Best Siti Nurhaliza joke, evarrrr – By a 3 years old

My toddler is very familiar with whatever I put up on my blog as he usually hangs around when I am writing.  So, he knows Siti Nurhaliza as well as Mawi after my previous posts about them.

Just now, we went to the bookshop, TanMark for some books.  On one of the lower shelf, there was this book, Percintaan Siti Nurhaliza dengan Datuk K.  Both their photos were on the cover.

Toddler in his loudest voice said, “Mummy, see…..Siti Nurhaliza book.”

Me :  Yes, you also know Siti Nurhaliza hor?

Toddler :  Yes lah, Siti Nurhaliza with her  PAPA

I laughed so loud it got toddler embarassed, thinking I am laughing at his mistake.  He gave me  quizzical look, probably hurt that I laughed at him.

Me :  No, mummy is not laughing at you, dear.  Mummy laughing at Siti Nurhaliza’s papa.


Hai….kids say the dardnest (sp?) thing.  Just like the other day, we wanted to make toddler jealous.  So, I rubbed my belly and teased him that I am going to have a baby.  His two brothers told him that with new baby, mummy has no time for him.

He retorted with an angry face :  You got no baby lah. You just fat only! You every day eat so much….. *gives merajuk face*

23 thoughts on “Best Siti Nurhaliza joke, evarrrr – By a 3 years old

  1. heheh..samelah with my 6 year old daughter – she say the same thing to, and when i say its her husband, she asked ” kenapa siti kahwindgn org tua” – hmm difficult to answer – try to change subject many times – finally she has forgotten about it and enjoy the ‘garden wedding’

  2. And oh yeah, TanMark in Pulau Tikus. Loved the place. I used to visit it almost every day after school (and for text books).

    – MENJ

  3. Ah! The innocence of children!! Like when I visited a student’s house, the parents so respectful…so polite and then the toddler brother came and exclaimed, “Ko Ko! Ur teacher SO fat wan!!!” Everyone looked so embarassed!!! Ha ha ha!

  4. Hats off to you coz your toddler is VERY INTELLIGENT.
    for his age, he already understands what some of us are still trying to understand….

  5. reminds me of how my son (at that time 3 yrs old) called out to my fren who was visiting and putting up in our house, “Dorin Che-Che, your papa come to fetch you ledi”.
    (Dorin’s bf was middle-aged and balding) LOL

  6. e2wen – I checked and checked my WordWeb and it says no such word so I ended up tembak my version which corrupted Keen’s spelling bee. Hahaha.

    mrbherng – ya, scary indeed, if my own ones, I give warning and if verbal warning dun work, comes the ‘five friends’ to smack the butt. Hahaha.

  7. Well, words like this aren’t exactly grammatically-wise correct, but I choose to think it reflects the whole meaning better. At least, it sounds better than being oh-so-formal and say kids say the most darn thing, no?

  8. aa..really cute, yr son…i can imagine his “merajuk face”..cute2…

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