Calling insurance adjusters, law abiding citizens, anger management experts LOL

I give you this scenario and you tell me what you will do….then, I tell you what I did. Deal?

Blue wira is blocking traffic and the 7-seater Ria. Ria is seen on the lower right corner. These photos are taken from the roof top of the Ria. Next to Ria, there are two other cars. So Ria can’t reverse out. This is a public park and the driver can be anywhere in the huge park and probably hiking up the hill. There is no way to page for the driver.

This is the car next to the Ria. See how close each car is? So, there is no way the Ria can reverse out.

See? The blue Wira is parking in the middle of the road!

Terence and any other loss adjuster – šŸ˜‰ Assuming, the Ria ter-reversed šŸ˜› into the Wira, causing a huge dent, left the scene before the Wira owner returns, but some friend of the Wira had taken note and photo of the Ria’s car registration…..does the Wira has any rights to claim for damages?

Law abiding citizen – Will you sit there in the Ria, waiting without any indication when the Wira will come so that you can reverse out?
Anger management not so in control people – What will you do to the Wira? The place is packed with people going about. You can be sure that you are bound to get recognised.

So, keep those comments coming. And tolong kasi sikit moral support. Plus tell me if you are the Wira owner, what will you do?

60 thoughts on “Calling insurance adjusters, law abiding citizens, anger management experts LOL

  1. 1. Honk first, looooooooooonnnnnggg one. If no one comes, go to step 2.
    2. Climb on top of Wira, and shout LOUD LOUD, “WHOSE F**KING CAR IS THIS?!” If no one comes, go to step 3.
    3. Break windscreen, let go of handbrake and push the car out of the way.

    No one so eng eng and sit there for assholes like that.

  2. Aiyoh! We just experienced a similar situation last weekend. We attended a friend’s wedding (church) housing area. There is a football field there so, the chuch asked us to park on the field.

    After the wedding, everyone came out and there was this ass.. errm, donkey who parked his car (Wira) right at the entrance of the field. Everyone (about 20 cars) waited for the owner (identified as someone staying in one of the houses) to move the car. Some of them even went to the houses but it seemed, they didn’t want to move the car as they were objecting to our parking on the field. Come on lar, it’s somebody’s wedding. You can close the road anytime you want but other ppl have wedding cannot park on the field ke?

    So, it was suggested to carry the car to one side (about 8-10ppl) who moved the car to the side. After doing so, the alarm sounded and those buggers from the houses started to come out. A fight actually broke out because one of them hit one of the wedding guests. But eventually was settled amicably though they still refused to move the car. Those who could get out were instructed to get into their cars a move.

    So, still don’t know who the donkey owner is. But there was someone going around with his ancient camera taking photos of each car plate.

    That incident spoilt what was a beautiful day for a couple on their special day and it had me fuming mad for the rest of the day sickened, disgusted by one’s attitude. Left me with a really bad taste in the mouth. I felt very much like cursing my head off but held myself in check.

  3. Sorry for the long comment… on another note, i once kicked (and badly dented) the door of a proton that blocked my car. I was headed for an appointment with a client and his car blocked mine. Honked for 1/2 hr, no one came. I was so incensed by then, i got down from my car, kicked it and walked off. Two hours later, only did the car move. Those days, i was young a pretty hot headed. Now better already.

  4. Nigel – Haiyoh…so dramatic. I suppose this is caused by either racial or religious indifference. Maybe the person just hate the whole thing ‘cos it is a church thingie? Macam Bollywood movie lah, that kind of drama.

    astrosurge – Shhh..quiet lah. It’s the door la. Oops

    luxeferi – Honking is pointless ‘cos the bugger sure out of ear shot (which is). Climbing on Wira…LOL, will remember that next time. errm..hope not.

  5. usually when this happen to me i check the hand brake…most of the time driver who are urgently need to park leave their hand brake off so that whoever his car block can move it. It is normalcy and most experienced driver know this. Obviously by hitting or scratching the car …the fault falls to you.

  6. offcourse calling a car compound tow truck would be better…the fee will be charged to the moron…and nobody will blaim you.

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