How to spot whether a NNTTL (boobies) is real or fake?

Boys and men, today we will learn about NNTTL.

NNTTL stands for nen nen tua tua liap in Hokkien. I.e. in English, big boobs. In Bahasa Malaysia, tetek yang cun skali.

You see, little boys and little men are always fascinated with that two packets of nasi lemak. It is the universal truth. Like how the sun always rise in the east and set in the west. Or how the waves hit the beach. You can either snigger, look at me with disgust, accuse me of corrupting little boys’ minds or you can just sit diam-diam and nod and learn, ok? And you are most welcome to give your feedbacks, advices and tips for the sake of humanity.

So, tell me, with the super padded bras available on the market, how can you be sure that NNTTL of your girlfriend whom you plan to marry one day and provide milk for your babies, are real or not? There are silicone filled, water filled, air filled, sponge that rival Dunlopillo firmness, wires and NASA or is it NANOtechnology fibres bras to build that twin peaks. (No, this topic doesn’t cover breast augmentation or any type of plastic surgery. We are talking about natural breasts.)
Number 1 : Real NNTTL must always show valleys. If you see two hills and you can’t see any valley, it means those twin peaks are fake. Take away the little thing call bra, you get airport. By then, you can’t make your exit. Sorry la, brader. Don’t say I never teach you.
Number 2 : Real NNTTL jiggles a bit. No matter how firm, perky or young the person is, real NNTTL jiggles because those are made of only tissues and fats. No bones, so sure jiggly, ok? So, take her go jogging and see got jiggle anot. You know what is jiggle? Doink, doink, doink like that. If yes, tail along, if not, take another route and cabut fast-fast. LOL.

Number 3 : Some races have bigger NNTTL-er than other races. Chinese is wayyyyyy below the ideal ones. Except for a few lucky Chinese women. Indians are blessed with their nasi lemak. Tell me which Bollywood movie you see that doesn’t have NNTTL right in your face? Every single Indian woman have NNTTL. Malay women are somewhere in between.
I shall leave number 4-100 for my readers to provide.

(I wrote another almost similar post sometime back.

43 thoughts on “How to spot whether a NNTTL (boobies) is real or fake?

  1. Wait a minute!
    This post is just a humour post, so all the flat-chested females, please don’t flame me or lecture me that real love doesn’t not care about the size of the breasts, wokay?

  2. Man’s obsession with ‘twin peaks’ is not new. Some women will go to any extend to have the voluptuous look. Breast implant is the most common comestic surgery in UK! Look for the scars under the armpits, around the nipples (areola) or under the breasts. Recently, a HK actress accidentally show her scar during a photo shoot! and was blasted in the media. I prefer romance over sensuality anytime.

  3. Well endowed women are not my cup(s) of tea! Sooner or later they obey the laws of physics where greater mass results in higher gravitational pull. You know its too big when you need to flop it over your shoulders to bend down and rinse your mouth.Personally I like miles of legs only prob is they tend to run faster than i can catch up.

  4. my fren got naturally big ones & she dare not wear t-shirts. i visited her during confinement and oh my! it was like 2 cantaloupes hanging slightly above her tummy.
    she oso complain very difficult to do self breast examination wor.

  5. Too big very bouncy. Not very nice also. Another way to test NNTTL is acidentally nudge her boobies with your elbow. Soft, soft is real thing. Hard one is PADDED!

  6. Yes, m.o.t.t…and they are very nice too, not being subjected to gravity too much yet. Just like having an implant, but it is natural…I like…hehe!
    So, lil hope it is ok to add…boys, get airport and later ask her to bf…healthy baby for happy dad;)

  7. Just curious….All big boobs woman sure have valley ?? Some big boobs are like north and south ends of magnet–> going on opposite directions.. Got right??

    **peeps into my blouse** Errr… is there any age that is too late to start drinking papaya milk shake???

  8. No matter small or big, stand up straight and they’ll look good. That said, there are extremes.

    BTW, you’all ladies examine your breasts every month or not?

  9. 5xMom proven NNTTL, refer self potrait experimenting post…he he…As for me, I’m Wonder Bra supporter, never fails to make me wonder where my boobs went after retired from bf.

  10. For those men out there who got to scale Mount Fuji on daily basis, count yourselves lucky. But for those who’s eating nasik lemak 20 sen for dinner, hey, who says life is fair. Way to go Lilian.

  11. Eh? The gel padded and water padded ones doesn’t jiggle meh? Also soft to the touch what. Very hard to tell wan nowadays. BTW who say NNTTL good. At first NNTTL, lama lama jadi two hanging papayas.

  12. Agree maximum with point number three… the chinese ones are the most ‘airport’-like… not to say that I am complaining… heheheee…

  13. Hehe,never thought you’ll write about this. Haha,chinese woman are naturally small but after having babies,you know la har………but some people ar u see only you know fake liao. Big boobs but very small butts. Seem very unbalanced. Some very small size but walau,their nen nen damn big lo. I feel those with very very big backside and big boobs very san fu lo. Their waist so small but they carry such a heavy burden. haha……..

  14. Whether Nen Nen Tua Tua Liap or Say Say Liap, I don’t mind.

    Just as long as they ain’t Nen Nen Tua Say Liap…

    Btw, for the record, like ex-penang boy, i prefer the legs…

  15. Haiyor, all yr responds are so enlightening. They are far more interesting than my posts.

    Verdict : Chinese ones memang small

    Those guys who kena tricked by maximiser and wonderbra, habis lah! LOL.

  16. I know is real cuz sudah test both #1 and #2 and #3….. for #4, real ones can bend to many shapes possible cuz it is natural and flexible, not fake ones la, like batu :p

    I know some do it for self esteem reasons while others does it for entertainment purpose. Btw, wat is wrong with those who have fake ones?

  17. Big boobs doesn’t necessary mean big butts. There are cases of women with big boobs and small butts or vice versa. And I have friends with big boobs and butts although the rest of their body are thin..and those are all natural!

  18. Men generally are attracted to NNTTL because it resembles the “butt”. Why butt? It’s from evolution times, when we were still roaming the earth on all fours. Males generally only SEE the butts for mating purposes. So, with us upright now, you see the boobs instead of the butt lor.

  19. For those who likes to wear WonderBra, becareful….cos if u take it off, WONDER where the NNTTL had gone to…

  20. Men generally are attracted to NNTTL because it resembles the “butt”. Why butt? It’s from evolution times, when we were still roaming the earth on all fours. Males generally only SEE the butts for mating purposes. So, with us upright now, you see the boobs instead of the butt lor.

    Are you serious???

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