Calling insurance adjusters, law abiding citizens, anger management experts LOL

I give you this scenario and you tell me what you will do….then, I tell you what I did. Deal?

Blue wira is blocking traffic and the 7-seater Ria. Ria is seen on the lower right corner. These photos are taken from the roof top of the Ria. Next to Ria, there are two other cars. So Ria can’t reverse out. This is a public park and the driver can be anywhere in the huge park and probably hiking up the hill. There is no way to page for the driver.

This is the car next to the Ria. See how close each car is? So, there is no way the Ria can reverse out.

See? The blue Wira is parking in the middle of the road!

Terence and any other loss adjuster – 😉 Assuming, the Ria ter-reversed 😛 into the Wira, causing a huge dent, left the scene before the Wira owner returns, but some friend of the Wira had taken note and photo of the Ria’s car registration…..does the Wira has any rights to claim for damages?

Law abiding citizen – Will you sit there in the Ria, waiting without any indication when the Wira will come so that you can reverse out?
Anger management not so in control people – What will you do to the Wira? The place is packed with people going about. You can be sure that you are bound to get recognised.

So, keep those comments coming. And tolong kasi sikit moral support. Plus tell me if you are the Wira owner, what will you do?

60 thoughts on “Calling insurance adjusters, law abiding citizens, anger management experts LOL

  1. I won’t langgar any of the cars eventhough I drive a bigger one, but I would repeatedly honk (lllllooooonnnggggg honks) to get the attention of other passers-by (and possibly the Wira owner) or just to create the attention. It’s better to have people to chit-chat with, rather than sitting in the car waiting for the cow Wira owner to come home, right?

  2. wah, this is a heavy one. padan muka the wira got dented, but doesn’t the ria oso got scarred? if i were a witness i wud gleefully cheered “baguuussssss! langgar sama lagi kuat kuat itu wira!!” but i wud be too chicken to bang the car myself la…i wud just sit in the ria and suffer. dun think i wud honk coz it’s pretty useless in a place like this.

  3. Me most probably would write a big note stating that “Shame on you for passing your drive test and getting your driving license because you definitely dont deserve 1!”. Then I will drive off although I hit that car. You do have car insurance,do you??

  4. I’ve seen this happen before at the car park near this one. Annoying ++++.

    Honking is a good suggestion, i think, since the driver might be nearby, or in a hurry when parking, and think that he/she would move when the Ria driver wanted to move. Assuming the Wira driver has some civic sense left.

    The arrow on the road suggests that the area on the right side of the Ria is open. I would try to manourve my car out via the right side, perhaps going forwards and “go-stern” until I’m free. Some help from passers-by to watch the tail would be appreciated, of course :-).

    I would love to see the face of the Wira driver when he/she came back to the car.

  5. Bernard – Ria wanted to do that too but the car next to Ria was too close, no space to manourve. 😉

    JM – Heh, got insurance….first party somemore.

    SA – But over here, tow trucks don’t work that way, I think.

    sooi2 – People put two thumbs up. LOL.

    Honking is not an option ‘cos the bugger is definitely somewhere up the hill, out of earshot.

    pelf – But if wait, dunno what till when wor, cos it is not like cinema or shopping when people sure finish by a certain time.

  6. Forget to add :

    Other options available were :
    1) Take the steering lock and smash the windscreen;
    2) Take the pen knife and scratch all over the car;
    3) Take screwdriver and punctured all four tyres;

  7. what can the wira claims? that car blocked your car and parking illegally. well IF im the owner, will try not to park ILLEGALLY and blocking other ppl’s cars. It is Malaysia we are talking about. That wira is lucky that he/she met you not some psychos will do anything to in order to get out. well not to mention, the driver got no brain considering the space he/she parked in.

  8. Aiya…people like that everywhere lah! Didn;t u meet one in church, Lilian? Worse thing is they take their sweet time and they want to quarrel with u some more!!! This kind of people, can only curse them…may lightning strike them dead!!!

  9. eventho the wira was parked illegally, the ria is still at fault for hitting the wira, so both cars r in the wrongs in the eyes of the law..sux but thats how it is! 🙁

  10. if you had the time just wait for the owner kambing out and ask him whether the road belong to his father kar…if the owner argue then u scold him back u no wrong mar…release anger to person better than metal coz it don have feeling… 😉

  11. If you took the pics before, I assume, you put metal to metal then it shows intent and won’t put you in good stead with the law.
    I fully agree that the peabrained jackass of a driver should be taught a lesson but if done succintly then at least you have mitigating circumstances.
    I would have tried to back my car out several times with public assistance, honked several times,looked at my watch and tried one final time and if our cars meet then don’t say it was not wont of trying.

  12. I don;t know how to drive but…

    My mum experienced this kind of situation before, what she did was:

    1. Take a 10 cent coin (1 dollar or 50 cent cannnot, too big) and scratch scratch scratch

    2. Lepas geram already, try your best to manuver slowly and smally out of the space

    3. If all things fail, bang into the car.


  13. Reading the story above is enough to make my blood boil. I will do like what Pelf suggest which would create a scene and perhaps ppl there will help to see how I can squeeze my car out.

