Light & Easy weekend post (copy Rojakz’s style)

Cream, hearty asparagus soup

Soft, yet crispy on the outside, warm buns.

Grilled king prawn, salmon, mussels, scallops with cream sauce

Garlic-ky, buttery french loaf with some peppery lamb stew.

Strawberry pie and icecream with chocolate sauce.

And finish off with a cup of brewed black coffee. Can you believe that the above costs only RM23.50++? (not including the garlic bread with lamb stew) Soup, main seafood platter, one coffee, one dessert only RM23.50. The other set lunches only RM13.50 – RM19.90. Fuwah, very good value for money. All at Salsas – Penang Road, next to Hotel Malaysia. Fast-fast go. Service also very good.

15 thoughts on “Light & Easy weekend post (copy Rojakz’s style)

  1. aiyooooo, sooo yummy la. now very hungry pulak. going to penang next month…. sure must jot down all nice makan makan place from yr blog la….

  2. laundryamah – Hahaha, everytime I call you amah, I feel so one kind, you so young only. No lah, this place is cheap. Even those oily, kopitiam with plastic plates also charge RM14 for a plate of steak. Really value for money. Tks to one of my reader in Malaysiabest for telling me about this place.

    Angeline – Hahaha, I bet you will have too many places to go at one time.

    Wingz – Wuah, lu olang kaya lah. Gua makan set lunch, cheep-cheep oni.

    Victor – šŸ™‚

    helen – Haiyor…one life, live it!

    wuching – ‘Cos food pics always draw crowds mah.

    JM – Good ler, and somemore many varieties of food. I like the place.

    azhan – Hahaha, at night you sit by the window and can see bapoks passing by. That area got lots of bapoks lah. And imported, blonde hairs…you know…Hehehe, forget you still under 18 yrs. Cannot tell you so much.

  3. haha. that reminds me. my friend, still 17 went to park his car behind somewhere to go to hotel malaysia because no more car park. and the bapok go assaulted him. he got panic and ran as fast as he can!

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