Toy Soldier

I’m supposed to be the soldier who never blows his composure
Even though I hold the weight of the whole world on my shoulders
I am never supposed to show it, my crew ain’t supposed to know it

(lyrics from Eminem version of Toy Soldiers, forgot who was the original singer ‘cos this song is as old as me)

Hmmm….I don’t know but the above seems to reflect my blog nowadays. I tend to write some posts and instead of pressing the publish button, I press the delete post. Gone were the days when I dare to openly bragged that I had just make a big dent on someone’s car intentionally. Or how, the screwdriver was already taken out to puncture some tyres. Nowadays, no one hears it from me. šŸ˜‰

I have two posts which I did not published. It is titled, “Doctors from hell”. I usually get a little bit cuckoo nearing Sept. A lot of stuffs went through my mind, some of them so vivid I just have to flush it out of my system, once and for all. Sometimes, I can even recall certain smell (as in hospital smell). But no……I don’t do those stuff anymore.

My eldest son is going for a brainwashing motivation camp by Martin Jalleh this Friday before his Sacrement of Confirmation. I have a lot of thoughts going through my mind about this. It is like a ritual where we release our baby to the adult world. Sacrement of Confirmation is something all Catholic children go through when they reached 16 years old. They will be asked to reflect and see if they really, really, really, really are prepared to be a Catholic. I do have lots of soppy stuffs to write, but I won’t.

So, all my regular readers get these days are :

Hey, my mouse with the little dalmatians footprints from the 101 Dalmations cute or not?

You like to play with toy boy soldiers or not?

I am never supposed to show it, my crew reader ain’t supposed to know it

You think if I publish my post ‘Doctor from Hell’, I can kena sue upside down or not ha?

15 thoughts on “Toy Soldier

  1. Gone are the days where we can simply publish whatever thoughts that run through our mind.
    I practically ruined a friendship with my friend over something so small, that is when the said friend found out about my blog and thought that all my indirect hits were directed towards him.
    Some were and some were not, thinking back I felt like I was just being a coward trying to vent out the angst that I cant take out in reality.
    Although everything is settled now but I still tread on cautiously to avoid further
    Being sued upside down, why take the chance. Post what you feel and delete what you feel is best kept a secret. After all not everything is meant to be shared and not everything meant to be kept in the closet.
    Its all about decisions and the different perspective of viewing things.

  2. Dunno and don’t care, I still whack haha

    If kena sued so be it, just be clear you are stating your opinion. Don’t defame, libel or slander.

    If you do that there is nothing anyone legally can do.

  3. Things change from time to time, so does human being, it’s not wrong to feel it that way…things will always mingled in our mine as things goes by from one end to the other end…

    Well, as for the post, no harm posting it, coz blogging is different from reality! It’s within our own barrier! Don’t you think so?

  4. dr. hell… i thot it was dr. house? haha..kidding. publish la. who wud dare sue u? u already got disclaimer, kan? humour, life, LIES, sex?

  5. Publish, no one sues, call it fiction and put a disclaimer that its all fictional, u know, like those movies..hehehehe..besides it makes for far more interesting reading. hehehehe

  6. woo.. making a battlefield out of ur laptop eh..

    i had my confirmation already.. and took after my dad’s name šŸ™‚ i tot it was kewl haha

  7. Have heard Martin Jalleh speak, and he’s really good and funny to boot. Think your son will really benefit from the brainwashing.

  8. alphabeta – I had joined Martin Jalleh’s Life in the Spirit once, but I only went for a few hours and dropped out of the rest ‘cos I sprained my ankle. Duh, God probably said, “you are not ready”. Hahaha. The following year, I join another Life in the Spirit seminar but this time without Martin. Will definitely go for his next session, in another two years, I think.

    Alex – My son has not decide on his name yet. We suggested a name with letter K ‘cos his initial is JL now. Become JKL. Easy to remember mah. Hahaha. I also did not get a middle name when I was confirmed/baptised. I cannot decide so I use my real name ‘cos St. Lilian dem nice liao mah.

  9. i hear you, lilian… i hear you..

    so the youth park thing was here.. i thought i was reading ya post in my dream.. you see, i got the tendency of refreshing ya site before i can even open my eyes fully

    Yes, I’m addicted !!

  10. K Sin – Tks

    JM – The thing is the surname end with a vowel so cannot have some name that have a t, k or something like that or else become konlou, malatlou, sailou etc etc.

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