I farking hate people with Witheld numbers

  • If you are so scared of people knowing your mobile number, don’t call me.

Correct or not, you say?

The bugger who wants to sell some stupid holiday programme used it;

The ass who wants to ask me to upgrade my Maxis post paid package used it;

The cilaka lang who wants to push some other MLM stuffs used it;

How da fark then I know which call to answer and which to drop?  So, 90% of the time I never answer Witheld numbers unless my toddler had taken the liberty to unlock and receive the call before I can forbid him.

80% of the time, I ended up wasting 10 sen in SMS, “Eh, you phone me ah” only to be told, Nope.

So, who use Witheld numbers?  *wielding rotan*

28 thoughts on “I farking hate people with Witheld numbers

  1. Some companies practise the “number withheld” policy. So if your fren is working in such company, not their fault if their number doesn’t appear. For some, I guess privacy is what they want, hence the private number kua 🙂

  2. wingz – LOL, I haven’t finish posting, I terpublish only. You already sakit pungkok hor?

    Oli – But hor, this wan from private phone wan. But yalah, those number witheld memang sial.

  3. some people carry a few handphones mia. so proly one of the phone is actually used to call out only & not to receive any calls. that’s why they witheld the nombor.
    anyway, i use only 1 phone & the number is for all to see.

  4. Bryan – Yalor, each time I got these Witheld calls, I sure waste SMS money, Oi, cipet, you phone me ah?

    nyonyapenang – I dunno lah, I simply hate getting these calls, kwei annoying ‘cos some are spams.

    wingz – Tokeh, you big taugeh, you got reason lah, sked your creditors/Ah Longs (or is it debtors?) chasing your hor? But all these cipet spam calls, very naik api.

  5. Finally someone sound! Thought I was the only one irritated with WITHELD calls. Use to waste SMS $$$ to check if the person with witheld no called me. Now, don’t bother oredi! If soooooo important, call me back lor since the person choose to WITHELD their no. Times are bad… 10cents got better ways to spend 😉

  6. I don’t bother to call back ppl who have witheld numbers. If it’s important, they will call back.

    More irritating is, I’ve had blardy customers call me at close to midnight (i’m not on call 24hrs) to ask me a about PC problem. I tell them to call in the morning and they say just a little question. Barger i repeat myself (louder) then i hang up.

  7. Well some people/compaines use VOIP to call to mobile number so the number will either appear as Withheld or Unknown. So cannot blame people la…save cost what.

  8. Yeah agree with You and Nigel. If its important they’ll leave sms also. I hate it when fitness centres call to give free entires, holiday kampanis this and that. So irritating!

  9. 99% i wont answer unless i have fooking mood that day that i wanna fook someone.
    some fooker even begin with ” are you xxx?”
    nyameh ! fook you la, you don’t show me your number and you don’t tell me who you are and ask who i am ?? fook you la, witheld numbers ! fook you, fook your manager, fook your company and fook the person who gave you my number.
    soli la ah lian, when the witheld number appear i am in fooking mood. soli soli

  10. “Witheld numbers” or “private numbers” or “call” tat is displayed on ur phone normally comes from companies tat subscribe to “discounted calls” services. This type of companies usually makes lots of outbound calls to h/p & they wan cheap call cost. So these discounted calls companies will tell them, “U need to only pay RM0.10 for 1min for calling h/p if you use our service”. And usually they won’t be able to display a number on the receiver’s h/p coz company ABC will need to dial into their gateway & then the cost of calling will be lower. It’s the gateway number tat will be shown on your h/p if they allow the number to be shown on the h/p. So tat’s y ur phone will show “private number”. If u attempt to call back the number shown on ur h/p u get ringing till line drops or no tone. Hope this clears a lot of confusion. Just my 2cents. 😛

  11. Aiyoh, sorry ar. My mobile supplementary line which I use for work have CLIR but my main line shows the number. No choice, if I let ppl i work with know my number, they will call me in the middle of the night if they are met with a road accident, break in or fire and ask for advice.

    So without my mobile number appearing, they can only call me during office hours. So, basically that line is for calling out only when I am on site. It doesn’t ring at all.

    Err….. I didn’t call you also. :p

  12. aiya… whenever i get this type of calls, or missed calls from ppl i dunno, i dont bother. if u really looking for me then call back la…. not that i got big business opportunity waiting for me… call me kiam siap or what i don care..

  13. i dont answer witheld numbers to be honest. i js press cancel if i came across one. i dun give a damn where those numbers came from even though if they were my friend’s or family’s. call me snobbish or stuck-up. js dun give a fak.

  14. I ignore those calls and press cancel on my mobile. I ignore calls from numbers unknown to me also. If they’re friends, they can call my home number if they like.

  15. Used to have those private number thinggy, but then realised that I myself dnt like to pick up the phone when I see number witheld on my phone, so decided not to use it…

    well, it depends on the office, type of work (debt collectors? hehehe) and some people’s desire for privacy, but if its a private phone line? using the hie number feature is as same as trying to stalk on someone..no?? hehehehe

  16. My SBB Credit Card now very smart. Call me using regular caller id enabled instead of withheld. They know I don’t answer withheld numbers. So I answer anyway. HAHAHA

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