Trendy seniors (or miang keladi LOL)

I supposed everyone has read about this latest trend of old men marrying young, hot chicks? Right here in our little country, we have Datuk K who made headlines. Now, a[tag] Datuk R [/tag]aka [tag]Datuk Roslan Hashim[/tag] who is fourty nine just had a lavish RM3.5 million wedding with a princess Shahanaz who is less than half his age.

I think viagra is the best invention after the white bread where old men are concern. Since we are Malaysia Boleh, we have our very own competitive tongkat ali. So, with the dawn of tongkat ali and viagra, these old men probably had seen the light like never before. Therefore, is it any wonder that the wives too had to keep up or drop out?

Last Saturday night, my sons MUST go to Popular Bookshop for some stationeries. Popular nearest to our home is in Tesco which is a huge hypermarket. So, off we went. I do not know whether I was PMS-ing or Tesco was really like a battleground or ground zero on that night. It was that chaotic. Throngs of meraba-raba lovers were there. Throngs of families with little, whiny, crying kids were there. Shopping carts were zipping around like ambulances after a tsunami. So, I got a bit bitchy. Hmmm…blame it on the crowds. I am normally very nice.

I was afraid my toddler got rammed or his little toes got stepped. Popular was so packed you can’t even move without banging into people or books. So, I carried him and stood at a corner outside, waiting and watched the people went by.

First observation:

Fat woman around late 30s. Her skin looks like she got a bad case of German measles. She is very fair, though. So that enhances to pink rashes. Pink lipstick, blue eyeshadow, fat calves, pink baubles on her hands. She was wearing this whitish, cut in, sleeveless blouse, a short denim skirt and HAHAHAHA, a pant (whadaya call those harajuku fashionable thights?) with little ribbons that hangs around her knees? Which emphasised her fat calves. And that’s not all. She was wearning socks with her high heels. OMG, she thinks she part of the Japanese anime!

Second observation:

Man – late 50s. Skin tight orange t-shirt, with the sleeves folded up a few nothces to show the biceps flabby, age spots, loose skin. Pants – Black shiny type. Hair : Gel to the max so that they stood up like a punk. But his hair is so thin, a herd of elephant can pass through.

Third observation:

Woman – 50s. Three daughters. Daughters around 16 yrs. Woman was wearing some strappy blouse, her hair orangey tint, denim capri pants and some shiny heels. But what got me was her bi-focals that perch on her head. She swung her hair here, there and everywhere. Whoaa…..auntie, you are 30 decades too late lah. People who maintain that gait are women in their 20s, with flowing long hair, some freaking shades that cost a cool four figure. Not bi-focals, definitely!

Goodness….I must make mental notes that I age gracefully or karma is going to bite my big ass one day after this spate of ‘sharp observations’.

Anyway, I have the health news feeds from Google news and lately, I seem to notice that Nature is proving its power. There have been lots of news and researches about older parents fathering children with health problems. Nature has it that human produce offsprings at their prime and grow old together with their spouse. Not for women who are too busy to have a baby to freeze their eggs until they are over 40s and make one artificial baby. Or men to ditch their wives and prove their fertility with young girls.

18 thoughts on “Trendy seniors (or miang keladi LOL)

  1. men normally don’y ditch their wives to prove their fertilization power with younger girls. they do it to prove their ‘standing’ power. hahahaaa….

    thanks for the plug yesterday.

  2. I really like your description of the things you see. It made me laugh reading them…you gave me my first laugh this morning. Tks.

  3. Ppl should act their age, kinda weird and freaky with all those modern fashion and what not, not a pretty sight. but then we all have our own mid life crisis, some can deal with it while others are acting all young…. go figures. Cheers!

  4. Too bad this STP no Datuk nor datuk…otherwise, maybe can get sweet young thing too!!! These days it’s “BUY BUY LOVE”; money makes the world go round!

  5. AIYO!!! STP!!! Remind me to veto every proposal to Make STP a Datuk or Dato or Datu hahahahaha pity the Mrs, my Ah So.

    Well, as ahpek has said so well, its the standing power, incidentaly, did u read in the STAR yesterday about this guy, quite old also, in one of the northern state who proposed to marry those old prostitutes? Sure he has good intentions ( i hope ) but I can just imagine a rush of many not so good intention guys marrying prostitutes for the professional services hehehehehehe

  6. fire80 – I got eyes everywhere….

    shooi – Aiyoh…everyone is so into Japanese fashion nowadays. If you think Ah Lian fashion is bad, this one lagi chialat. But some girls carried them off so pretty.

    QV – Ya, that is one ‘noble’ guy but I wonder if he has taken the holy words a bit too far (the one about helping widows and orphans for a ticket to heaven).

    STP – Hoi, you also will buy buy love if you have the dough lah? Go open tuition centre, I heard they earn 100K per month, as reported in NST?

    nyonyapenang – But I do admire their guts to step out of the house like that.

    JoeC – Cheers! Wah, long time no see.

    WMD – I drew that on a spur, using adobe photoshop. If I have a better software, without using my mouse, I can get an even better pic. LOL.

    ahpek – I shud use virility hor? Wrong choice of word.

    IMMD – Actually I forget that her bra straps are peeking out too.

    wuching – I swear off liao, bad karma, later my camera kena zap by lightning.

    Tongkat Ah Lian pun boleh. 🙂

  7. eh dont say like that la … its a Malaysian culture edy … old husband, younger wife … as long as you have money ma ok lo …not like its gonna last forever …


  8. kakteh – Never mind, then we adopt the car registration method. AA, AB…AZ, AAA, AAB LOL.

    earl-ku -*smacks with umbrella* We women are at the losing end, so must warn potential first wives from getting dumped for newer model.

  9. What I cannot stand is those ladies who have big spare tyres but choose to wear skin tight short t-shirts so that they can expose their belly buttons and big bellies. Guess they dont have mirrors at home.

    I was in a restaurant the other day and seated on the next table was a woman the size of the A&W bear. On seeing her, I lost my appetite and chose to order fried rice only.

  10. Niamah, this is a good one. I like to bitch-observe and then come home and remind myself NEVA to dress like whateva they dress like, lol.

    As for the reproduction theory, it’s true. Produce whilst u’re still younf and ur DNA’s less screwed up.

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