Why Tsunami happened?

In a galaxy far away……a blogger wrote the above.  “Why Tsunami happened?”

She has a very good explanation from her point of views as a Christian.  God bless her for the wisdom.
And in a moronic galaxy  far away, someone thinks it is smart to quip,

” Why Tsunami,earthquakes etc happen in Indonesia?
I like to believe that it’s ‘retribution’ for all that bombings in Bali, the churches etc.

So, today, I open my blog as a boxing ring.  Please help me to tell whoever said, “It’s a retribution” that he is  ______________________.  (fill in the blanks yourself)

Because it is sickening that there are many people who still think  that tragedies happened to innocent people because somewhere out there, some mighty being took the high handed task of punishing poor little kids and poor weak women because  other people had done something wrong.  Grow up, dude.  Leave the word ‘churches’ out of your stupid reasonings.  You can call it a joke or whatever lame excuses you want.  I see this sort of comments on the world wide web as an irresponsible, juvenile way of stirring up bad feelings amongst the different religious faiths.

Peeps, feel free with your punches.  But remember that I don’t subscribe to this idea of God punishing people.  Our God is a forgiving and loving God.

21 thoughts on “Why Tsunami happened?

  1. Well, I agree with her statement there. My girlfriend from Indonesia, she told me how bad is it in Ache. Well, after the Tsunami as well. Hopefully they really learn it… My biggest question to Indonesia is… Why racism?

  2. wong – I dun get what you mean. Did you read correctly? Which statement are you referring to? That those people who died deserve it? That quote is from a man, not a ‘she’. It is poverty, hardship, sufferings that usually drove people to turn against each other. Usually these are due to lousy people who govern the country plus harsh living conditions and not God’s punishment. Let’s take the matter into smaller pieces. If you or your family died in an accident, do you think it is right if people said, “sure it is due to something bad you/your family have done”. Do you think this is acceptable?

  3. whoever said, “It’s a retribution” is one who probably has it a wee too good in his life. someday when a terrible tragedy befalls on him, it’s probably a ‘retribution’ on him because a few fellow countrymen had bombed a place 1000 miles away from where he lives.

    wong, hopefully they (the suffering victims??) “learn” what??? learn how to stop the tectonic plates from moving so that the ocean water doesn’t get displaced and become gigantic tidal waves???

  4. I don’t get it. Disaster is a form of retribution? Sorry if I think it’s kind of silly, but how can God be fair in that way again? By punishing innocent people for the bad deeds caused by the bad people?

    I’m just confused, really.

  5. God does punish. Just like parents punish children. It happens lots of times.

    Look at the Jews for example. They made so many mistakes and were punished many times in the Bible. Moses is a prime example. He never stepped into the promised land because he struck the rock rather than speak to it. Only God’s grace gave the Jews water that day. But his punishment forbid Moses to enter after all of that time wandering in the wilderness.

    Another example is the Jews rejected Jesus as the Messiah. So God destroyed the nation of Israel and scattered the survivors. He loves the Jews, but he would not allow them to destroy the early church. Now ironically, it is the church’s responsibility to protect the Jews even though most Jews reject the gospel.

  6. God is love! God is forgiving! Tsunami also struck Penang, so Penang people all very sinful lah? How do these people know God’s intention??? God told them? Or they think they are God??…..Nobody knows what God wills unto us! Be thankful for God’s blessings, accept whatever is bad in our lives as penance for our sins, pray for God’s mercy and compassion…and the faith and strength to live our lives in His grace!!!

  7. That guy is a retribution unto himself— he must be a real jackA$$ thats why his brain got taken away.
    AS for the other poor people suffering from natural disasters, its not God’s punishment and we should feel sympathy towards them judge them

  8. ah pek – Yes, moron is the word.

    romantic – 🙂

    STP – You are now beginning to write like QV. Praise the Lord?

    SA – I am sure the terrorists then are doing something good? If they have the same reasonings, that they take it upon themselves to punish on God’s behalf? So, Kartina is a retribution from God’s for the sins of the people? Is that what you are implying? Read my post, apply your comments to just that, not drag in a bigger pic.

    Fird – Yeah, I am as confused as you. Again, read my post. I rebutted the chap who said so. Get it? Shits happen and that’s that. But this guy and many others seem to think that it is fine to publicly make their ‘wise’ comments about retributions and stuffs like they are in the know.

    Sooi2 – You are right, people can talk with no capital. But I do get annoyned when ‘churches’ got drawn into the case because what will others think of then?

  9. iyah! here i come punching.,..but eh? where’s the bag??

    well, im not religious but what i can say behind every eventful happenings in this world, be i t good or bad, there’s a hidden message behind it. whether is retribution or not, we just don’t know. maybe it is just god’s reminder to mankind that they have already deviated from their actual teachings & all those catastrophies are probably a reminder that mankind need to repent their sins ASAP & remember HIM in the way that he always wanted to be remember.

    Tsunami is just one of the large scale tragedy that happens once in the blue moon. Lest we forget, there were many tragedies happening in the world everyday. Look at those daily car bombing in Iraq & Afghanistan, suicide bombing in Israel, the killing of the innocent in Palestine & Lebanon, look at Darfur Sudan, Rwanda & Somalia. There were people dying every damn day. So it is unfair to say retribution is only to Indonesia just because of their tsunami, 911 & Katrina for the Americans, Madrid train bombing for Spain, 77 for London etc?

    If viewers would like to put (retribution) in that context, I would say retribution is an everyday thing then because what goes around comes around.

    I would say, it is God’s reminder to mankind that the end is near. Repent while you can or else face the consequences.

    Oh damn, i sound like a pastor on a Sunday sermon!

  10. i agree with astrosurge. people don’t wuite bother about something that is on present. keep exaggerating on those that already passed and not really quite focusing on current issue. forgive me for saying this but i can just blame Bush and his administration.

  11. Sorry I’m late. **whispering** there is also people from my church who said we should pray for X, Y & Z like this and that. If we don’t, that is why X, Y & Z don’t get healed.

    WTF?????? Seriously, would the Lord punish X, Y and Z just becos I screwed up my prayers?? Huh? Those who insist only to pray in tongues are WORST!!!!!

  12. I did not say any of that. I am not privy to who God punishes now or will punish in the future. I just showed that God has punished in the past and that it is documented in the Bible.

    And he has used evil in the past to punish, as the Romans that scattered the Jews were an evil foe at that time.

    And it would not surprise me that American is being punished. When you look at all of the evil in the American government it would not surprise me a bit. The secularists push God out of America’s everyday life and God will not be forgotten lightly.

  13. ok ok lets pray..

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    (remember MC Hammer song Pray?)

  14. I pray for the unfortunate. I ask for forgiveness for my own sins. I physically contribute what I can $ or energy and keep my trap shut.

  15. simple american: come one, don’t tell me u think 911 is God’s punishment for the WTC’s workers for the evil in ur government?? if dats the case then it’s logical to reason osama is a God’s prophet who execute His will.

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