What lies beyond retirement….waitaminit, what retirement?

This morning, my atm has a late flight to KL. So, both of us went to have dim sum first at a nearby shop whilst his niece watch over my sleeping toddler. The place, Gee Siang is near the Penang Hill/Air Itam roundabout. Very old, very traditional dim sum place with lots and lots of old folks or retirees. Normally, on weekends, the place will be filled with people of all ages but on working days, mostly retirees as all you poor souls (LOL, yeah those of you reading this at work) have to slog it out.

Two days ago, my eldest brother came by and hey, he is just retired too! But doing something part-time now. So, using my fingers and toes, I counted when my atm is due for [tag]retirement[/tag]…Count, count, count. (He retires at 60 and extendable to 65 yrs old, tks to Italians stamina.) Phew….lucky still many years to go because I cannot freaking imagine what it is like to have him in the house all the time, all days, all weeks, all months, all years. Gee, it is nice to have him on long annual leaves when we can do many things that we don’t get to do on weekdays. But give him to me for more than one week, stress lah. Aiyoyoh….

So, while I was nimbling on my har gau, siew mai and Hongkong chee cheong fun, I wonder if I have already retired or poor souls like me will never experience the meaning of ‘retire’. While slurping on the make-believe sharksfin soup, I wonder when I am 50 years old, I will still have the enthusiasm to do much. By then, I can dig into my Employees Provident Fund. Had I just retired when I was 34 years old, leaving a full time job? Or that is not counted as retired? Does retirement means the day when I can leave all my kids on their own and I go fly across the globe? (cheh, as if I have the money)

Looks like I am one of those poor or lucky (whichever way you look) people who don’t have to face ‘life after retirement’. Awww….ain’t it such a pitiful or lucky thing to do? Then again, people like me never retires until the four nails are nailed into my coffin (there is a Chinese saying that your life is not complete until that four nails are nailed into the coffin). There is always something to do.

Later, when I was having my dessert of almond jelly and drinking chrysanthemum tea, I wonder if I will still be blogging when I am ‘retire’?

7 thoughts on “What lies beyond retirement….waitaminit, what retirement?

  1. I’m looking forward to early retirement. That is if hubby is earning RM10K per month! Once you retire, you have all the time you want. Can go holiday and even blog or surf till the cow come back.

  2. Hmmm..Wuching sounds like a typical foochow hahahahahahaha

    Retirement? Dnt know, wish I can retire now and resort to a farmer (now..what would I plant? Marijuana? Poppy flowers? HAHAHAHA how I wish!!) but I guess until I have sufficient savings, dnt think retirement will be in the offings anytime soon unless some divine intervention takes over so I leave it all in God’s hand, whether I work, live or die

  3. Everybody wants to retire early but Warren Buffett plans to retire 5 years after he’s dead. His money is still working mah…he..he…he

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