Cheery post for a cheery week ahead! It’s the Ribena berry and Winnie the Pooh

This is Ribena Berry, mascot for Ribena drink. We know this little, round, purple, cheerful looking berry is a boy because he looks like a boy! He even has a little fig leave to cover the little kkc.

But, what about [tag]Winnie The Pooh[/tag]? You know….the yellow bear?

Who doesn’t know Winnie The Pooh, right? It is that annoying, turkey voice, speaking perfect English accent bear who is honey sweet but with very little brain. Once, I was in EuroDisney in France and watched the agonising stage show and parade in French. I think we paid an equivalent of RM700 to suffer through that bonjoureatyourowntonguefrancoise voice of Winnie the Poop.

So, when I see this little candy, I fast-fast grabbed and bought it for RM1.20. Who wouldn’t want to bite that thing with no kukucheow and no balls? Hey, don’t mistaken. Winnie the Poop is NOT a girl bear, ok? It is a boy bear, no? No? Then, it must be a hemawhachalit? Sometimes, I do wonder why they make Winnie the Poop so dumb? Probably that’s why they never attach any gender to it because it will be an insult to either one.
Someone please tell me why Winnie The Poop never wear pants? And tell me what gender is Winnie The Pooh?

Have a good week ahead. Drink Ribena and eat Winnie The Pooh candy!

(kiss the ground that none of my kids like him)

21 thoughts on “Cheery post for a cheery week ahead! It’s the Ribena berry and Winnie the Pooh

  1. Winnie’s a girls name. maybe she’s having a sorethroat? Lol. I have to say, while I find the character and voice of winnie extremely irritating, he/she looks really cute.
    Donald Duck doesn’t wear pants either, nor does he talk very nicely.

  2. anastasia – I read that Winnie stands for Winniepeg cos the bear was found in Canada. I read that on Disney official site. So, I am also curious whether it is a girl bear or boy bear.

  3. DD’s a hardcore Winnie the Pooh enthusiast so it’s difficult to avoid seing him even for a day. However, that piece of candy of yours looks nothing like the Pooh I’ve ever seen. Never in my life have I seen Pooh looking extremely ecstatic. Looks like Pooh on crack or something. :lol

  4. Maybe Winnie was Willie…but went for sex change! Needs to take hormone pills to change barritone voice!! Personally I prefer Piglet! Roasted, of course! Ha ha ha!

  5. BTW, Lilian…why can’t comment in your previous post on DeepaRaya? When we had “QongxiRaya”, some quarters were also not very happy…cos the “Fa Cai” (prosperity) part had been removed and when the economy went down, they blamed it all on the “QongxiRaya” thingy!

  6. Hey my son likes Winnie the Pooh. Every morning before we leave the house he will say “bye-bye” to Pooh and when we come home, he will give Pooh a peck on his nose.

    Now that you mention it, I begin to wonder too if Pooh is a boy or a girl bear.

  7. winnie the poop nvever wear pants because when she wants to poo it will be easier.
    winnie is a girl’s name I think. gotta be a girl for i don’t see no nuts.

  8. No NO….Winnie the Pooh, pls la…he’s a cute done no harm sweet lil bear! Don’t mengutuk him la….He’s a BOY bear…don’t ask me why, but I know he’s a boy bear. BTW, I have the Pooh in all sorts of shapes and sizes in terms of toys/soft toys/cutlery/towels/deco item etc etc…FYI, he’s not stupid la..just innocent so that lil kids can understand him ma….

  9. My little ones adores WTP so, day in day out, I c the yellow bear. Now that you mention it, can’t for the life of me figure out if it’s a she bear or he bear…

  10. laundryamah – Donch worry, the post is not about Winne the Pooh. It is about men who got no balls, no kkc, runs around bad mouthing people and claim himself to be holy-holy. Brought up by nuns, love long legs, did not like big breasts…(he said so in my comments)

    Kehkehkehkeh…some old uncle facing andropause, read my blog every day, commented over 20 times and now, call me little fat buffoon in someone’s else blog. Poor Uncle had been holed up with sheeps for too long….Haih…the weird people that comes by.

  11. The sight of that purple berry brought me back to my childhood when mum always bought the drink for younger brother and me to make us finish our meals when we were barely 5 years old. Haha! Practically grew up with the berry~ Hehe~! *wondering why the berry never grow up wan*
    I don’t really like soft toys (even tho i’m a girl) snce young and never give a damn about those cute, adorable (whatever) cartoon all my life.But I’ve wondered why Donald Duck never wear pants. I think same reason as Wnnie the Pooh. They have gender-decision disorder gua, couldn’t decide which gender they belong to and hence the no-pants syndrome. Huahahahahah!!!
    PS: Thanks, Auntie Lilian. I enjoyed your blog a lot! Have been addicted to it since I came across it. =>

  12. Clare – Tks! I think Donald Duck must come from the same person who draws Winnie. Do you know that Christopher Robin is the real son of the cartoonist? I read it on the Disney site.

    Mumof2- It’s a boy, I am sure. Err…then again, I could be wrong.

    wuching – As are so many others…

    ahepk -No wear pants shame-shame wor…

    WMD – Winnie’s voice is a guy wor.

    suituapui – I disabled it cos some people took it as a religious arguments. I am just trying to show Menj that this year, they don’t do Deeparaya banner, unlike last year. I kesian that Eeyore. Such a pain to see it ‘cos in real life got lots of losers like that, don’t need reality cartoon to remind me.

    lmoktar – They crafted it quiet well, with a little heart as the tongue. I only notice it after I download the photo. Nice candy. Burp.

  13. I am reminded of the English/ UKcomic strip of the 70’s called CLIVE. His 7yo sister was pretend-playing Michealangelo (the renaissance artist) sculpting the huge statue of David top to bottom. So when she nearly do the KKC her parents got all frantic giving all sorts of suggestions including for the statue to wear fig leaf or pants… I would rather see David naked… (the statue in Rome of course hehehe)

  14. fire80 – I once stood right in front of David’s balls! But not the original, the one in Florence. David has such huge hands…..LOL

  15. Winnie the Pooh might be a he/she. Who knows. Anyway,today is my PMR exam so please pray for me. Thanks

  16. do u know how siti nur pronounces her favourite soft toy?

    Pooh (Poe – OH!)..nyuk nyuk nyuk… i laffed so hard when she said it over the radio.

  17. mott – Yakah? Siti’s favourite? Wuah..until today people still search for her wedding photos and still comment about it. I already disabled the comment board but somehow, they still pok-pek elsewhere.

    KKJ – Mystery solved. It is a he. Good luck in yr exam. So, don’t worry lah, you will do fine.

  18. kekekeke “that thing with no kukucheow and no balls”.
    My baby has a few Winnie storybooks, and whenever my husband flip through the book with him, my husband will say, “Eh how come bear-bear got no bird-bird one?”
    Looks like he’s not the only one who wondered about that ..LOL

  19. It never occured to me that Winnie’s a she. Have always thought of Winnie as male, for some reason. He’s got just the red t shirt on.

    stp, don’t spoil the charming “bear of very little brain” with your sex change suggestion. Preserve the innocence of little ones….sex change pulak!…bad enough the education ministry is stumbling all over the place with introduction of sex education!

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