    Really, padan muka the wira car owner for getting his car (scratched/dented etc).

  14. I’d only keep honking if it was me. Wouldn’t dare to bang! But that guy is such an idiot!!! Seriously, so damn selfish.

  15. i was in the same situation once, but there were 4 of us well bodied man. so we got down, two on each side, carried up the back of the car, pulled it out and parked it right smack in the middle of the road and left it there after I have reverse out my car.

  16. Never never ever resort to scratching someones car out of anger! It is wrong and not in our best interest.We do a lot of wrong and regrettable things in a fit of rage.Let the cool set in and think things calmly.Exhaust all avenues before taking drastic measures.
    As I’ve said,I really detest these stupid drivers who don’t care a hells ass about other drivers.But we should have presence of mind and not go down to their level.

  17. aiyo..i’m from the anger management out-of-control group.

    I won’t bang the car..i sayang my old junk too much. I think can manouver the Ria around ? After many many times.. I sure curse like a sailor.

    I will write the nastiest note ever..I pray that birdshit will fall on their heads when they r on the hill. I pray they step on “sai” and it can’t come out. I pray for them to get non-stop cirit-birit.I will tell them I got their car reg no..and I will be hunting them down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Plus, I’d wish I was strong man Ah Pek

  18. In here, illegal parking if common but dun illegal until bloc pplz la from moving about, have been in those situations before luckly manage to get out and not stuck there.

    When I’am illegal parking, I make sure pplz can go by and I will always leave adequate space front of my car so I can go if the bugger behind me park too close.

    This is life but sometimes make sure you dun end up messing about other pplz life. Cheers!

  19. In this situation, what we can do is keep cursing… and at the same time keep honking.. Surely to attract some humans.. as we all know.. all humans very busybody and kepoh.. Make a scene of it making up some stories… Then get some of them to help carry up the car or move the car away.. Before leaving, leave some “presents” on their car 🙂

    Another alternative… go somewhere and enjoy yourselves and come back again.. leaving a note to the idiot on the windscreen..

  20. If you knock into the Wira, you are guilty. Even though that STUPID Wira is not parked in a proper parking lot, you cannot knock into it lar.

    You CAN call the local council or the Police to remove the Wira (which is useless, because they probably won’t attend to you).

    Also do not maliciously damage the Wira, if you get caught, its trouble with the authorities.

    There are other ways but I cannot write them here. (have to safeguard my job). Just say that I have many tow trucks at my disposal (nationwide).

  21. I have the number of the police department (sure they can be useless and ask for bribes and such) and in this case I complain to them and insist that they send someone over to the place (if my car is blocked by some stupid people like the blue wira driver) and issue a summon and when the police has left and the guy still haven’t showed up, I add my own signature by scratching the car on all sides and if I’m alone, I will wait somewhere shady, call home, tell them I’ll be late, call my friends, ask them to come down and keep me company and wait for the idiot to come out and when the idiot does show up, loose my temper, shout at that bugger for being inconsiderate (spy the car and see if got some Christian Symbols, or whatever religion that they seem to profess) and attack them using religion by saying how useless and how ashamed that I see people who profess such religion being so bloody inconsiderate (of course being a hypocrite cos scratched the car earlier…but that was sheer pure human satisfaction) and get the idiot to apologise

  22. Idiots like that sadly quite rampant in Pg. Once I wanted to reverse my car out and there’s this stupid car that was parked right behind mine with the driver inside apparently waiting for someone. Honk like 10x and I think he must be a deaf driver since he did not bother to move his car. Royally pissed, I got down and walked to the back of his car to check for the “mentally challenge” plaque that usually accompanies a cacat driver. Not finding one, I went to knock on his window. Guess what? Celaka fella dozing in the car!

    Don’t think that honking would help as it is an open car park. Would be sweet revenge if u have super glue and a big piece of paper with works like “Don’t Park like and Idiot” scrawled on it. Super glued it to his wind screen on the driver’s side! Make sure u put glue on the whole paper 🙂

  23. For some strange reason, I have plenty of patience to suffer assholes like that. It’s my blessing as well as my curse. At most I’d push and shove his car until his alarm goes off.

  24. If i were the Ria owner, I’ll keep on pressing the horn till the owner came out. By law, who ever langgar is at wrong. That Wira is wrong to obstruct traffic but the Ria should at least wait. Wait lo.

  25. Personally I won’t langgar the car but if, for some reason, I bump into the side while reversing the Ria, that’s just too bad then.

    After my Ria is out, I will look for something the size of a potato and stick it into the Wira’s exhaust. Guarantee to prevent the car from starting. Stick it in as deep as you can.

    Then I will take a shart object the scratch the car. Don’t care if other people report me.

  26. BTW, it is a crime to destroy others properties.
    So not to break the law, I suggest the following “lesson”
    1. Find 4 small little pebble
    2. screw out the rubber cover the typre valve
    3. Put the pebbel and screw back the rubber
    4. repeat for the remaining 4 tyres

    The $#%$#% wouldn’t know who did this when all 4 tyres went flat next day.

