This comment is for STUPID FAT4 for questioning churches and mosques

I am high on antibiotic and so happens Fat4 came along with this:

How much money is needed to build a church or mosque? millions? where did the money come from?

Occasionally i wonder when i see the magnificent mosques and churches being built with money from worshipper.

However, has anyone stop and wonder, what if this money is being used for a better cause? like orphanage or old folks homes. There is a growing problem with the senior citizens of singapore in that they are being abandon by their younger children. shouldn’t these money be channelled more usefully to these cause? wouldn’t god give them more credit points rather than building a brand new spanking building which serves no purpose other than the egos of a few.

(if you wish to read more about his stupidity, click here but don’t bother, you can whack him here)

I commented :

Fat4 – You know…I find this post very offensive because I expect you to be matured enough to respect the Muslims and Christians. Your title alone is already very offensive. Did we, the faithfuls actually robbed any of your money to justify you to question us? When I say ‘us’, I mean people who believe in God, from whom our blessings come from.

“However, has anyone stop and wonder, what if this money is being used for a better cause? like orphanage or old folks homes”

Grow up, look around. Who are the people who runs all the orphanages, old folks home, Salvation Army, Yayasan Anak Yatim? Arent these people the faithfuls, those who worship God and it is from God we get our blessings/rezeki to find the money to run these charitable homes. It is also from God that we have these compassions in our hearts to go out and do something for the needy.

Do you want to be pulled into ISA by questioning where the money to build mosques come from? Huh? As for churches, many of these are monies we collected from our own efforts. As it is, my church is raising a few millions ringgit to build a community hall and also a chapel. So, for fark’s sake, grow up.

And don’t bother to cover your sorry ass by excusing yourself that this post is limited to that harvest church in Singapore. If you bring anything up about churches or mosques, you are insulting my religion and my God. And therefore, I can diss you as the most stupid blogger with the most pathetic attempt in getting attention.

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  1. Wow Lilian. I didn’t know you are that defensive. Anyway, I am not so sure if Fat4’s title is offensive. S/he/it is just posting a rather valid question, no?
    “…wouldn’t god give them more credit points rather than building a brand new spanking building ..” I AGREED. I think God/Allah would rather see that.

    “…which serves no purpose other than the egos of a few…” I DON’T AGREE. Because I think it serve it’s purspose as a place for worshipping, etc for those who believe in their faith.

    I grew up in a Salvation Army home, and yes, I would say, 95% of what SA does is good. And I went back to donate and help out when I can. So I agree with you a lot of the religious group help their communities. That I applaud.

    Now, don’t shoot me, just my opinion. ISA, I don’t give a rat’s ass about ISA.

  2. kc – So what I want to call Fat4 stupid? I just feel like doing it. I am not defensive but give it to him right in his face, that’s my style. Now look at it this way, if there are no religious places, there will be no worshippers, if there is no worshippers, there won’t be that much ‘feel good’ feelings to spread around. So, like I say, if one wants to question one church, don’t pull the whole Christians and Muslims faith into the title. I have a few comments which won’t get to see the daylight here (I have file it to Askimet Spam) because they   agree that to stupid Fat4’s post (those people who find magnificent buildings a glory to God). Get real KC, you read my blog long enough to know that I dissed anything and anyone, so what exactly is your point here? I have said many times , Either agree with me, or shut up. I am not asking for anyone’s opinion, ok?

    Jamie – I don’t know much about other denominations. I am Catholic.

    To the rest of the commentors – Go play far-far, I am not interested to know more than what I had said here.

  3. you’re right lilian:
    >>>>’if there are no religious places, there will be no worshippers”

  4. you’re right lilian:
    >>>>’if there are no religious places, there will be no worshippers”

    and that, the bigger a church is, the bigger congregation it has, thus the more money it can raise thru montly tithings/weekly contributions/many other fund raising activities for charities and donations. it’s simple fact really but ppl tend to overlook that.

