So are the fair maidens out praying to Chang Er for a good Ah Niu yet?

 Photos taken after post.  Not related to post at all.
Time : 9.10 pm

No moon in sight, or probably I can’t see it from my home.

Bad haze, even the Penang State Mosque minaret looks so asap-asap like that.

Gurney Drive 

Right now, at this moment, girls who want a faithful, loyal, good, reliable, hardworking husband like a bull should be out praying to Chang Er. Take a table outside, place pomelo, tea, mooncakes, bull’s horn water caltrop, mini yam, a piece of brand new face powder and I can’t remember what liao.

Wind too strong for candles and lanterns.  So, RM2 for these rubber balls. 

Chang Er was this mythical moon fairy who married to Ah Gu aka Hang Karbau who was faithful to each other. So, if you are desperately seeking husband, fast-fast run out now and ask Chang Er to throw one Ah Niu on your path. Chang Er and Ah Ngau are probably romancing on the moon right now, as you are reading this. The heavenly mother (dunno who she is lah, but the female version of the big boss) allows Chang Er and Ah Gu to meet each other once a year on this moonlit night.

 Lights of all shapes at Esplanade
Kehkehkeh, of course, don’t believe a word I said, ok? Those are grandma tales only. I am outta here ‘cos my toddler wants to play lantern. Sick or no sick, motherhood comes first.

17 thoughts on “So are the fair maidens out praying to Chang Er for a good Ah Niu yet?

  1. i remember when i was younger, my nice neighbour mrs ooi buys me lantern and made me go play play at night. thse good old days.. sigh, now she’s in mauritius! bad weather lately, even Komtar and Berjaya Hotel are not visible from my classroom this morning.

  2. azhan – Ya, my place smells very bad. But it is drizzling now! Hope it clears tomorrow.

    nyonyapenang – Ya hor, nowadays hardly see those koh wa that is decorated with tiny coloured dots. Last time I used to love those.

  3. TTT – Ya, that one, dun wan to say lah. People talk little bit, every day also keep membebel, demanding retraction lah, apology lah, warning lah. Not that it can change anything. Right?

  4. Nice shots..
    Lilian, sorry for busting your bubbles the other day, hope we are “all-good”.
    Point taken. 😉 Regardless, enjoy your post all the time.

  5. Mooncake night, I cannot see big round moon, and can’t see children playing lantern at the playground downstair, not like last year so happening. The night with thick haze cover..wat a quiet mooncake festival…the haze really blast off our mood.

  6. I think you have your Chinese legends mixed up, the cowherd and weaver fairy story takes place on the 6th day of the 7th moon.

  7. i think story mix up liao..the ah ngu is another fairy’s hubby…chang er hubby’s is Hou Yi. Hou Yi is the man that shoot down the 9 suns and later became king ..that one long time mia fairy tale la

  8. happy mid-autumn festival, lilian! hope your kids had a good time. i’m also feeling feverish myself. but hey, weekend’s here!

  9. awww, the brothers look so attached to one another! happy mooncake festival to u lilian!

  10. I miss the lantern festival mood in Penang. Last week i went back and saw a Mid Autumn Festival walk and lantern competition in Farlim. It was really grand. I didn’t feel it here in KL 🙁 It was like any other day here.

  11. Jlshyang – Over here, it seems to be the trend for every SYTs to carry lanterns with their bfs. Up down, left right you see also got SYTs with lanterns. 🙂

    sooi2 – Yalor, I captured them at their most tender moments, before they start fighting. LOL.

    simon – Aww…you caught my bug. I am still recovering, sleeping rather than churning out posts after posts.

    wuching – Hahaha, ya, a very horny bull. But oops, I got the hero wrong. Hahaha.

    dragonmummy – Yalor, paiseh, paiseh. But hor, why chang er gotta pound that elixir with the rabbit? *scratches head*

    slau – Yalor, that’s the problem with non-Chinese ed people, I butchered the whole story. HOHOHOHO.

    judy – Over here, we do smell the smokey haze but people still go out in throngs in Gurney Drive and there are so many events around town too.

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