I heard from CLF, a student about this website where they sell some purportedly 100% KENA TEPAT exam tips for UPSR, PMR and SPM exams.

Firstly, if I see a website using a personal name, I will put up my alert antennae because it smells fishy. Secondly, the site is way over the top in boasting about how accurate their exam tips are. The only way they can be so sure is probably of some insider job. Otherwise, this fella is better off predicting Magnum 4D, Sports Toto, Da Ma Cai results. So, if it is an insider job, then, it is making a huge mockery of our examination syndicate and also our Government.

For students who want to score “A”

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I am very proud that a young man like CLF is able to express his opinions so well on this issue and has taken the proactive steps to alert his peers about this website. I hope students don’t get caught in scams. You may want to throw in one or two hundred RM because your parents can afford to. But don’t put too much reliance on the tips and in the process ignore other topics and get caught cold feet in your exams. You have studied for 11 years, so don’t let an over reliance on a so-called 100% accurate exam tips caused your downfall. You may be catching the wrong golden goose, you see.

Moreover, note that the tips will be sent out at the very last minute, so how does one study for the exam?

  • To avoid illegal duplications of our tips service, all materials/copies will be delivered last 2 to 3 days before the examinations date by Post Laju Malaysia or any other courier service chosen by the Organizer.

I cannot seem to find the bio-data of the owner and hope someone can enlighten me? I am not sharing the link here on my site.