The truth has to be told – She is a he

So many of us have met and fall in love with her.  We thought she is a she from her name.  We trust her with our children.  But yikes, she is really a he. Not that it matters, really.  But still let’s get this over and done with..She is a boy!

Screenshot taken from here .  Moms, do bookmark the page.  Your toddlers/young children will like it.

21 thoughts on “The truth has to be told – She is a he

  1. He has always been a “he” la.

    In the movies/cartoons/songs, Pooh has always been referred to as a “he”. 😛

  2. babe – I thot he is a she. LOL. And so did a few other people.

    Mei – The name was misleading.

    Gallivanter – With a name like Winnie, it is confusing, no?

  3. my friend win son called me azzie once, and then i’ve started calling him winnie eversince. *giggles* somehow i never quite fancy winnie the pooh because it seems a little boring to me despite the annoying t.i.double – tigger. and that ribena boy reminds me when some people calling teenagers who act childish like kanak-kanak ribena

  4. Sasha – My son oso wear Winnie the Pooh shirt wan…so cute bear-bear mah hor? But really, all the while I thot it is a she.

    RyeUrn – But the name never makes you ponder meh?

    azzie!!!! – 😛

  5. Winnie was named after Winnipeg (Canada) he hometown of the soldier who owned him. 🙂

  6. I never doubted his sexuality. 😛 lol

    He is the round jovial bear…. Believe me, if he is a ‘she’, she will be more emaciated. (like Barbie..) lol

  7. It’s always a “He” to me too even though the name sounds like a “She” coz he doesn’t wear skirts or ribbon on his head or any girly stuffs. Heheheh…

  8. Wei… Why la you go and senang senang change his sex back and forth? He has always been a he. Laugh also ‘he he’, not ‘she she’.

  9. Lilian, Pooh is not hard to determine whether he is a he or she.. but ELMO is harder. Can you please find out whether its a “he” or “she”?

  10. I think those though he is a she because of the the name “winnie”. And many scripts inside Winnie the pooh pretty close to philosophy of “Zen”.

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