Youtube: – Hossan Leong ‘I live in Singapura’

Make sure you catch every word of the lyrics and turn on your volume.

A friend forwarded me this [tag]video[/tag] on [tag]Youtube[/tag]. It is [tag]mrbrown[/tag] production of IndigNation. This Hossan Leong is one funny chap who tembak almost everything and everyone in [tag]Singapore[/tag] and [tag]Malaysia[/tag]. Very, very [tag]funny[/tag].

14 thoughts on “Youtube: – Hossan Leong ‘I live in Singapura’

  1. He..he.. very entertaining with some history,politics and social affairs thrown in. I like the part he pose like Stamford Raffles….

  2. Always enjoy political satires. Pity he didn’t do one for Msia oso. Probably the one for bolehland will be longer than 5 min 45 sec!! Still, laughter is the best medicine. Kudos 2 him

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