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SPM exam tips for sale?

I heard from CLF, a student about this website where they sell some purportedly 100% KENA TEPAT exam tips for UPSR, PMR and SPM exams.

Firstly, if I see a website using a personal name, I will put up my alert antennae because it smells fishy. Secondly, the site is way over the top in boasting about how accurate their exam tips are. The only way they can be so sure is probably of some insider job. Otherwise, this fella is better off predicting Magnum 4D, Sports Toto, Da Ma Cai results. So, if it is an insider job, then, it is making a huge mockery of our examination syndicate and also our Government.

For students who want to score “A”

  • FAST AND EASY 100% Real Tips.
  • No heavy work. No pressure. No more problems.
  • Be a top student
  • Just pure 100% tips.
  • No extra notes. No complicating strategies
  • Don’t be left out. Others are studying
  • No more worries and you are going to score now.
  • Your last chance to score “A”
  • Our Real 100% Tips will definitely help you

I am very proud that a young man like CLF is able to express his opinions so well on this issue and has taken the proactive steps to alert his peers about this website. I hope students don’t get caught in scams. You may want to throw in one or two hundred RM because your parents can afford to. But don’t put too much reliance on the tips and in the process ignore other topics and get caught cold feet in your exams. You have studied for 11 years, so don’t let an over reliance on a so-called 100% accurate exam tips caused your downfall. You may be catching the wrong golden goose, you see.

Moreover, note that the tips will be sent out at the very last minute, so how does one study for the exam?

  • To avoid illegal duplications of our tips service, all materials/copies will be delivered last 2 to 3 days before the examinations date by Post Laju Malaysia or any other courier service chosen by the Organizer.

I cannot seem to find the bio-data of the owner and hope someone can enlighten me? I am not sharing the link here on my site.

83 Responses to “SPM exam tips for sale?”

  1. I want tips also. I dont want to fail in my physics , biology and chemistry. Help pls !If you got any tips for that subjects , pls do not hesitate to share !!
    my email :

  2. is it really that good?
    well,i dont want to waste my parent’s money over something that is not worthy at all.
    can anyone who bought this spot papers tell me the truth ???? me…help me…
    anyway, anyone who “own” other spot questions…just email me

    -just for fun..hehe

  3. Anyone bought Andrew Choo spot questions??
    Can email me?? ^^
    Thanks…I jz need sejarah @_@ lol

  4. any1 got spm leaked question send me pls…

  5. Andrew choo sucks to death !!! My mum is working in HONG LEONG BANK, when checking his account you know how much money is inside the account? try to guess it, almost RM300000 for only 2008 and keep on growing. Wow, such statik can also earn lots of money hor .. nice ler, next time, i also can buka a real tips exam 1000% kena with the condition, ” we are not responsible that the tips might come out in the real exam”.

    what the promises is it????

    we all know that children money is easy to cheat. One subject cots around 30 ringgit.


    For BM paper: 20++ soalan given in the mail order tips and none of them kena .. and he not feels ashamed .. WHY?

    CAUSE for BM paper 2 he says he kena almost 8/9 of the questions. But how many question you gave in the mail order tips?? Almost everything .. of coarse kena.

    For example: He gave you lots of peribahasa about 100 ++ and after the exam, he says he kena all the peribahasa.. of coarse la, i give you a DEWAN PUSAKA, see will kena or not??!!

    For ENGLSH: Giving us the poem and short stories which are not come out pass few years. And follow the trend of SPM question, less chance of repeating the same questions in the following yesrs of SPM.

    For SEJ: Aiyo, this one my school teacher kena is better than you lor, i think most of the teachers can do that way. HOw, just ELIMINATE all the questions come out FROM 2004-2007, and study the rest.

    For MM: nothing to say, cause is ikut keadaan.



    i am now regreating for buying his tips, useless? so HOW to balas dendam?

    I can earn also, i photocopy one and sell to others for RM50, selling like a hot cake? how much money i made?? only for 4 days, i sell almost 100 copies to students in tuition centres and shools? wow, nice ler, how much i earned? RM5000 for only few days, better than you guys working as a manager..


    THat the ways i act. next time, just buy one copy and use the greatest huuman innovation – PHOTOCOPY MACHINE to copy for thousand books and free of charge giving to people! HAHAHA

  6. ahh cheathers u guys can go fuck off asking oni for the spm question do ur urself lar study hard u earn a A that to cheat to get a A i got all A in my exam i study so hard i feel so proud of myself for the others dont cheat just study k?

  7. Good thing I did not believe him. Better off studying than to trust him. No need to waste so much energy that can be used for thinking during exam. I think next year I can produce my own ‘ramalan’ already.

  8. Ay, how long this guy has been around? How come nobody is going after him? No report or complaint made against him meh? Tak kan so many people kena and just let him go like that? Although individually it may be a small amount but collectively it is a fortune (a million for three exams?) just as what John revealed. Further more, this is encouraging cheating and defeit the purpose of exams.
    Mei – so what’s the outcome after 2 years?


    His tips r all boo shit one lah!! Curse him.. for cheating young innocent students. The boy in his blog says the BM 2008 kena banyak Tepat 100%. Where got oh. Where did he hired this actor? Very cunning.If this kind of prediction, anyone oso can predictlah. My advise – better learn frm the states trial papers and past year papers. That’s what I did after HIS BM and SEJ TAK KENA TEPAT pun. I hv a few more papers to sit.. & thats what Im gonna do. His Tips? can throw into the rubbish bin. Sooner or later his tuition centre wl be close. Damn him. This ANDREW CHOO is – ORANG JAGUNG.

