A quick post to share with my fellow Catholics

Here is a 3-page article by Daniel Johnson from The New York Sun.

As [tag]Catholics[/tag], we are taught to speak up when our hearts tell us to. This is one rare occasion when I wish to share both side of the stories.

([tag]Pope[/tag])Benedict is well aware of the risks, not least to his own life, of speaking out. Like his great Polish predecessor, this “German shepherd” has the courage of his convictions. Thank God he does: Without convictions, our courage will surely fail us.

4 thoughts on “A quick post to share with my fellow Catholics

  1. IMHO, it is simialr to a case where people who deny the statement but punch the person which quote them as violence and arrogants.

    I don’t see why there is reason of a death threat. Those people can confront Pope about the violent of crusade. But it seems some people rather to use hand than brain.

  2. moo_t – What I beh tahan most is the calls after calls for apologies when an apology has been given. The link I gave here and the other one by Yahoo clearly put where I stand in this matter.

    QV – To your question in yr blog, my answer is Nope. I hold true to the words, “On this Rock, I build this church” I am sure whatever comes from the Pope, comes from the Holy Spirit. Non-believers seem to think that the Pope is just an icon, making mistakes, getting into hot soup, bad PR and all those misinformed notions they get. To me, he is not. He is the Successor of Saint Peter. His words made perfect by the wisdoms granted by God. This reference on successor quoted by the Pope himself, read it from The Herald. What we, Muslims, Christians, other faiths need to do is to solve it with open mind and not resorting strong emotions to prove the quote about violence true. Actually, I have a lot to write about this but I am only refraining from it.

  3. Point Taken, Aunty. Anyway, I believe what His Holy Father is trying to stress here is a more open dialogue and that before we can truly sit down and discuss things with the Muslims, all parties have to accept both side, i.e. The freedom of Religion, the Rights of Catholics and Christians to practise their religion safely in ALL muslim country, the Right also build and consecrate churches for the purpose of Worship in all Muslim countries, a call for mutual respect and mutual tolerance towards each other, which sometimes, is a little bit lacking, and then after we can solve this main issue that the Holy Father wants, then can we truly sit down and talk, but alas, even in Malaysia, it takes years to get approval to build a church in West Malaysia, what more in some Northen States like Kelantan

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