2001 will remained in my heart because my son was born September 24th, the same year. It will be five years since that fateful day. My son would be five years old too.

Then again, the world changed since September 11. People turned hostile. Conspiracies theories abound. Nostradamus is something that intrigue me but I have yet to understand. My atm’s Italian colleagues talked about those signs in the Bible. Many lived in fear of the unknown. Many misunderstood the beautiful religion of Islam. We were all screwed. I still wonder why those terrorists have so much hate planted in them? And I seriously think that the real Americans are as inefficient as us Malaysians. Only Hollywood hype. FBI, CIA, craps…

(my son took this pic)

People died. People moved on. New babies were born. Widows may re-married. But most mothers will never get over it when they lost their children in the tragedy. They just learn to live and move on.

So, where were you on September 11th, 2001?