I got love bites all over my body! OMG!

She send me into a large room with smaller rooms inside with an old man.

She said loudly, Ahpek, you go in there, point to one small room.

She pointed to me, “You go in there, take off your blouse and bra. Change into this gown. Then, you wait in the room.

After that, she asked AhPek to take off his shirts. Ahpek, being like all old man, nyanyuk sikit dah. I didn’t see it but I know she was telling him, “Ahpek, Ahpek, take off your shirt will do. Singlet and pants no need.” *sweats*

I was squirming inside my tiny room, half naked.

So, it was Ahpek’s turn on the X-rayted machine.

Once over, she asked AhPek to go out but this old man was dilly-dallying, putting on his shirt. She called me to come out of my small changing room and get on the X-rayted machine pulak. Wuah…cilaka old man, you so old liao, fast-fast go out la. Somemore stood there and eyes big-big for what la. You got cataract liao lah. You cannot see anything kinky la, the hospital gown dark blue and thick-thick materials lah. Tiu!

So, one episode over.


On my next round, I ended up with AhPek again in the ultrasound room. Ish! Lucky this time, got another auntie with me. Phew….I don’t want to lie down behind the curtains with my blouse pulled up and pants pushed down with one AhPek.

Then, after that, I went for ECG. This time, I was the only patient. ECG involves slathering gel on your chest and they put this little suction things all over your chest.

I came back to take a bath and OMG, I got roundish, red marks all over the places where they put the ECG suction thingie. Just like love bites. Lucky my atm followed me to all the tests or else, I will have a hard time to explain. LOL. 😛

OK, my Benadryl is taking effect. Going to sleep liao. I went to a physician because my cough is not getting better. Since, I got the appointment, I decided to go for complete medical check-up because I have a family history of heart disease. Fun mah, get chest x-ray, kidney ultrasound, three vials of blood, one bottle of urine and ECG tests. ($$ is not mine, company pays wan, fast fast do lor) BTW, do you men know how troublesome it is for us women to collect urine into a tiny plastic container? Times like these, I wish we have a rubber hose like yours.

Not related : Last night, I went to Midlands One-Stop shopping mall to grab something fast (the place is very lauyah so normally we don’t go). Some people jumped/fell/pushed off/suicide or what I don’t know and the person (I think is female) fell from the 6th floor to the ground and died. Tius, got me so messed up until no mood to blog last night. She jumped INSIDE the shopping mall, wei. Messed up the whole atrium outside Watson. Bleargh. I saw a lot of policemen and the body covered in blue plastics. Dare not even go near to kepoh. Ewwss… Is it in the vernacular papers? I can’t seem to find the story in The Star.

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  1. last sat..i saw an accident while on my way to the hosp…the body was lying on the road..covered w plastic..n got a trail of blood leading fr the motorcycle to the body…haihs..imagine the amount of blood lost there…would have stopped by to help if the guy was still alive…i was going to the hosp anyway…

  2. U shld have played investigative reporter but mind you..it might have been rather disturbing sight to view.

    I’ve also always wondered how do you ladies pee into those plastic containers for urine test? Do you make a hell of a mess? Just curious…

    Anyway, hope you’re feeling better soon, have a good rest Aunty

  3. wah, someone fell to death in midlands??? so drama!

    u shud had given that ahpek the meanest glare u can muster. lau-hiao like dis shud had his lanjiao cut off.

    QuaVadis, no la, we dun make hell of a mess! the secret is to collect the urine during the last few seconds when the stream is more slower and lesser! :p

  4. few years back, i also came across a suicide situation where this young angmor girl in her late teens wanted to jump off from the parking lot at the very top floor. she sat at the edge drawing lotsa attention on the nearby roundabout. instead of showing sympathy the commuters honked as they drove past ‘supporting’ her to jump down! she didnt jump eventually after police negotiators successfully changed her mind.

    funny mentality they got over here.

  5. hi lilian is it true about the suicide? Cos I saw a similar suicide in Medan Indonesia also jump inside teh shopping mall. In medan Already in a space of 2 months there is 2 suicide in 2 different mall… Is there a trend to this????

  6. Yer! Want to jump also don’t jump in a shopping mall la. *shudders* They should jump at some eerie deserted place where should anyone decided to go in the future, deserve to be huanted.

