Laughing Buddhas

It is Sunday but there is no churchy post today ‘cos I didn’t get the churchy bug ‘cos I didn’t go to church ‘cos I don’t want to spread my cough to all the churchy people in church.

Hotei (布袋) or Bu-Dai (布袋羅漢 (pinyin:Bùdài Luóhàn) literally Calico Bag Arhat) is better known in the English-speaking world as the fat Laughing Buddha. In China, he is called Bu-Dai (Wade-Giles Pu-Tai) or Mí Lè Fó (彌勒佛) and dubbed the Loving or Friendly One. He has become incorporated into Buddhist and Shinto culture and is based on an eccentric Chinese Chan monk. His image graces many temples, restaurants, and amulets. Hotei has become a deity of contentment and abundance, Taoist in origin. Hotei persists in Japanese folklore as one of the Seven Lucky Gods (Shichi Fukujin). (source)

I found some photos taken in year 2004.  These were stuffs left in my old house and we have since sold the house.  The laughing buddhas cute statues are still somewhere around my house, in one of the boxes.

I have them in all sort of materials.  Ignore the dust ‘cos the house was left empty for one and a half years.

Don’t you wish to be a laughing buddha too?  Whole day no need to wear clothes, no need to diet, just lie down and laugh all day…..

This large statue is about one and a half foot tall. It used to carry the huge gold ingot atop it’s head.  But my kid accidentally dropped the statue and the gold ingot  came off.  It is still standing in my living room now because it is too large to be kept in a box.  Sometimes, my cheeky kids will place the Bible on top, making laughing buddha carrying the Word of God.  Hehehe, I hope no one get a seizure with the image of laughing buddha evangelising……

Have a good weekend to all!  I am still waiting for England vs. Macedonia to end….

7 thoughts on “Laughing Buddhas

  1. i admit laughing Buddha are cute, and they can simply make me smile =)
    Lilian, your house got water ah? mine don’t have, all the way from Gelugor to Bukit Jambul. does it affect whole island?

  2. “Don’t you wish to be a laughing buddha too? Whole day no need to wear clothes, no need to diet, just lie down and laugh all day…..”

    how nice. and money will just drop from the sky…

  3. thank you for your comments on my blog, and frankly i felt better after reading that. and i hope the apek that mocked you have banished =P

  4. hehehe I actually prefer to be the reclining buddha…always reclining all the time 😛

    As ah pek said..u can either give it as gifts to ur buddhist relatives or auction it off 😛

  5. I actually have very fond memories of the laughing buddha wor. Dunno why. cause so friendly and so happy all the time. You know what? I might just get one for myself, you know. I am sure it will lift my mood when it’s down in the dumps. I dont mind talking to it either!

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