    BTW, this kind of @$#%#$!@ is everywhere, thanks to 20+ years of motor vehicle flooding policies.

  27. Reminds me of 2 church goers who went to mass and after exchanging the usual ” peace be with you sign” before end of mass proceeded to fight with each other over a parking problem in our church recently.
    Makes one wonder why we go to church for!

  28. Happened in college b4. 3 cars blocking the entire in/out place. More than 10 ppl waited from 12 pm onwards. By 4 pm , stil havent come back. Then 1 car went back, so got a tiny place to slide thru. The ppl who waited got out of that place including me. But b4 leaving..must leave autograph ma….

    The next day, i heard the smart ass came back at 6pm and called the security. Looks like he is not very happy with my piece of art. Muahahaha

  29. Break the window at front passenger side, open the doors and release the hand brake. Then push the car away so that Ria can reverse.

    Minimal damage to get the Ria moving. Learnt it from the car thieves.

  30. Wuah…so many suggestions..

    Comment #29 – Terence…Shhhh….LOL, *grins innocently*

    But folks, what I can say is people like these need a lesson sometimes. The bugger really went up the hill for hiking. And the friend said he was in a hurry to go up the hill for hiking. Niamah, this able bodied guy can go up hill yet he cannot just park a bit further away. There are plenty of parking lots available. Any idiots also know that the car is wayyyy out of any decent parking yet, he can leave it, without a consideration about other inconveniences.

    Heh, Ria owner rather pay saman of RM300 (for causing accident) if really kena compound than to die of the stress of having trapped in the car. The thrill is priceless. Muahahaharr…..

  31. Happened before in Desa Sri Hartamas in March this year. In front of Strudels. Lorry trying to make a corner but there was an Iswara parked ngam ngam on the corner. It took six people, me included, to bounce and lift the car out of the way. No joke.

  32. This type of “tmt” ( tah mah de ) should teache them a good lesson…best idea is scratch scratch n scratch….then the Ria owner just sit far n wait to see see what is “tmt’s” reaction when “tmt” wish to drive out….”OH NO!! ” hahahaaaa So, must parking properly mah…

  33. JM – Yalor..

    Katsmew – THAT Ria is ok cos bumper high mah. Shhhh…THAT Ria, not MY Ria.

    fire80 – Actually, got people tried to lift but not easy so they gave up.

  34. If I am the wira owner, I will say “Hi lenglui, soli ah I ter-block your new Ria. Are these your younger brothers? BTW, I read your blog everyday ler, very good blog… xxx xxx etc etc”

    Haha… in short all puji puji lar 🙂 Wahahaha…

  35. HmMm… Reverse the RIA and use the corner of the bump to knock the WIRA. Like that it won’t damage THAT RIA. 😀

    Btw, I think you meant “Ria is seen on the lower left corner”.

  36. Bryan – Hahaha, my brain cacat a bit one, I always mixed up left and right and until now, dunno what is what in Hokkien. You should see me riding taxi, sitting behind. I cannot tell them ‘tor chiu or chia chiu’ cos I dunno, so I must point with my hands. I cacat otak mah.

    Neo – Wuah…like that Ria fast-fast hand out money to compensate. But in real life, no wor.

  37. Waste a little handphone money and give our friendly traffic police a call. Tell them the car registration number and location.

    Let the law deal with the turkey.

  38. helen – Ria owner wanted to but LOL, she dunno what number to call on the handphone.

    Kehkehkeh, I have an emergency numer in my handphone but I think that is only for real emergency.

    QV – Of course. Ria owner is a law abiding citizen with high threshold for idiots but sometimes, also must take things into the own hand because it is the moral right and also display of extreme-nism. *feel of chair laughing*

  39. Was in similar situation with a gf driver last week. Right side of car is huge longkang, in front (half of left side) blocked by Unser, backside blocked by Kancil. Gf honked half dead, no one came. Checked Unser & Kancil no name cards. Gf reversed & go head umpteenth time banging back of Unser and front of Kancil until we managed to drive out. Muar har har…I salute my friend. Her car suffered some scratches but worth it 🙂

  40. Actually i would honk..for 1 min. If nobody takes heed. I’ll wait for the Wira fella to come back. When he/she does, I would want to give a piece of mind to he/she. Nobody gets away with that without a good shelling ok…

  41. i would honk, honk until the fella come back i wil still honk and until the fella start the car and while the fella is still reversing i will keep on honking while standing and looked at him …

    thats what i a few months ago near my place, the fucking ignorant fella just double park selamba only …

    there was once i was having teh with another friend – big taiko la, got one fella did that also, naturally we honked la, the fella came selamba went into his car and want to drive off, my friend knock on his mirror and asked him to come down, he pulak wind down his mirror, my friend gave him a piece of his mind and the waas like blur blur … telling him not to waste peoples time by parking like that and not being alert if you double park … if he was being a lil alert he would have heard us honking and no sitting down there with his chick … we taruh the fella until his friend come out, but the friend was outnumbered, so shuddup only

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