Releks, Menj, there is no Deeparaya this year

I joked with Menj the other day that I am going to snap a photo of Deeparaya banner for him when he went ballistic over the issue. Last year, I went to Little India and Deeparaya banners were everywhere. Apparently, Muslims aren’t too pleased having their holy month of Syawal linked to Hinduism which is what Deepavali is based on. I do understand why because one can’t have Christraya or RayaMast, can we? During Chinese New Year, we did have KongsiRaya but then, Kongsi means sharing a celebration. Chinese New Year has nothing to do with religion and it wasn’t so touchy, maybe? Anyway, it is going to be decades before that comes again.

So, here, Menj is how Little India put their banners this year. Happy Deepavali/ Selamat Hari Raya Aidlfitri. Since you are from Penang, you should know how these little enclave of Indians live. They live in a community, side by side, in a big, happy Kampung India and they don’t have problems whether they are Indian Muslims or Indian Hindus or Indian Christians or Indian Buddhists or Indian Sai Babas followers or Sikhs or ……..

Asalkan bisnes ada, duit masuk poket, jadilah. Do go to Little India and get a feel of the adrenalin charged atmosphere there. Pasar Ramadhan at one corner, murukku and Indian sweets at another and Bollywood music everywhere. It is indeed a sight to behold.

– Hello…I am promoting a nice tourist spot in Penang lah.  I am not interested to know the real issue. So, I have disabled the comments ‘cos I don’t know what you all pok-pek about.  –

One thought on “Releks, Menj, there is no Deeparaya this year

  1. I fail to see why peace-loving people must always pander to terrorists whenever the latter\’s C4 filled festivity coincides with the former\’s. KongsiRaya? DeepaRaya? What a joke. Hey, people, if they think they are too good for the rest of us, so be it. MENJ is quite right. There is no need for a joint celebration, much less to aknowledge such ocassions.

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