State of emergency in Bangkok amid reports of a coup attempt

My 2nd brother works in Bangkok. Hope this blows over soon.

Thai media say that two army factions appear to be heading for a clash, with one side backing the prime minister and the other side backing a rebel army chief.

(source)It happens to Thailand. Can such things happen to us Malaysians one day?


17 thoughts on “State of emergency in Bangkok amid reports of a coup attempt

  1. is your brother alright then?

    sooi sooi: ooh yeah… the best place to live on earth(sort off) for being neutral from everything.

  2. Oh dear, I got biz trip to Bangkok next mth.. probably HR will issue a restricted travelling to Thai memo if i tell the Dept Head to read 5xmom’s blog..hmmm.. thks for the quick infor.. faster than CNN! LOL

  3. Thus far we have settle the problems at election time only those in the know will able to say if a military coup is possible here but from the track record, it is not gonna happen and its good cuz a peaceful country will have stability for growth. God bless Malaysia. Cheers!

  4. hope your bro will be ok. i wonder what thaksin did so badly that the military took over. Over there, the military got presence in the govt.

    here? s*my, n*jib and the rest of the kelakah-ness…? ahem…

  5. Time to speed up my Permanent Resident Status in Luxembourg, now..would anyone care to loan me EURO 2 million, repayble in the next life 😛

    Anyway, I dnt think it can happen in Malaysia, firstly, which rebel chief? Tun M? hehehehe Secondly, I don’t think our army knows which end the guns are fired from 😛

  6. Oh dear, hope everything will be OK for your bro. Don’t think that there will be an army coup here, won’t wish for it either. Imagine all the curfews and emergencies…

  7. Yeah. I just blogged about this too. I was shocked coz I just came back from Bangkok 3 days ago. And Hadyai 2 weeks ago. I consider myself lucky but my fren said I brought jinx to Thailand. :p
    Anyway, I manage to mail my fren in Bangkok he seems calm and optmistic that things will go well soon. My another two friends have not replied me. Lilian, hope your brother will be safe and sound. Your family must be worried !!!

  8. I think for something lidat to happen the Sosial, Economic and Political fabric must be already so teruk, choy choy choy.

    Like Thailand got bombs and social unrest until so many people die. LIke Malaysia many many tengkiu to Police these people kena tangkap before have time to create nonsense. and how the situation is handled, “ditangani’ or mishandled as the case may be. hehehehe.

    So long as Kampung baru can sell their Bubur lambuk, Petaling Street can continue selling fake goods and people can buy Kain at Jalan TAR this Ramadhan all should be fine.

    As Shadowfox says above. For me, Malaysian sometimes mouth can be nasty. But atcherly we dare not or donwan to shake our current structure because we are comfortable. Saman polis oso got diskaun maa! Just wait until the correct timing.

    People in business continue to do their thing. To those making noise I say tengkiu.

    The Highway from Johore to Penang bengkok (bended) like snake also still reach maa!!

  9. I ting swiss people see our nose not high, cheek forward-lah. I got fren working for ‘W.H.O.’ staying in Lucerne cant wait to come back!! If want to go swiss must bleach hair to be blond first…

  10. azhan: yeah it is, innit?

    fire80: then i’ll get a nose job, dye my hair blonde and wear blue contacts, LOL! 🙂

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