Take two aspirin and see you in the morning

Hhhhhhave yyyyyyou ggggggot ccccccchillls ttttttthat mmmmmakes yyyyyou, ggggrrrrrrrrr? I do. So, I shall take two panadols and see you all in the morning.

But you know what? I got the chills since last night and two panadols usually drove the fever away and I am good again. So, I took two panadols around 6.30pm and expect the fever to go off around 7.00+pm. It didn’t. I have a committee meeting at 8.00 pm and was thinking of MIA and about to SMS the members. Joint pains, coughs and stuffs.

However, just before I could do it, IBS #1 and #4 ‘ding dong’. Fuyoh, quickly jumped out of bed, took a hot bath, changed and cabut to church. Sayonara IBS-es. Goodbye, goodnight and hope I don’t see you all so soon. *cabut fast-fast*

By the time I got to meeting, big sweats came and no more fever adi. Nothing like a couple of IBS to drive away any sickness.

Arrggh…I found this old pic in my Flickr site. I wanna eat jelly NOW!

OK lah, once I start, hard to stop. So, while I was wearing my shoes to go out, my next door neighbour’s every evening drama was played out in front of my eyes. This little boy age 3 yrs refused to go home with the mom every day. Almost every single day, we will hear the din of kid screaming, babysitter consoling and that sampat mother shouting and cursing.

Since I was outside my unit, I saw with my own eyes. The boy clung to the babysitter who was carrying another smaller (someone else) baby under her charge, the mom screaming and smacking him. Duh. The father plak, already walked home buat dunno. They stay on the same unit, just a few more units away.

I don’t know lah. I simply hate parents being so abusive with their words and hands. The mom sometimes will scold the boy and threaten to leave him, not taking him home etc. Sometimes, she will asked the three year old kid if he has finished his homework. WTF? Siao ah?

In the end, the babysitter carried the baby, hold the boy’s hand and took him home with the mom still grumbling abusive words in Mandarin. Damn, something is seriously wrong with the woman. She probably suffers from PMS or some work pressure or marital pressure or whatever. It is just so wrong for her to be so harsh on a small kid while her other daughter, age about 5 years old looks on and right in front of nosy neighbours like me šŸ˜› and the other small baby. Her daughter goes to another babysitter.

Of course, these are non of my business but it does grate on my mother’s instinct because of the shrill cries and ferocious mom. Even my poor 3 years old will look sort of look dreamy and said, “Neighbour boy so poor hor, why his mummy scold him hor?” whenever he hears the cries.

Remember hor, Uncles and Aunties, don’t beat little kids. Pain-pain on the bum and heart wan orh.

Anyway, it is wrong for parents to dish out physical pain as a form of discipline to small children. Kids when brought up properly naturally knows their limits and my 3 years old will start pouring his tears even before I really scold him when he did something he knew he shouldn’t. Kids can sense our feelings. That’s why the boy refused to go home with his mom. There is more love and devotion at the babysitter’s place.

Oooookkkkk…..Iiiii prrrrromise nnnnnot ttttto tttell ooon mmmy nnnneighbours aaaanymore. Take this as a reminder and an eye opening situation.

18 thoughts on “Take two aspirin and see you in the morning

  1. ehehe, interesting ad leh….free hanging death penalty video…dats a new one!

    eh, ur neighbour got read ur blog wan ornot?? afterwards tomoro she come shouting and screaming on ur door, LOL… get well soon!

  2. Tak reti nak jaga anak, tok sah buat anak la, kan? Mentally challenged la those people. Ooo… I love jellies! Going to get some for buka puasa today.

  3. Poor Kid, well, I guess there’s some issues in that family you mentioned above, now, should we be bz bodies and talk about it or let it be šŸ˜› hjehehehehe

    Anyway, hope you’re feeling better

  4. A lot of people under the weather! I’m struggling to keep away a flu…and after eating the belitungs my wife bought from the Ramadan stalls, I’m down with mild food poisoning! Never mind! Let it run! Can lose a few inches around the waist! Physical and emotional abuse will leave psychological scars in children that will remain a lifetime!!! Over the years, I’ve seen many students like that!! Very sad!

  5. Sorry ah, i very jakun. What is IBS? I am also just recovering fr fever and chills….grrrrrrr…

    Haiya..some people have kids because everyone else has them, but does not enjoy the responsibility of caring & nurturing them. How can u blame the kid for not wanting to follow the mom home if he is physically & verbally abused every evening..so kesian.

    i agree with you, kids can sense our feeling. Even my 11 mth old baby can sense it when i am angry with him.

  6. IBS =sisters-in-laws!LOL who said her son is working as a dishwasher in UK, earning 800 pounds per week! Really or not ha? Can get five figure salary in a month just washing dishes.

  7. HAHAHAHA now we know what the IBS Stands for, errr. 800 pounds per week? Wash Dishes till closing time and Rent boy after that? Maybe can lah šŸ˜›

  8. I don’t see any capital punishment ads? Anyway, luckily the boy has got a good babysitter. Poor little thing. šŸ™ And you, ma’am, get well soon. Sick oso can blog. Lol!

  9. What going on with Penang?

    I actually I Penang staying at Casuarina Hotel on Ferrenghi Beach on 22-24th September on the eve of puasa. The whole lot of us stayend in 5 rooms.

    Returning to KL the whole lot of us have viral cold fever and the works which also aggravated my asthma.

    Ahchoo!!, blaaarp!! (blow my nose)

  10. Wah that radio announcement about a lot of people getting sick this week is true, including my kids! Ayo, 5xMom sick still can go meeting and blog,,powrer! As for that abusive mom…errr..I truly agree with Nyonyapenang, cos I tend to scream and shout like my mom! YIKES! God forgive me…

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