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A Melbourne fashion retailer has come up with a far racier suggestion for lowering Australian divorce rates: lingerie subsidies.

The managing director of Leethal Fashion Accessories, Gail Lee, says the bonds of marriage should be reinforced with satin, lace and a truckload of Federal Government cash.

Ms Lee has called on the Federal Government to subsidise half the cost of sexy undergarments as a way to spice up a flagging marriage and dissuade wayward partners from straying.

“I honestly believe that a little bit of fashion glamour in the bedroom at home – or in the kitchen – can only help promote bonding and attractiveness and attention between partners,” she said.

The subsidy could easily be introduced with minor changes to tax laws or by making lingerie purchases tax deductible, she said.

Ms Lee denied her plan was a publicity stunt, saying her company did not sell lingerie. She also downplayed the potential for mistresses to benefit from tax breaks.

Her novel idea came about after discussing Australia’s divorce rate with friends. Close to four in 10 Australian marriages end in divorce.

She said she planned to write to the Federal Treasurer, Peter Costello, who two years ago famously urged couples to get on with the job of raising the nation’s birthrate.

“You go home and do your patriotic duty tonight,” Mr Costello said after announcing the federal budget baby bonus in 2004.

“You should have one for your husband, one for your wife, and one for your country,” he said.

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That’s the news I read in The Star but this piece is taken from Sydney Morning Herald

I tell you, Ozzies, lah. We all no need to wear expensive lingeries wan. We wear sarong batik! One piece of cloth, one tug, one swift action, suitable for both gender. In the event that the mother-in-law came knocking on the door, there’s no ribbons, buttons or sash to deal with. Grab and pull; over your head. Quick and fast, eh?

I tell you also la, why you all got bored with your marriages. Because your shopping malls close at 5.30 pm whereas over here, we get to go grocery shopping, hand in hand with our loving spouse until 1 am in the morning.

But wuah, if your country really subsidise lingeries, then, I must fast-fast migrate to Australia. Who can afford a small piece of satin for RM400 when you don’t get to wear it to show off to the neighbours? But if the Australian government is paying for it, then, let’s go Down Under!

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  1. HAHAHA- i second that. Who doesnt wanna wear sexy lingerie, but its not really cost-effective when it’s just a tiny piece of cloth. But if its cheaper, why not? Only the gwailos got the cheek to ask for subsidiary in the context that it saves marriages! The idea’s too far-fetched for me.

  2. Sounds ridiculous but hey… if they wanna pay for it, I’m gonna deck myself up in lace and satin and rock my hb’s world! šŸ˜‰

  3. Sure or not you wear kain batik. I know Modern Malay women buy batik sarong and keep but never wear wan…

  4. so typical mat salleh bodoh. can u imagine cooking lunch in the kitchen and wearing lacy lingerie?? siao.

  5. Not everyone can wear lingerie and spark her spouse up like a match lah…If body like hippo, how to wear leh???
    But then, if body like Gisele, get butt naked and cooking in the kitchen with only a cheap apron on should do the trick already.

  6. …..Ć¢ā‚¬Å“I honestly believe that a little bit of fashion glamour in the bedroom at home – or in the kitchen – can only help promote bonding and attractiveness and attention between partners,Ć¢ā‚¬Ā she said….

    aiyah..walk around naked lah..even more exciting and sure will promote bonding and attractiveness, or be imaginative and use small scarps of cloths to cover here and there…if shy..then maybe because its sagging loh..force of gravity šŸ˜›

    Asking Govt to subsidise your lingerie is a little bit ridiculous lah..if soo expensive, make your own or don’t wear lah…what for waste government money… šŸ˜› hehehe

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