Fat people are jolly people, so say YAY

I must have gotten possessed by some Indian spirit. On Saturday night, I ate tandoori chicken with kashmiri naan. On Sunday night, I ate banana leave rice. Can you see the two huge pail of curries? Plus the pile of white rice? This was before they bring me my mutton curry. The restaurant chap just slapped on the white rice before I even have a chance to say ‘Nasi setengah sudah’. Not one to waste food, I had to eat all of them.

So, while imagining all that carbo building their homes on my butt, I try to recall some people whom had made me very happy. One is my mom. She is fat. As in F A T. She is a nice person, the nicest ever.

Now, before we go further, FAT is not the same as OBESE, ok? Obesity is a serious disease, of the body and the mind. Fat is being happily blessed. As in plump-plump like that.

Next fat person who made me very happy was Onah. We were in Form Four at this international students camp. Onah is from Negeri Sembilan, I think. She entertained us with her jokes throughout the whole week we were at camp. Once, while we were climbing up a tree to boil a leaky tin with water (some obstacle race), Onah saw one hot guy’s and his loose short pants. That night, she almost killed us all with stiffled laughters when she related to us what she saw.

Now, all those misi-misi (nurses/midwives) whom had been so nice and kind to you when you go for your jab or helped deliver your babies, are probably plump-plumpish ones, right? There, another theory that fat people are jolly people.

Fat people are nicer because you get a cushiony effect when you hug them.

They don’t whine, “oh..that piece of cake looks so tempting but I can’t take it, I am on diet.”

They only make you laugh.

They also laugh and never worry about being fat.

This way they live longer.

Fat people rules! Say “YAY! to FAT”

Tell me you like fat people. I said, fat, not obese, ok?

Check if you are fat here.

30 thoughts on “Fat people are jolly people, so say YAY

  1. Being fat just means there’s more of you to love. But saying that I lost a serious amount of weight recently. Gah, I hate going shopping for new clothes. And riding gear.

  2. if u r fat but healthy..ok ler..but normally fat is associated with high blood pressure , diabetes and high cholesterol….

  3. wingz – I lafu fat peeples too.

    hijackqueen – ‘Cos the boobies are made of fat tissues only. If you lose fat, you lose boobies, unless you fill it up with silicon. Or sponge, if cannot afford silicon. Hahaha.

    Eve – Thin people also got…Must be healthy la, not fat and lazy, but fat but active.

    Kitty – Yay!

    Snark – Ouch, riding gears cost a lot. Eat more, save money. Hahaha.

  4. I agree with you. When I see my friends who are on the plumpish side, they are the ones that can brightens up your day with their humour and their ever so ticklish laughter.

  5. you know why skinny ppl aren’t happy? Because they cannot eat all the chocolates they want! And we all know that chocolate makes us happy! Hehehehe

  6. fat not necessary comes from the calories u take….happy also can make one get fat worr..anyway can eat is a blessing…why not being fat… šŸ˜‰

  7. Well, I’m on the plump side and I don’t moan over it. I do exercise and am healthy but still on the plump side cause I love food..almost everything edible…and my 4 year old is not fat but big build just like her parents but you should see the look some people give her(usually in the lift of my apartment)…and their filthy comments…like, wah! you so chubby like your daddy and mummy; wah what rice your mummy feed you and etc…(my hubby and I are big build and a little fleshy but never obese.) Its terrible that our childrend have to grow up in a ‘skinny obsessed world’

  8. FAT… that’s how people see me now but as long as my hubby still stick to me like a glue … who cares anyway BTW my hubby cakap I mcm teddy bear šŸ˜‰ I tak gemuk sebab makan tapi memang dah nak gemuk sebab ada suami & anak yg sayang kat I. dah tak kuasa nak kurus balik… tak semestinya kuat makan tu gemuk :p

  9. I’m Chubby, and i am definately Happy-go-Lucky. I always think that those skinny chicks should thanks us who chubby chubby, because without us, they have no one to compare how skinny they are… Can you imagine how bad can that be? They will go thinner, thinner and thinner…. I cant wait to go back to Penang and enjoy those yummy hawker foods…I miss Penang so much….

  10. lyza – Gimme a five! Hahaha.

    kablooi – Yay!

    wuching – This post is to win their votes lor….What? QV oso in the gang ah?

    Eunice – What a theory, LOL.

    Asfarina – Hahaha, asalkan sihat and still can find clothes to fit in ya?

    Florence – Ouch, those are meanies. People can be so insensitive sometimes. They did that to my skinny kids too….pointing out they are too thin, never eat, etc etc. Like duh, as if we can mould them to the exact, perfect size.

  11. Judy – It is a cycle, happy, eat, fat, still happy, still eat and so on. Hahaha.

    Jee – But you are so thin!

    cooking4STP – Ya, who can live without chocolates and cakes, right?

    fashionasia – I only start to pile on weight after getting married. And still do. Hahaha.

    sasha – More exercise will help with that. Even thin people also can be weak at these things.

    WMD – Ya, they are rolly and polly.

  12. yar..my lactation specialist was a nice plump malay lady..she made me feel so good about myself..even tho’ i was lying in bed, stinking and “bleeding” all over the bed.

  13. toxicle – Yeap, upstairs ‘cos ground floor full.

    mott – Yalor, more matronly hor. Like that when we plump-plump time makes our individual hubby so comforted hor?

  14. HEHEHEHE aunty, as STP is the Jolly Green Giant, I am Obese, KNB is Doraemon and a certain friend who used to have one blog but closed down and is now a food dish from sarawak is also known as Mashimaro heehhehehe

  15. Wuching has never seen me b4, how does he know QV is “slightly less”? I’m 118 kg and wasitline around 48 inches. QV? The whole truth and nothing but the truth, pliz! Was in KK a week ago and last weekend in Miri/Bintulu and had to fly by FAX (the airline, not the machine). The best part was they used those Fokker (Nope! The spelling’s correct!) aircrafts and wherever I sat (free seating), nobody wanted to sit with me…so I have the whole two seats all to myself! Ah! So nice to be fat!

  16. STP – LOL, talk about that, last week, I bumped into Bro. Paul and wanted to ask him about you but hor…he dem -si mun’ (gentleman lah) and didn’t even look my way so I cannot pok-pek with him. Abuden, maybe I too old and not one of those hot mommas so he no eye see.

    QV – Then, Wuching leh? Pokemon?

  17. Me? I’m 110kg and waist line is 42 so am slightly less hahahahahahahahaha and thus Wuching has proven correctly and yeah..Wuching is pokemon hahaha

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