Of fortune tellers, seance and ouija board

Ouija Board
When I was very young, like below 10 years old, my neighbours, sisters and I played this home-drawn [tag]ouija board[/tag]. We would use the drawing paper and put squares with ‘Yes’, ‘No’, numbers, alphabets. Then, we put our index fingers together on a 50 sen coin.

We would chant together “ling hwen chien, ching chu lai” ([tag]Spirit[/tag] of the coin, please come out) repeatedly. Well, the coin will start moving, prompted by eager little fingers, of course.

Don’t tell me you believe in such things, ok?

Then, we would ask questions and wait patiently for the answers. Our parents did not allow us to play during dusks and nights because the spirits are most powerful but we did anyway. After tired of asking every silly questions like when will I get married, what is my future boyfriend’s name etc, we have to ask the spirit to go home. Then, only the game is over.
Of course, those were kids’ games and nothing untoward happened. However, much later, we watched a Chinese movie and the people were possessed. It sort of scared us and from there, we no longer play the ouija board anymore.

Many Christians believe that using a Ouija board allows communication with demons, which is Biblically forbidden as a form of divination. Some people who claim to have been oppressed by evil spirits after using a board say that they could only get rid of these problems after Christian deliverance. Many Christians also believe that no dead person’s soul can be summoned, and that the only summoned spirits are demons who are trying to harm humans. (Wiki)>

[tag]Seance [/tag]

Then, not long after my father-in-law died, my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law got this great idea of asking the old man who was already in another world if he received alll those gifts they sent. 😛 I tagged a long to appease the old lady and also out of curiousity. One look, I knew that blardy old man is a cheat. The modus operandi was : All the bereaved family will gather in the living room and some of the ‘staffs’ of that temple will ask questions like how many children, grandchildren, how the person died etc. Then, these info were secretly passed to the medium (though not visibly seen by us).

When it was our turn , the cheater started speaking Hakka to my mother-in-law. DNMCH, in truth my fil didn’t speak Hakka when he was alive, ok? Then, the cheater tried to get us into conversations and by guessing, who are the daughters etc, he pretended to ask about them etc etc. Well, there are still loads of suckers who got tricked into believing.

Fortune teller

They still thrive, by the road-side with some yellow cloths and smoky facade. People still sit there, hoping to get their future foretold. Some of my outlaws are so into this, making decisions based on craps dished out by conmen.

Once, when my son was critically ill, some in-laws of mine took the upperhand to check his book of life. Don’t ask me, I don’t know wtf is that. She said all our lives were based on that and our ages fixed. One day, she came with the good news that my son have a very good life and he will live to 70 years. Thank God that I was impartial to stuffs like these or else I will strangle her. My son did not live even to seven months old.

The point I am trying to make? Don’t believe in stuffs like these. It will only give you mental illness. If you have a problem, see a doctor. And trust God.

And you know what they said about fortune telling? Whether in Buddhism or Christianity – by doing so you are defying your beliefs and each time, it is only going to shorten your life. Sort of a debit/credit kinda thing. Even fengshui masters must pay back some of their earnings to charities to balance things. But then, hey, I am sure many of us would have dabbled in this at least once in our life? Got any spooky tale to share?

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  1. I played with those when I was a kid too. hehe

    I guess there is a universal curiosity. But then it came alive when I saw it in the movie The Exorcist. I became scared and no longer wanted to play it.

  2. I tried the Ouija Board and found out that I was a soldier in my previous life…and when we asked for further details, I was informed that I was a “small” one!! Thought I was a general or something!!! Meanwhile, some idiot left a broom at the door…and the spirit refused to go back…and we had to hold on to the little soysauce saucer…and it went round and round for a long time! Scared the living daylite out of everybody!!!

  3. decades ago when i was little, i used to tag along with my relatives to ‘consult’ these fortune-tellers at places like Air Itam & Jelutong. remembered that sometimes have to wait for hours because the queue very long. can never understand what the ‘prescription’ or ‘forecast’ was all about. 😉

  4. Talking abt Book of Life, I was given away for adoption just becos` my parents believe what the bk said… th something bad might happen to us if i was not given away.!!!! That shows how naive and stupid we human beings still are till today. I am glad I believe in God and no other bk of life or death….

  5. My mom has this strange “sensor” when there is spirit around. We’ve lived in a very old house which was haunted (I swear by this) and has been demolished since. The look of the place at night can give you shivers. Perhaps, I’ll blog about it one day but lazy for now 😉

  6. I played lots of quija board during my schooldays waht, nothing happen. If this thing can really answer me, i want $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, lolz

  7. ouija board… damned thing… remembered playing with it in classroom after school once… bugger me… scared the shit out of me coz the blardy coin moved on it’s on accord… there was no force and there were three of us… it answered a couple of questions posed by my friend then i freak and asked him to take it home… it wandered around the board for a while before going back… shit does anyone know how this thingy actually works? I’m still freaked from that incident.

  8. One day five years ago some indian from some temple in india (according to their business card) came into our office and met our boss.

