If you are looking for College General Penang, the official website is over here.

I dropped my eldest son here today. Well, not really. This stubborn kid of mine actually rode his motorbike there while I drove and brought his barang-barang. He is going to be here for the next two days. His cathecism teachers have asked us parents to tell our children not to bring their handphones as the phone calls and sms-es will interrupt their concentration. Well, I did. But whether he listen or not, I can’t do much, eh? Not that I can smack his hand, grab the phone and take it away like a three year old kid playing with a box of matches.

Parenting teens like that needs lots of patience, self control and lots of cincai-ness. The other day, when I attended the parents-meet-teachers session, I kena grilled ‘cos my son missed more than 80% of his cathecism class. Not one teacher but kena from two. Waduh…malu nyerrrrr…..

But what to do, he insisted to attend some scout camps etc. But he told his cathecism teachers, “My parents took me to KL”. Ish, we only took him to KL like one or two days only out of a whole year. So, what can I do but grinned foolishly and nodded like a doll and kena bambu.

The place in the photo is the College General. I have never been to this place until today. I know it is a place where Catholics study to be a priest. I was expecting some old, spooky, haunted, cold, granite building but instead, was greeted by this huge estate by the hills. Wahlaueh, it is like a resort on the hill with three to four blocks of apartments, huge halls, chapel, library and other facilities. Pssst…now only I know our Catholic churches very kaya one. If only more youths chosed their vocation to be priests and fill up the places.

Anyway, my eldest is going to be there for some serious, motivation course, drilled by Martin Jalleh. Martin has asked us parents to write a secret letter to our children, which will be passed to them after their massive, brainwashing, life changing session. Whoa….it was one tough assignment to do and I only got it done late yesterday. We have to ask for forgiveness from our children, express how much we love them and also to forgive them for all their wrong-doings these years.   I wrote to my son and said something like this:

I only write this letter because your cathecism teachers said so. If I don’t write, I sure kena grill again. I have nothing to write because there is nothing that you have done wrong. We always stood by you, no matter what you did. yadda yadda yadda. I also told him to see how much we adore our little 3 years old and that is how much we love him (eldest). With that letter, I told him that it will be his step towards adulthood and from here on, we can only stand by him but he has to be responsible for his own behaviours. Any good or bad outcome, it is all his own responsibilities.  Then, I also praised him for his big brother care towards his younger brothers three years ago when Vincent was in the hospital.

Wah…it was one hell of a tough assignment and I am glad that the teachers hehehehe forced me into doing it because I never realised how much I have not said these years.  The letter was two pages long, in big fonts.

Ish, it is hard to be mom to teenagers, you know?  So, you all kiddoes better appreciate your parents more.  And you parents better learn to connect with your kids ‘cos it is very easy to take each other for granted.  Give your children a religious foundation and they will not wander far from God.
May the good Lord showers His blessings on this group of sixteen years old who are journeying towards their Sacrement of Confirmation.  May He call them to be His disciples and show them the Light, the Truth and the Life.    Amen!