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I have been high on cough syrup and Rhinathol capsules. They messed up my brains and kept me snoozing every day and every night. I practically have no more braincells to post much because I feel woozy.


So, to occupy the time when I have nothing to write, I watch hamsters. Hamsters are such hump-sters. They produce and re-produce. Hump it day and night. Right now, my house have three cages. One for the males, one for each mother and chewren.

At first we though of putting one mom with a litter of 15 days old pups with another expectant mom. Manatau, this pregnant mom got in and bite off the head of one of the baby hamsters. *bawls* It was so gory! So, we were left with only three pups from the above batch. Aren’t they so adorable? Sucking nen-nen day and night. Hamster moms are such protective creatures. Humans should learn from them.

PICT4530Still with too much time in hands, I had been baking. First I baked potato buns, then, peach butter cake and today, some healthy bread with olive oil and oats brans. You can see the large sizes by clicking on the thumbnails.


When I was in primary schools, we chewren used to believe that peacock feathers can grow if we ‘feed’ it with pencils shavings. So, I used to keep a peacock feather with pencil shavings between pages of my book. Hmm…wonder if any other kids got tricked like me? Or maybe I was the only dumb kid who survives till now? The rest probably died of lead poisoning. LOL. I also kept a leaf which can grow roots. I have forgotten the name though.

So, such will be the quality of my postings until I can get rid of this hacking cough. Otherwise, I am downing Rhinathol with Dextrophan until my brain oozes out of my ears.

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  1. my hamster ate all the babies and now reproducing again and due in next few weeks. haha! do you still keep the feather? and get well soon!

  2. Yeah, you cannot simply mix hamsters one.. sometimes even mommy bites off one of her pups’ head!! This is (if I remember the post I read yonks ago) due to humans handling the pups and their smells become different, then mommy sniff sniff lor and exclaimed, “Not my chewren!!” *glomps* *snarf snarf* *krrrsskkk*

    Headless pup coming up.

    Gory leh?

    I had hamsters just last year… they died already. I wanted male and female, and manatau, don’t know how to tell the male and female apart *cough cough* so ended up with two females. Nevermind… lesbian action is hot too. 🙂

  3. The flu epidemic must be here because of the weather. I just recovered and still on antibiotics after my son passed the flu to me.. Hope u get well fast for us to enjoy yr post.Talking about hamster, I bought a pair of male & female for my children many years ago and it breed so fast that I have to buy more cages. Make sure u separate th male and female or else u will have many hamster on hand to feed.Mine too bite off their babies head..eek.( Don`t understand why???)

  4. I tot that was biskut tambun, then look clearly realised it is not. My colleague just brought for us Pandan Tambun from Penang, thats why first glance at your pic….. 🙂

  5. Poor you.
    That reminds me to put Actified Expectorant and this a that in my pharmacutical shopping list on my way to Singapore.

    Dang the local pharma-shops…sell the obat..all diluted and contaminated…no wonder everyone get sick so often…..

    PS: I better stay fit..or else…mati.. baby sick…babymomma also sick…and if dadda sick…no end in sight.

  6. Go out and take a fresh air. Sunway Lagoon for instance then watch movie. If haze is a factor Berjaya Times Square then.

  7. ya, i also kept colored feathers (not peacock though) in between the books and fed it with pencil shavings.
    The leaf that grows root is daun setawar (i think)

  8. Animal instict, survival of the species, if they smell someone else punya anak, the automatic reflex is to kill it so that it will not be a threat to their anak and that explains also the earlier from luxferi that if you manhandle nursing hamsters, your scent will be all over the baby hamsters and the mother will not recognise it and will kill it.

    Anyway, hope you’re feeling better and for someone on medication, you sure can write quite well 😛

  9. My hamsters produced so fast, i gotto sell them to the pet shop! But ah.. they also reproduce among mom and kids, kids and kids, tats why some hamsters abit siao and likes to bite. Abit Mental edi!

  10. 1. Adult Hamsters will also bite each other if they smell different. So, after their weekly sand bath (yes hamsters also need to mandi but in special sand (special sand available at pet shop))- after weekly sand bath use a hamster brush (put special powder behind the brush (which smells suspiciously like Baby Powder) and brush each hamster so that they all smell the same. Alternatively a cheap trick is to dab a bit of Perfume just behind the head.

    This should also be done when introducing a new hamster to the existing tribe or when combining the hamsters staying in two different cages. (I learned this the hard way)

    2. After giving up mothering 11 hamsters my 7yo daughter passed on the responsibility to the grandfather (namely, me…). It was fun for her when the were only 2 hamsters. Once they started beranaking… So it was off to the Pet Store at Ikano again for me for advice.

    3. So I found out Hamsters are equally happy staying alone as they are in a group. Or buy two of the same sex. Hamsters are at their happiest on a treadmill.

    Now they tell me…

  11. Think hamster, think accessorising… its a conspiracy to make parents spend more… not cheap also…

    Cage accessories: Toys (Block of wood with hole like swiss cheese. Hamster needs to be kept occupied), Shelters (wooden or ceramic), Interconnecting Tubes, Lookout tower, Vitamins (multivites), Fancy Foods (I had a hamster that picked out all the expensive sun flowers seeds and didn’t each other seeds), Bathing (sand, brush, powder, hamster perfume- I kid you not), Dry Mushroom based food (to get rid of shit smell), Roughly Powdered Peanut Shells also soak up the smells, Salt/chalk stone to control teeth growth, Leashes (ever tried walking a hamster?), Exercise Ball (put hamster inside plastic ball so can let go without worry it run into the drain), Treadmill.

    Don’t think that when you buy hamsters with the basic kit- thats all. Every trip to the shopping mall will result in a visit to the pet shop for accessories…sigh.


  12. back whn i had hamsters, i was a cruel owner. i always forget to feed thm so they were nv choosy wiv food. it took thm a yr or so b4 they reproduced n i had spent so litle time wiv thm tht i didn even realise until later. ended up giving thm all away cos a 6ft python/cobra smelt d babies n came into my hse!

  13. Wow! Auntie, sick oredi still can bake and blog. Not bad lar. Believe it or not, haze is attacking UUM as well (I’m studying in UUM) a place beyond reachable civilization. With so many trees (jungle) surrounding this uni, the haze still come.
    A lot of my friends also fell sick except me but all these hazy thing make me sleepy (omoz forgot to wake up for exam this morning…)
    If dun wanna become drowsy den dun take cough syrup lor…that’s wat I learnt here…coz after take, I got into trouble falling asleep during lecture (hehehe!) Drink lotsa water n enuf rest, the cough will cure by itself…take vitamin C too.
    Our antibody is our best doctor. Take care, ya auntie!

  14. hamsters soon gonna make Black Eye’s Peas’s My Hump into their own anthem – My Ham(ster).

    My ham my ham my ham,
    my ham my ham my ham
    my lovely hamster lumps,
    check it out.

  15. rest more…leave home management to atm temporarily…u shudn’t be baking so many stuffs and hanging out with hamsters with ur condition!

  16. Get well soon. Rest more. I want to read you blog everyday. You blog less since you are sick. Drinks hot water, sip by sip to make your throat feel better quickly. I coughed for 3 months till I felt my lungs are going to throw out of my mouth. God bless you for speedy recovery.

  17. I used to have hamsters when I was studying in the States. Actually they were my friends but she couldn’t keep them at her apt due to a NO PETS rule. They stank up my place to high heavens!! Even when I changed the bedding everyday. Last I sold the babies to a pet store. Hahahahah, made a lot of money. I don’t think I gave any to my friend. Huh.

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