    He said my boss got good luck face. He asked my boss to think of a flower and write it down he opened a piece of paper and my bos saw the name of flower in her own writing. Later she gave him a check for some amount of money.

    He left the office and later we got the check cancelled.

    Beware of these tricksters.

  9. fire80 – Blaine ah? Hahaha.

    Nigel – I think it is the devil playing tricks with us kinda thing. Yesterday I watched Discovery Channel about this boy who was possessed after too obessed with calling up someone whom had died with the ouija board. That’s where I got my idea for this post. 😛

    samm – Ya, I also got ask, ‘Will I get number one in class?’ Hahaha, tipu wan ler.

    wingz – ‘Cos you are magnet for that kind of ghost or what?

    IMMOM – Wuah…tell lah, must be very spooky.

  10. molly – Sorry to hear about that. I still wonder what book of life it is ‘cos I have never seen it before. My sil said it also tells you what to donate, duh, like if you need to donate more rice or what to enhance your luck etc.

    ahpek – Talk about datuk kong, last time my opis, our Malay opis boy masuk datuk kong, mintak kambing and nasi kunyit. Dun pway-pway wei.

    wuching – You want to wait until see ghost only want to believe in God ah? Wait ha…coming soon.

    nyonyapenang – There is one ‘karn bong’ (calling the dead expert) in Kulim that you need months in advance to get an appointment.

    STP – Hahaha, maybe you were a small/thin guy. LOL.

    SA – According to the documentary I watched, most of the people whom were taught to be possessed were actually having mental problems. And it is freaky that there are so many faith healers who did a lot of mumbo-jumbo with the Bible. So dramatic.

  11. i play the Quija board, we called it Spirit of the Coin with my school frens. Did anyone figured out how the coin/ plate can move. I asked questions like what’s my & my mother’s IC number and it gave correct answer each time. So i am pretty sure, none of my frens was pushing the coin. But all the answers about future boyfren/ husband all bluff la.

  12. Out of curiosity, I follow a friend to a temple in Pangkor Island(I was working there) many years ago to see what book of life looks like. It was a very thick bk and inside are many pictures & chinese characters. It is somethg like astrology bk. U hv to give th medium yr date & exact time of birth.He will show u a pict of a tiger in th bk if u want to know how Garang u are. th dot on top of th head of th tiger is most garang.ha..ha.. The dot on tail is the least garang.Must not tell u whre my dot is..secretlah.. U can also find out how fertile u are grhh…They told me th i am a adopted..how clever..I have a picture of myself (i thk so) with five anak sitting near a coffin mourning,wh i ask how many anak i will have…Now i hve only 2 teenage boys… so whre does my 3 anak come fr..??

  13. “Even fengshui masters must pay back some of their earnings to charities to balance things.”

    u mean fengshui masters are part of this supernatural thingy?

  14. many decades ago, some fortune teller told me grandparents that their eldest son (hence my eldest uncle) had to live far away from them in order to prolong my granny’s life. If it was done so, my grandma would live til age of 82 (somewhere around there). Therefore, i think aroudn age of 3, my uncle was sent back to China to live with relatives.

    The suprising thing was, my granny passed away 3 years earlier than the predicted, but I overheard my aunts chatting that when one passed away, you add 3 years to it. so that makes the figure correct. kinda strange, but nevertheless, you cant really say its not true.

  15. IMHO Ouija is as dangerous as smoking, drunk driving,etc.
    It can be addictive when individual start use it for all decision making, or seek information to fufill their curiousity. This kind of submissive though is nothing new, e.g. victim refuse to divorce from abusive partners, as they though they can’t survive without the partner.

  16. Ouija board I remembered well during my secondary school days. It was of course during that time us girls in ALL GIRLS school discovered boys and got horny. We’ll usually ask who’s our future husband and we will cheat by moving the board to show the name of the guy the girl fancy! Just to make her day lar.. lol

  17. Chey! Ouija boards are for wimps! Real men go look for newly dead pregnant lady grave with bamboo stick, black dog blood, fishing net soaked in cock’s blood during midnight when there’s no moon.

  18. Haven’t seen the book of life before but my mum went to the temple to consult it when my granny got really sick 2 years ago. I’ve never believed in this sort of thing and never allow my mum to consult whatsoever “medium” whenever she wants to, but when my granny was on her death bed, my mum really wanted to go and “consult” the book to have a peace of mind. Hence, I reluctantly agree to let her “consult” it. The things that the book show were all common sense stuff. Thank goodness my mum knows better than to check bout my life from the book. >_

  19. Yalor, Lilian! Hope “small” refers to rank or body as a whole…not any specific part!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  20. Sometimes not to believe also cannot. My sil married for 8 years and can’t conceive. Sekali went to see this fellow, he straight away know what is her problem. Then check I/C only, he told sil that she was curse during her wedding in her room. Then this fellow will pray for her and bla, bla. One month later, she conceive. See! Miracle leh.

  21. People I really wanna try using it, just once…but from what yo’ll are saying, i’m prompted not to.. What should I do? Use it elsewhere n not invite the spirit in the house or what??

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