Weekend thoughts on my Catholic faith

So, the [tag]Pope[/tag] said something, our [tag]Malaysian[/tag][tag] Prime Minister [/tag]also reacted along with other leaders and the latest news said a sorry statement has been released. To understand better, please take time to read what the Pope has said here.

It gives me the picture of a bar brawl. Our world now is like a bar. If something happens somewhere to someone, suddenly the whole bar finds a reason to punch the next person. Nevermind that the rest does not know what exactly transpired. *ddhossshhh……. bhiisssh…*

*sighs* Depressing, isn’t it? I have been thinking last night. Why can’t we experience God in small portions? Like, not getting too involved but feel the greatness of God in our personal capacity? Take for example, this matter. It is between two faiths. Soon, others will jump on the pile and *dddhoosshh…bhissshhh*

Last night, I finally get to watch The [tag]DaVinci Code[/tag]. I read the book like three years ago. So, I thought I would have forgotten the codes and the sequence of events. But surprisingly, the movie is exactly like the book.

Nothing much about the movie. I did not get offended with any part of it eventhough [tag]Jesus[/tag] is my Lord whom I adore. I don’t know if my fellow[tag] Catholics [/tag]do find the quote by Robert Langdon inspiring? I do. Towards the end, Sophie and him had a conversation in the garden. Sophie asked him if things will be different now that Robert knew about Mary Magdelene’s descendants etc. Robert explained to her that when he was five years old, he fell into a well and at one point, he thought he was not going to see his parents, play football etc again.

The part when Robert Langdon said ‘I prayed very hard’ is very poignant to me. Robert replied that it does not matter what has transpired (that they claimed Sophie’s is Jesus descendant) because he said what matters are what he believes.

That, my dear friends, is how we should see God. We believe in Him without allowing any factors to get in between us and [tag]God[/tag]. Take it in our personal capacity.

I love this Psalm 46:10 which is on the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit (Penang) door.

“Be still, and know that I am God;

Have a blessed weekend and may the Lord showers you with wisdom and courage to spread His Gospel of peace, love and understanding.

9 thoughts on “Weekend thoughts on my Catholic faith

  1. God does exist,just in a different form. It doesn’t matter whether or not Jesus is the son of God because at least God loves him so much to send him to save us. Jesus is a saviour.

  2. I didn’t read the news, but gather from your post, I am sure, some muslim communities are protesting, holding up signs, etc…… this is War!,, blah, blah… same old shit, just on different days!! Am I wrong?

    My 2 cents.

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  4. Eileen – Mail to you already! Good luck with the project.

    kc – This is the next big thing after the cartoon. 🙂

    JM – Yes indeed.

  5. I think the Pope’s intention of linking violence and religion was being mis-interpreted. Violence in the name of religion is not new. We should promote religious tolerance, peace and love, for the sake of mankind.
    Religion was entwined in the politics of our great country too, eg. to segregate certain race group. Religions are not complicated, juz the Man who profess in it.

  6. David – Exactly. Some people think that the Pope erred. Which is not ‘cos he is THE Pope, a successor of Peter, chosen by Christ. The Pope said this, “We are no longer able to hear God – there are too many different frequencies filling our ears.” We only hear what the media tells us.

  7. interesting thought. i blame the media for wrong news, or at least not appropriate and not sensitive to others. and i see that quote everytime i go to tuition and that includes tonight where i always pass by Holy Spirit.

  8. I also found the last conversation Robert Langdon had with sophie very inspiring. If not mistaken, he also said that it is how we move forward with what we believe that matters…(something like that).

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