What have you done for your spouse lately?

Last Saturday, my atm grumbled and asked me to blog this. But I didn’t because I can’t find the right way to shadow kick with style. He went to donate blood at Gleneagles Hospital. It is the newest and biggest private hospital right now. He was very mad with the lab attendants because they merely slapped on a piece of masking tape after they finished taking the blood. Masking tape is meant for industrial use. Not to tape on an open wound. Surgical tape is sterile and the right one to use. He asked the attendant why they use masking tape and they told him that’s how things are done there. Before that, the attendants had kept him waiting for a long time and only let him into the blood donation room after he had made a ruckus. They actually overlooked him and kept him sitting there like a dummy.

Heh, don’t mess with my atm. When he is mad, everything also wrong. After the blood donation, they gave him a box of chocolate drink. My atm said he of course did not drink the UHT boxed chocolate drink. Siao meh, can cause lau sai, you know?

He is a regular blood donor at Lam Wah Ee Hospital. Over there, they treat blood donors with VIP treatment, ushering them to the blood donation corner without much red tape except for the necessary checks and give them a hot cup of freshly made Milo and sandwiches after finished taking blood. At Lam Wah Ee Hospital, my atm gets free medical treatment from the Medical Officers because he is a blood donor. So, if you like to donate blood but lazy to get your lazy bum to the Penang GH due to the long queues, you can pop by Lam Wah Ee Hospital. Usually, the hospitals share their stocks so it doesn’t really matter where you give your blood.

So, my dear atm was very pissed and asked me to diss Glenagles Hospital, Penang. He said these sort of apathetic attitude is very unbecoming of a leading private hospital which charges exhorbitant price. So, this is what I am doing now. Follow my atm’s order of ‘Go blog about how bad Gleneagles is.’

Anyway, he was there at Gleneagles because one of his staff had a surgery and they need to replenish the supplies she used. She had just passed away yesterday and may God bless her soul. Funeral is tomorrow from Mount Erskine. Age 52 years old (maybe 49 yrs old because Chinese adds 3 years upon death, dun ask me why).

Since I start harping on my atm, maybe I should also jot down that he bought fifty (50) kilogrammes of dates (buah kurma) and 200 plastic containers and had his staffs packed them for the production workers. He ran around getting those stuffs last night and this morning. Isn’t that the nicest boss, evar? He would give them angpows during Chinese New Year and dates during Raya. Majority of these workers are from the poorer areas in Kedah. ($$ from his own pocket wan)
Last night, he told me one of these days, he is going to my church and wash the toilets! OMG! I know that man is crazy enough to do something like that. He grumbled that the toilets stink whenever he dropped by to pick my kids. He asked me how hard it is to just buy a powerful spray and hire someone to clean the toilets regularly? He said, “Haiyor….your church so rich, so hard to hire one cleaner meh? If no one wants to do it, let me go and wash it for you all lah. So smelly, how to go and pray? Jesus smells also run away.”

Now, let’s go into the moral of the story. I do get some emails/questions from [tag]wives[/tag] with regards to problems with their spouses. I am not referring to anyone in particular but this is just a general musings from me. Sometimes, we women, the wives tend to see the role of our [tag]husbands[/tag] as our sole slaves. For e.g. we get unhappy when the husbands did not come up to our expectation, did not do what we want and we get emotional over trivial matters. Maybe if we see him in a larger picture, playing a bigger role than just being husband, we will have a lot more appreciation for the man? Say, if he had been too busy to spend time with you, is he doing something for the company/community/family/friends? Shouldn’t we be proud of that caring person instead of just whining that he is not operating according to your exact specifications? (of course, if he has been the apong-sin, then there is no excuse, ok?  What is apong-sin?  I will tell you on Monday.)
So, what have you done for your spouse lately? Mine woke up at 5 am previous morning to make me a cup of hot Milo and served me two panadols. And oooohhh….I just made the most sinful thing today!

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Gleneagles Hospital sucks big time! my dad was telling the same story about them giving all these crap. Lah Wah Ee is just nice, and they give one of the best treatment. I know better because one of my close friend, Cat’s dad is a doc there and another friend’s dad works in Island as well but Island cost a hefty bunch. Pantai isn’t that great but anyway, Gleneagles is just plain terrible. btw, atm is so kind hearted, offering to clean toilet?! that takes a real Malaysian to offer and do so for free! whoa…

  2. The hospitals don’t share their blood stocks around. FYI – the private hospitals take the blood FREE from the government hospital but CHARGED the patients for it. So if you donate to GH, then it’s free for all the other hospitals to use… but if you donate to private hospitals… they charged everyone who needs it.. even GH… terrible deal isn’t it. Masking tape? my goodness…

  3. aiyoo..ahpek..2am….she dunno whether to sayang u or slap u la…ish..
    whenever my hubby leave the hse for his call..i used to think..eh , ni betui attend to patients ke..ataupun ada agenda lain?….hmm…but then..have got to trust him oso la…not fair…

  4. Last week my Business Partner and I had to go to a meeting. We took my car. The floor on the passenger side happens to be where I throw my bothersome Toll receipts and whatnot before I clean up once a week (or more…). My partner started nagging (I must remind her I’m not married to her…).

