Everybody – Come play Aunt/Uncle Agony – Today’s topic – Crush

Over the last few days, I have received a few emails. I will not reveal the content but re-phrase the question. So, please share you feedback here, ok?

First question : How do I get over my crush for someone?

Hi! (someone-someone)

I hope you don’t mind me writing this in my post instead of replying directly to you. If I reply direct to you and my suggestions bombed, you will hold me liable. If I ask my regular readers to share, you can hentam kuat-kuat them instead of me! Hehehe.

OK, firstly, everyone get some crushes in their lives. Your mom, your dad, the spinster next door, the 55 years old bachelor selling newspapers etc etc. So having crushes is so oh! normal. Question is how do you define crushes and real targets? I suppose crushes are having those butterflies feelings for someone that you are not suppose to have. Like someone’s else girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, mother (Hahaha) etc etc.

The problem when having crushes is when you hide that feelings and secretly feed it with dark, inner desires that will consume all your braincells. So, if it is a crush, just share the silly secret with a trusted friend, giggles over it and soon, you will notice that it was just merely silly passe. Don’t end up as those who got so obssessed they turn cuckoo. Because one can looks like a dork when they got too obssessed.
So, how to get over it? Find some things that are time consuming to do and divert your attention. Like learning a new thing, cross-stitch for eg. LOL. Or go blog about it. Within a few days/weeks, I bet you will get over it. Or you can find someone else to have a crush on? Michael Jackson for e.g.? LOL.

There….no worries, it is part of life to have crushes on others. It is immature to take things too seriously. It is adult to be able to move on, find better things to do and not wallow over it. Cheers and better crush next time!


So, to all my kepoh readers, tolong kasi tips. How to get over your crush?

17 thoughts on “Everybody – Come play Aunt/Uncle Agony – Today’s topic – Crush

  1. First and foremost, a crush, how do you define it, is is an infatuation over someone who don’t even know your existence or two, is a a case of that person knows you exist, knows your feeling but doesn’t return it? Of course they are more examples but I will take this two for my comments.

    1st situation.

    Well, this is a common crush, rather normal, when we see someone often and we are attracted to them, but they are unreachable, maybe they are t.v. stars or some pop idols or whatever, or they are married or we are just plain shy about approaching them because they are so far above us…well, this one, just channel your energy, hang out with friends, do some charity work, read a book or go take a hike..but definitely not a long walk over a short jetty ahh..I don’t encourage you to commit suicide 😛 hehehehe, the bottom line for case 1 is to just channel your energy to do something else.

    Now in case situation 2. well..this is a bit difficulut, its a case of “pukul sebelah tangan sahaja” you love him / her but he/she doesn’t love you…aiyah..so normal one lah this… so..what do u do? Well, rather than becoming obsesive and maniacal and stalking them as I have seen some people done, one should just learn the dignity of letting go, life has to go on, do something completely different, get a life, explore new avenues rather than being obsessed about that person 24/7 and trying, first, to win that person back and when that fails, turning nasty and doing all sort of things to hurt that person or hurting that person’s reputation. U do know that there’s a saying which goes, ‘what goes around comes around’ so, don’t wish ill of others and just let things be and ignore it and it will gradually go away, but if you start creating havoc, stalking and being a pest…well…eventually the person would know, and so would that person’s friends etc etc and we would all have a great laugh at your expense and you become a topic of conversation as a candidate for the mental hospital.. hehehe..

    Anyway, bottom line..if you have crush..either work on it to make it into a relationship if its a realistic cruch..or do something else to take up your time and energy instead of thinking of that cruch that it becomes obsesive and destroy’s your life

  2. haiyoh.. crush only mah. Think of your “crushee”, close your eyes and imagine you are having the hottest sex session with him/her while you are “helping” yourself.
    Sure relief all those pent up emotions wan.
    That’s what I do anyway.

  3. AhPek – Yahor, you and your neighbour’s wife. Tiu lah, you bad moral lah ini maciam.

    QV – Hehehe, read your post until what crush also hilang liao, I bet.

  4. HEHEHEHE true true..in the end nanti the person gets angry at me and start attacking me…susah..but then..good also..anger is a good theraphy to forget a crush and maybe hopefully, can get over the crush…so…tembak me loh..release all that pent up frustration but me sensible lah..or else we laugh even more 😛 hahahaha

  5. Aiyo! Dis crushy crushy thingy ar…I experienced the similar thing when I was in secondary school. Now in uni already, never give so much thought about it though but let me share my experience then. Back in Form Five, I had a crush on a senior guy from the boys’ school next to my all gals’ school. Somehow just managed to build up the courage to tell him when I was in Lower Six…indirectly, through MSN (I think)
    I kena reject though…but I wasn’t sad or depressed or anything. It was V-day. So I got nothing to lose. At least I got an honest and straight answer from him rather than mopping about and whinning about the crush (like many people i know) day and night, rite? At least can use the mopping time to do something productive for your family or society or the country (yeah, right…) We are best friends till today. At least I know it was just a little crush.
    Well, as you grow older and being more mature, you somehow, somewhat are wise enough to differentiate between crush and love and those in between. You might ask, “what if I still dunno the difference ler?” Haha! Sorry to say, you are still not mature yet lor. (Happy?)
    Next time if you THINK you have a crush on someone, don’t approach him/her head on and tell him/her on the spot. You might scare him off! Haha! Wait a little longer until you are very sure that it’s not just a little crush. In the mean time, do something else to take your mind off him like go hiking, swimming, watch movie, etc…after a while, if it’s false alarm, you won’t have that butterflies in your stomach thingy when you see him/her. But if the feeling is too strong to resist, go ahead, by all means! Kena reject or not, doesn’t matter, as long as you tell him/her, right? WRONG! Ask his close friends lar about his/her impressions on you then by all means (and I mean legally!) do what your heart tells you to do. The key word here is LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, follow your instinct.
    If all of the above fail, go see a counsellor…=P

  6. I used to have a crush on a guy for 3 years. In that 3 years, we barely talked to each other and I sort of painted a him as a perfect man. However, when I got to know him better as during my upper secondary years, I find him the total opposite of what I envisioned him to be. The crush died almost immediately then. Haha..

  7. that’s right piggy! get to know ur crush better…and eventually u’ll realise that he/she farts and shits just like everyone else. when u realise he/she is not the perfect embodiment of god as ur mind wud like to believe, ur crush might just fade away.

  8. oohh… i like nyonyapenang’s answer.

    i’m in ‘crush mode’ as well. it’s fun, what, having a crush… makes you feel a wee bit giddy & light-headed. and maybe slightly silly.

    i tell myself that “this, too, shall pass…” everyday, but i’ve been having a crush on the same person for many months now…

    ah, well… have fun, lah! crushes don’t last long.

    but don’t take my word for it, though. i once had a crush on a guy for 5 long years. yeap.

  9. *snap fingers
    Just keep reminding self of the crush’s bad point whenever she pops into mind.. Lama lama.. all crush will be crushed

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