  7. It is such a tragedy for someone to commit suicide… the despairs, hopeless.. depressing situations, culminating in the unthinkable act.
    Lilian still could pull a crowd 😉 be it the wrong one 😀 keep well and stay away from those balitongs!!

  8. aiyo! if i was there, quick quick go take pictures liao! & blog summore! hehehehehe..did u pee on ur hand when u tried to get ur urine sample! hahahaha..

  9. eh..5xmom! you not getting any better? HOW CAN??? MANA LU PUNYA KUASA???????

    I aso saw suicide action. i makaning somemore..aii sure way to lose appetite fast fast!

  10. mott – You actually see it? Ewwws..At least I missed the action.

    ahpek – I no see lah. Over liao when I reached, lucky. Or else I sakit lagi teruk.

    wuching – Haiyor..must have respect for dead bodies lah. I got integrity one, LOL.

    mar – Yalor, next time I won’t dare to step foot near that corner. Kesian the few shops there.

    nyonyapenang – The hospital good business like siao only. Doing medical tourism somemore, fighting for space with the rich Indons somemore.

    david – My cough so bad, the eyes also want to pop out. Now on heavy meds.

    anastasia – Yalor, weird I don’t read it in The Star. Maybe the mall paid off to cover it or else no one dares to go.

    pat88 – Yalor, it can’t be accidental fall cos the railings so high. Some people said it is an Indon, some said local. I don’t get a clear story

    astrosurge – People are all immune after watching too many movies.

  11. doc- Hehehe,dun get it.*grins innocently*

    sooi2 – In Penang like this lor, they all sendiri sakit mau mati hor, somemore very kepoh want to know what the next person is suffering from. Cis, I go normal check up, ask me what sickness I kena. Choiiiiii

    QV – I had slept for the last 36 hours so hope to get rid of the flu. Tks.

    eve -Aiyor, you so daring? I usually turn away, dare not see, in my heart fast-fast pray. Very disturbing these kind of scenes hor?

  12. The lady was diagnosed AIDS. Maybe she cannot face the fact. These info is from the Polis report to the Management ppl. (got it from my ex-colleague in Penas) She landed just in front of the Thai Foot Massage booth!!

  13. WOW!! That’s a really looong sleep..hope u’ll be up and about soon.

    Oh Dear! Am realy sad to hear the reason from Izz of the suicide of the lady . May God Have mercy on Her Soul

  14. eeewww….will skip that place in the future…afterall it’s already half dead but since there’s no place to jalan when we go to the hospital so will just sweep by….

  15. Wah auntie ah… you must have been coughing a lot horr? Soooo many fun tests ah?

    How come they didn’t teach me this in school ah?

  16. Bernard – Hehehe, no lar, the tests are part of the package ‘cos all my cousins and father died of CHD mah. So, I am extra kiasi ‘cos the stress of the cough raised my BP. So fast-fast run for tests. Got a clean bill of health after taking the complete blood test, liver ultrasound, chest x-ray. My eldest bro also also have CHD so it is safer to be alert.

    angleeyes – Yalor…dunno why my kid wants a McD so it was nearby and that’s how we ended up there. Ish, geli betul.

    QV – She must be very stressed ‘cos shopping mall filled with people so must be very hard to do that. What with the high railings.

  17. i could not enter your site yesterday and i was half-dead. lol. the ahpek so hiao wan ah? my gawd.. and great! another reason not to go Midlands! thankgod i just frequent to Gurney instead of Midlands. damn lauyah lah! haprak wan, nothing good there. the only thing that was keng was just one blady Popular bookstore, which even damn lauyah, and happened to closed down. see.. nothing else is good in Midlands. not even the starbucks! haih mati pun mau famous ka? in shopping mall summore.. next time wan suicide go la somewhere far far from people.. kacau only.. sigh.

  18. i was told that it’s a sin to commit suicide… not general sinning but a catholic sin….

    i think i was told in my cathecism class or something.. can’t remember… but i remember i was told that…

    do u think it’s true?

  19. Err.. Anyone else remember a similar case where someone jumped at midland too ? And the Song Bird connecting bridge.. anyway, that was like 10 yrs back.. Midland still quite happening and we used to hang out there.. 🙂
    PCGHS and CPT girls.. 🙂

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