  10. Even my own personal chemistry ramalan for paper 3 SPM 2008 is more accurate than him. (He kena none, I kena both…). If you want to go after him, DDoS his website. That way, many innocent student web users will be saved from being scammed. Who is with me?

  11. why no one complaints him?? he really sucks, as i wrote before. i am one of the victim.

  12. fuck dis andrew choo he cheated ppl i saw him giving to innocent students so kesian they buy from their money gave by the mother haiz this andrew choo my adik oso nearly got fooled by him he selling to my adik UPSR test i told him to get away from my adik nearly i fighted with him in the KFC place

  13. andrew choo tip is really tipu besar…… if u see clearly the tips he spotted, u can see that he is trying to cheat. as we can see in upsr, he did not have enough “kena tepat” , so he can even write he kena tepat again because he can manage to spot an instruction sounds “bina lima ayat daripada gambarajah yang diberikan”. after seeing this, i was feeling cheated. i told all my students not to buy this liar tip. he mention in his website that even school teachers using his tips! oh my god…. since when? we teachers hate this liar as he spoilt our students with lies just to earn money!!!!!!!! government should take action on this big liar… more terrible than ah long!

  14. i wan spm tips ,i dun’t wan my mon and dad sad for me fell in spm,hlp me plsss…..

  15. Pay attention during lessons, finish all homework, ask your teachers when you don’t understand, do revision early and DO NOT rely on tips. Do more other states mock exam paper.

  16. I don’t even need his tips. Without his tips I can still score 10A1s in SPM 2008. Is all up to the students mindset. Just learn with an open heart and mind

  17. I will really happy if you can share some important & precious SPM Science stream tips for me, JUST simply e-mail to:

    Thkx a lot~ I’m waiting for you~

  18. i wan also, plz email the tips to me too. pleaseeeeeeee, i really wan to score As in my spm
    my email:

  19. is it true??
    i feel sad for my parents,they spent a lot of money for this ;(
    im going to sit for pmr this soon.wahhhh i supposed to open this web 1st before so that i can tell my parents about it ;(((
    but just wait n see whether this year punya tips keluar ke tak .

  20. Oh ;0 terriblenye! I My mummy, just wanna to buy but luckily i open tis page!!! if not…. sei la! wasting my parent money. anyway, he is a gud ” murder ” dat eats up an innocent student dat really wanna triumph! x reti malunye jantan GEMOK. Well, we need to study hard.Yeah, don’t you think dat we always hope 4 leak question even 4 trial n when we want 2 study hard? u will so excited when u get a gud result dat came 4rm ur hardwork! so don’t hope 4 soalan bocor. just study.

  21. If you see the 2009 sej spm, you will notice that Andrew Choo analys the question from percubaan and then come out the tips. Tipulah

  22. you all owez complaint…suck to the core larrrrr…
    better i just relax..hihi…Andrew cHoo may help you in your SPM cOz maNy of aNdrew cHoo quEstion is KENA TEPAT………..

  23. Im so Fu*king piss with this Andrew Hai 7 Choo , me and my friends bought his paper for the upcoming PMR . When we read his fking papers , it nothing different from text books fkers . Andrew Choo you think you scam people’s money good meh diuz lei la Chau Chi Bai – * Sorry for the vulgar words , forgive me * Not to You Fucking Andrew 7 Hai CHoo

  24. Hey, i’m having SPM this year 2009. I’m thinking to buy Andrew Choo tips 100% KENA. But after i asked my parents they told me it is a scam or what? After that i figured out to search for Andrew Choo scamming or what and i found this website that’s dicuss abt Andrew Choo bads. Well now i suggest to continue studying and stop dreaming abt tips. Anyway , if there’s really any tips pls post a comment on this website so every 2009SPM candidates can share =). Always remember sharing is caring , good luck to all SPM 2009 candidates. Have Fun around and remember its left 27days.

  25. please send some tips for me 1000% kena one…. may good bless you..
    and good luck for your spm…

  26. 27 days 2 go ….. now we have 2 become
    more panas2x and panassssssssssss…………
    if you have any tips please email me


  27. thank god i visit tis website..if not jz wasting my parents money….im oso spm student friends n i feel wan 2 buy andrew choo xm tips.i asked edy my parentz permission nw wen i saw ol ur complaintz against him….i tink itz better i wil study n do revision by my own and not believe 4 tipz..
    thanx a lot guyz..
    gud luck 4 ur spm..
    im a scince stream student.if gt any tipz mail me plz…
    my mail id n yahoo messenger :
    v cn hv discussion bot our xm ther..
    tq again..

  28. i need some tips pls cause i am stressed!!! help me anyone pls??

  29. i have some tips here ….. but it will cost u guys some money!! sorry nothing is free in the world!!

  30. bunch of losers…dun nid tips oso i cant score in spm…

  31. Can the andrew be trusted?

  32. This guy misuses names. Be careful. My friends and I were on the list of so-called successful ppl who used his service. In truth he jumbled up some names and produced the list. I wasn’t even taking SPM in 2006 but my name appeared there.

  33. fuck this guy,i was one of the victim.
    if can,i want to claim my parents’s wasted on the tips kena tepat yg langsung tak tepat.he or maybe his wife kept calling my parents hp to ask whether when i will come to their tuition centre.
    they seemed desperate to find students maybe because all the previous students aka THE VICTIMS may have run away. FUCKKKKKKKKKK YOUUUUUUUU!!!