Don’t break telur, current telur to check on bloggers

Don’t break the law, bloggers warned

PUTRAJAYA: Blog by all means but do not break the law.

Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik issued this warning yesterday to bloggers who tend to post seditious, malicious and defamatory articles on the Internet.

He said current laws were enough to check on bloggers.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and Mimos Bhd were also monitoring them, he told reporters after witnessing the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Malaysia Energy Centre and MHES Asia Sdn Bhd.

Dr Lim refuted suggestions that his ministry was preparing a Cabinet paper to block Internet bloggers.

He, however, warned bloggers not to break the law.

“Be careful, you can be traced. You are subject to the laws of the country,” he said.

There were bills of guarantee given when the Multimedia Super Corridor was built, one of which was not to have censorship of the Internet, he said.

“And bloggers come under the Internet,” he added. (source)

Dear Mister Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik,

I am but a housewife and of course, a blogger too. So, your very big statements confuse me. One minute you said we are under the law. Next minute you said we bloggers are under the internet which have bills of gurantee….. not to have censorship. So, apamaciam? I can still say your nose is too big, your spectacles is too lauyah and still not get into trouble or not? How?

Photo from Spykids, taken from IMDB

But hor, don’t get angry lah, when you said, telur telur, I can see an image of Judge Dredd when he quoted : I am the law! Put down your weapons and prepare to be judged. I see see Sylvester Rambo Judge Dredd Stallone photo and I think you got the charisma and mirip-mirip sikit lah. Got the same nose but hor, the eyes a bit different.

Anyway, Dr. Lim, don’t scare-scare us ikan bilis bloggers lah. We only play-play.


Happy housewife blogger

(Telur= the law, dis wan I learn from sifu wan)

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23 thoughts on “Don’t break telur, current telur to check on bloggers

  1. I very the boh eng, must pick kids from school, go makan good lunch, come back pick kid to camp, come back, pick kids to park etc etc. So, you all don’t simply tembak, later I kena hor? Beware of the telur hor? Moderate yr own comments, ok?

  2. Dear Dr Lim,
    Not only ur nose big & ur spectacles lauyah, my 86y.o grandfather oso can tok better than u…and psst, when are u giving way to Dr Koh?

    oops, did i just break telur? sori hor, i oso just play play only!

    Happy housewife blogitor

  3. Wah!! Banyak susah oh! Speak our mind also cannot, but telur quite confusing lah..

    Maybe YB can drown all of us with his speech, cos everytime he speaks, we need to use umbrella cos his saliva all flying around like a St. Bernard 😛

  4. btw ahpek, u better be sked lor coz i tink u’ll kena from telur…for running a pseudo-porn website, LOL!

  5. “Ayam Telur! Ayam the judge, jury and executioner!!!”

    – judge dredd.

    or something like that. i only remember the ayam telur part.

  6. so we want a guarantee of censorship to allow seditious, malicious and defamatory articles to pervade the interweb?

    I’m confused about the article as well although if he’s saying the guarantee of censorship is not going to protect us if we post S, M and D articles then I’m cool with that. The last thing I want to read is an article full of persuasive words defaming someone without facts.

  7. Telur… ada manyak telur… ada telur ayam, telur itik, telur masin, telur puyuh, telur angsa, telur busuk… itu telur mana categoli mia?

  8. FYI, my blogspot ID is ikanbilis!! very lauyah la all these politicians!! saja wan kacau us bloggers happily in the virtual world. maybe they should start blogging like Lim Kit Siang, Teresa Kok and Anwar Ibrahim! then only he will know the ke-shiok-kan to blog!

  9. he cannot diffrentiate between a forum and a blog …

    what can u expect from a old men who used to deal with agriculture matters la … needs to take pointers frommLim Kit Sian maybe …

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