Eh, Pak Lah, let’s demand apology from Indonesia lah

Edited : Nak cari berita dan gambar Pak Lah kahwin Jeanne (Jean) Abdullah? Kat sini, beb.

You know hor, this post is categorised under ‘Humour’, so releks, brader. It is the holiday and I have nothing better to do. So, I read the news.

It says..

Forestry Minister M.S. Kaban said thousands of land-clearing fires illegally started by farmers or agricultural companies on Borneo and Sumatra islands have been doused in the last three days.

But smoke from the blazes will continue to linger until heavy winds or rain – not expected for another three weeks – help clear the air.

Singapore is also affected by the haze.

We admit we haven’t been able to resolve the problem completely,” Kaban told reporters in the Indonesian capital. (source)

Just shiok-shiok, how about we issue strong demand to demand for apology? After all, we had just recently pratised this ‘demand for apology’ trend from the Pope lah, from LKY lah, OTK lah, macam-macam lagi. Most of those did not really injure people in a sense, only the pride, the martabat etc etc. But this haze issue really caused little children to get sick, old people to get asthma, tourists to cabut, meaning losing money…

IPOH: The haze disrupted flights at the airstrip in Pangkor Island, forcing several tourists to use the land route to return to Kuala Lumpur.

A spokesman for a resort there said four of its guests, who were at the landing strip at 10am yesterday, were told that Berjaya Air had to cancel its flight due to the haze.

“We were told that the small aircraft could not land and it had to cancel its flight,” he said.

“The carrier arranged for the tourists to get to KL by land,” he added.

The Air Pollutant Index reading at Manjung near Pangkor Island was at an unhealthy level. (source)

How about we all whole nation demonstrate huh? We burn Indon flags, can ah? Since so smokey already, add a little bit more never mind what. Then, we boikot sama itu Indonesia mya barang-barang. First, we send back all their workers and illegal immigrants. Next, we stop smoking Gudang Garam. After that, we stop watching all those sexy, NNTTL Indonesian movies. We stop listening to Botox-laden Kris Dayanti……Apa maciam, Pak Lah? How? We demand for apology from Indonesia for polluting our air, year after year after year after year……. Tunggu apa lagi, Pak Lah? Nanti your sinus act up again what with all the smoke and haze….then, you have to go to overseas operation again.
(hehehe, there’s no haze in Penang lah, come visit Penang)

23 thoughts on “Eh, Pak Lah, let’s demand apology from Indonesia lah

  1. whats the use of an apology? no use wan la … what we need is an assurance, a guarantee, that there will be a total curb on open burning …

    everytime of this year – we cough like mad, then expect an open apology from them, then just wipe it off? lol …

  2. Psstt….4896 (now I know it’s yrs!), I am only mocking our gahmen lah. LOL. You know their style what, burn flag, show dissatisfaction, demand apology and then, tarak action taken kinda style. That guy who said that (guarantee wind will not blow this way) otak tak center dah. Really, our Government is too lenient with them. Remember last time our poor firemen gotta go into their jungle to put out the fire? I wonder if any of the firemen get respiratory problems? We must sue them kau-kau, right?

  3. Too bad your post is under humor… I second your views. lol

    Every year the same thing happens and yet the garmen is not sending any ‘real’ messasge to those Indons to buck up! I don’t mean to be mean. But, you know I kknow all hell would break loose if it was Kiasuland causing the haze….

  4. Dear 5XMom,

    Ha! Ha! Did you know that the Indonesia newspaper, Java Post, highlighted the smog at Putrajaya? Unfortunately, the adik-adiks at Utusan Bacul and Dayus Harian did not seem to notice the very same smog although it is happening right at their very doorstep? Wow! This abang-abangs at Indonesia must very big loh!

  5. Lillian, actually we should sue them KAU KAU since the year 1997,1998 and so on… but…but…sigh…
    I really wonder why that ultraman+superman+batman not even “ye” a sound also in this case?

  6. Same thing every year. PM got lots of HEPA air filters at home. Maybe he didn’t know there is haze. Keep quiet only. Never demand apology or burn flags.

