10 thoughts on “Psstt…I got my Text Link Ads cheque today

  1. Moses – I need some dough in Paypal to buy me more domains and at that time, I thought TLA will not reach USD100. First month, I got USD35. August I got USD200+, September, much more than August. For us Msians, unless our cheque is over USD100+ no point getting payment by cheque. My Google cheques usually take a month to clear. Google is from CItibank, TLA is from Chase. So not sure how long it takes to clear. Shud be a while ‘cos these cheques go through several process. My advantage is I got a lot of sites of different niche topic so TLA links works. Say I get USD15 per link, per site I get USD150 per month and say I got 10 sites….Wuah..counting chicken before the eggs. Hahaha.

    Wingz – Time to work on those not popular, nobody comment blogs lah. No visitors, never mind. Got search engine visits enuff liao.

    AhPek – Heh, must share and learn from others. I learn from LiewCF a bit also la. Read those angmohs sites, not applicable to us Msian sites wan. They boast of USD50K income per month. If I get USD500, I satisfied liao.

  2. wa.. so nice. i had to move to a new domain so my earnings from tla at old blog gone for august šŸ™ but old earnings were enuf to get me my domain hehe. still gonna apply for tla,coz got rejected tat day.

    eh stp.. u drool at everythin ar.. i think i’d come back to sibu late dec.. i think

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