    So multi-tasking; her nagging, reversing out of the parking lot, and, the impatient driver (flashing high beam summore…) wanting to take the lot I vacated; I managed to scrape the driver side front of my car against the concrete column denting the car and pulling off my signal light.

    I went to my reguler bodywork shop for a quote telling AhPek how I managed to dent my car. To which he said “ya lah is pasal pulumpuan ada Chee***, kalau tak dia bukan pulumpuan”. To which his assistant said “ya lah pulumpuan memang ada Chee***”

    How could I not agree? Laki-laki pun ada Lanc**

  5. I went to A&E of a specialist hospital in PJ, the young nurse cucuk my arms for blood test till blue black. I think not just cucuk, more like tikam. For the next 2-3 weeks my arms bruises did not heal well but the bruises spread towards my hands. If not for my fav doctors I would have left.
    My husband was very angry but I acted as if it is not too painful (which were VERY painful tikams).
    These specialists hospitals takes inexperienced nurses without considering which department to serve. Heartless and low IQ management.

  6. wuiyoh ahpek, isn’t ur lou-por the luckiest wife ever!!

    if i see my lou-kong as my sole slave then he must be the luckiest slave on earth lorr…everyday prepare his breakfast prepare his lunch prepare his dinner prepare his supper then summore prepare to “service” him after dat (ok la, not everyday la, hahahaha)

    apong sin?? lucky i dun have a blog. otherwise i wud bore with my readers with long long bitchings abt apong sins everyday!

  7. what hv i done to my spouse lately … oooo banyak … kejut sahur ! attend to the kids when he chose to spend most of the nights at the Masjid during these ramadhan , ye lah at least i know he’s at the Masjid kan ! banyak lah juga Mama Lil. lucky he never ask me to blog on his frustation yet ! may be one day

  8. also, when i kena denggi fever last year, i was admitted in pantai mutiara and was treated by dr awangku, my close friends dad – that doesn’t change the private hospital policy on keeping the patient as long as possible. i was so sick and all the food were sucky. being skinny means my vein are just so visible but when i was sick that time, the nurses had terrible time trying to suck up my blood because they went missing! lol. and they happily sucked 4 small bottles of blood from me, and i still don’t know what is my blood type. haha!

  9. Why chinese when they die, 3 years are added to their original age? Ok….. the answer is like Lilian hubby friend is 49 – so, heaven add 1 year, ground add 1 year and personally add lagi 1. Total is 3 years. When u add it to 49 is 52 lor……..

  10. vss3t – Hehehe, no wor, he really looks angelic too. 😛

    Erina – Tks for that explanation. Now I know. But I think I will remain the same age, dun wan to get three years older, old enough already. Hehehe.

    azhan – Wah. That doc very handsome lah. I have seen him around Pantai a few time. Tall, bearded, gray hairs, right?

    ninuk – Mine never read the blog tapi kadang-kadang suruh blog pasal politikus. Hahaha.

    nyonyapenang – Hahaha, some forget everything once kena the syndrome.

    sooi2 – Ahpek made me blushed! Haiyor, that man.

    Agnes – Sometimes, we kena depend on luck cos nowadays not many people want to be nurses. In the end, we suffer lah.

    fire80 – Pok-pek partner until kena accident. Kesiannnn

    wuching – Go tell Terese yourself lah.

    alex – Explained. 🙂

  11. doc – In that case, does it means masking tape is good for humans? ‘Cos your heli so expensive mah.

    eve – Yahor, I also wonder.

    Ahpek – Choy…next time don’t tell everything lah. Pai seh lah.

    MeiShi – I told my hubby and he go…wah…really? They sell my blood? But ok lah ‘cos he only started donating blood after he had to give to Vincent a few times. So, it is sort of his payback to Lam Wah Ee for their care during Vincent’s stays.

    azhan – Yeah, Lam Wah Ee and Adventist are still the cheapest with the most dedicated staffs. Of course, not that luxurious lah.

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