  5. sooi2 – Yalor, Chinese temples also like that mah. If the temple big-big, grand-grand, then people will flock to it because it works! Same with churches. If we have more money, we can build bigger halls, bigger churches, bigger schools and kindies and these facilities all fall back to the people. These people talk only, no use brain wan, think everyone will go buta-buta donate money to charities so easily meh? Unless we are moved by God to do so, who will so free go jaga charitable places? These morons never really go and see for themselves the kind of selfless acts put in by all the kind souls who worked in charitable homes. They gather their strength from their worshipping of God. And then hor, I already told that Fat4, don’t try to cover his sorry ass by referring back to that one single church. And he did just that. Just yesterday evening, the Drama Society of Penang Free School came to our church to wash cars in return for donations to be given to The Little Sisters of the Poor. If we have a broken, buruk church, who dare to trust a religion like that, correct or not?

    zyrin – Kehkehkeh, sometimes, kena ajar dia orang sikit ‘cos if not melampau-lampau.

    ahpek – Come back, I give you sweets.

  6. Agree too…”if there are no religious places, there will be no worshippers”.

    I have a few staunch buddhist friends who believe that it is good karma to help raise funds to build temples, print prayer books, etc. Why? Because it helps more people to get to know and embrace the religion and hopefully be a better person who do good onto others.

  7. Hooray! Lilian for giving this senseless brain left and right !!! I also fire up reading his comment… Without God there is no life on this earth..Stupid!!

  8. On City Harvest, perhaps Fat4 was right on them being better off using the money to build more orphanages and old folks home. Why? They built the church in Jurong West, but now most of their services are on the opposite side of the island, at Expo. A bit wasteful, no?

  9. Rajan – Who cares about the Singapore church. LOL. I just enjoy a bit of pulling his legs over his dramatic title. Since you no longer around to do it with Menj, the blogsphere got sort of boring. LOL.

  10. wong – this is yr second post that makes me thoroughly confused. The other day, it was the tsunami. Do read properly what I said first before you comment.

  11. Obviously it is very easy for fat4 to find fault with the building of churches and mosques in the grandiose scale but on his second attack of should it not be put to better use of building orphanages or welfare aid, I would gather that he failed to see the picture as a whole, that for as many grandiose churches of mosques, millions are being spent to elevate the plight of the misery and the poor and downtrodden, I do not say that I know what the other Christian denomination has in terms on charitable organisatinon but in the Catholic Church, we have communites such as Caritas Internationalis which a confederation of 162 Catholic relief associations throughout the whole world, then there is the Community of Sant’Egidio, a movement of lay people and has more than 50,000 members, dedicated to evangelisation and charity, in more than 70 countries throughout the world. and how can we forget the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and Malta, better known as the Sovereign Order of Malta, (for those Da Vinci Code fans, this is not the Knights Templar, but was created at the same time and they are called the Knights Hospitaller, dedicated to the service of the poor and the infirm. works in the field of medical and social care and humanitarian aid, in over 120 countries, supported by the diplomatic relations it currently has with 94 nations. The Order also runs hospitals, medical centres, day hospitals, nursing homes for the elderly and the disabled, and special centres for the terminally ill . In many countries the Order’s volunteer corps provide first aid, social services, emergency and humanitarian interventions. Malteser International, the Order’s worldwide relief service, works in the front line in natural disasters and armed conflicts. For over 40 years, the Order has been dealing extensively with the treatment of leprosy – a disease that unfortunately still plagues various areas of the world – through its CIOMAL foundation (Comite International de l’Ordre de Malte). CIOMAL is also involved in the fight against disease or handicaps and has launched programmes to assist mothers and children in the third world who suffer from AIDS.

    So, with this just 3 rather small example, not counting the millions others, on levels of Diocese, Parishes or even family bloc rosary groups, charity is prevalent and this grandiose project of building churches does not detract us from providing help and funds to the poor and needy. The building of this grandiose churches is a further testament of our Love for God and for his Glorification and that is why we willingly donate funds for the building of Churches. I can go on and on on this matter, but I find that Fat4 has a rather deluded sense on his concern for the poor and downtrodden, perhaps, if he is indeed so concerned over it, maybe he might considering to stop blogging, renounce the world and go off and help the poor by himself and make an impact rather than posting insensitve titles such as this which can create controversy and fault finding in others and which results in his total ignorance of what he or she is talking about.

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