    Something to do with same religion?? Correct me if I am wrong. But this is a ‘humour’ post, don’t flame me.
    We all know this open secret.

    Walk the talk?? Nah…….

  7. pak lah bolehwi still dunno that the haze are an accumulation of simultaneous toxic farts from indons who loathe m’sian gomen. this is the kinda insult that bolehwi gomen cant see cos why? sedara mara ma….kaki lang, no need kalkulative sangat. my foot.

    bolehwi busy eating bakso & ketoprak.

  8. haiyah everytime wan la… demand for apology. apology given. next year, same mistake happen again. demand for apology again. apology given again. the following year, same mistake happen again. kalau nak sampai macam ni, baik tak payah cakap apa-apa

  9. Cannot burn indo flag, create more haze leh, and indo maids or indo workers will fight with us some more. Our soldiers hardly fight leh, dunno will lose or not.
    Just get apology and CREATE RAIN for us!

  10. shoppingmum – LOL, yahor. But they said they provide oxygen for us wor….So, we are indebted to them. (read kean-jin’s blog for full story)

    u-jean – It is funny isn’t it? Kiasuland just need to say one word and our country got so agitated. But smoke until cannot breathe, no one says anything.

    jlshyang – Especially our Minister of Health! Like he wasn’t aware. Apalah….

    astrosurge – Hehehe, spot on.

    terence – You know…last time when it first happened, I suffer like siao. My eldest was only in Primary school and I gotta run out from my 45 mins lunch hour to ferry him from school back to my house for nebuliser then dropped him at daycare. It took me about 1.15 mins for the travelling from town/home/daycare/town (where my office was). I risked my life driving like F1 everyday because of the stoopid haze. Think back also can cry ‘cos of the pressure of making sure he is ok, making sure I tak kena warning letter for running out every day like that and also the wheezing he went through. Naik api only. Must really demo liao. LOL.

    KJ – We seriously have to put our foot down because it has been going on for too long. If Indon cannot improve their method of agriculture, then they have to suffer poverty. That’s their problem, right?

    yapcy – Hahaha, really? Wuah….this one really funny lah. Did Java Post said where the smog originates from? Our media must kena the gag order ‘cos sked next year Visit Malaysia Year 2007, no one dare to come. Malaysia…Truly Hazy yaaaa….

    wuching – And I don’t understand the reason why.

    helen – You know hor, I got big bum so I must cover my big bum properly. Otherwise, susah lor.

  11. Lilian, I agree that is their problem to improve their method of agriculture. However, same problem repeat for nearly 20 years, sounds a bit too much? We have to accept and TARIK KUAT KUAT the “second hand smooke” I think you will not agree to. Who will pay us the medicine charges? What if someone we love die because of this lovely “fog”?
    It just show how “world class” M’sia system is, we have many old problems in our nation can’t be solved for nearly 50 years. Maybe they will think this lovely “fog” problem needs for about 50 years to solve, perhaps?
    Never mind lah, assuming we are in the HEAVEN “fog” here and there. Romantic tau? Aircrafts can’t take off, rest for a day loo. Factories have to stop becuase of “fog” emergency, take a couple of days off loo. Everyone stay in their own house, no business runing outside, never mind lah… no business no business loo… Economic tak bagus, tak bagus loo… BUT, when touch about 30% or priority policies, you will see a lot of SUPERMeN, BATMeN, ULTRAMeN (what else?) jump out SHOWING their POWERRRrrr… May the fource be with you. IoI

  12. *cough* *cough*
    Right. I agree with you 5xmom. This is getting out of hand. Malaysia’s choking & there are no actions !! It is becoming an annual thingy. 🙁

  13. i realli dun understand the apology part..nid meh?..orang tak mintak maaf..dia asyik asyik ngan topik yg sama..menyampah tul la..dah lah mintak maaf ..tapi kutuk lagi..ish…sikit sikit merajuk….memang ada unsur unsur bangsa pun..itu tak boleh dinafikan…err…ok ok…i berhenti sini…nanti kena makan nasik kari kang…i gak yg susah….

  14. Send back indonesia worker? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ask those those kick-a$$ business that exploit on the low wages.

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