Do I even vaguely look like Special Branch to you? Hmmm…?!?

Went to Gurney Plaza for some Unka Ho. Lately, things are getting very strict here. In Midlands (which we won’t be going anytime soon after the woman committed su1c1de the other day), they still opened the shops but after paying, we gotta pick up the DVDs from their runners outside their shops. The reason is – The Ministry of Home Affairs (right?) will charge the shopping mall owner if they rent their shoplots to shops selling pirated DVDs.

Therefore, it feels kinda like some drug dealing if we want to buy ermmm…you know…. Somehow, the more clandestine the deal is, the more chi-kek it is.
So, I went in to this shop in GP. Alone. With only one kid. I was wearing a black t-shirt, no make-up, black jeans and carrying a backpack. And my kid asked:

Got Dragon Ball CDs boh?

Nope. Sold out.

Lu U ‘Click’ boh?

Nope. Sold out.

Do you have ‘Little Man’?

Nope. Sold out.

So, kid and I went out. Mid-way, we bumped into my atm with my two other kids. He was tailing behind and that’s why I was in the shop first. I told him,

“The shop got nothing lah. Everything also none. Files also (clear holder with the titles of the movies) none lah. Let’s go home.”

Hubby said, ” Haiyah….you look like tua kau’s wife lah. That’s why they are scared of you.” (tua kau = big dog = nickname for police detective)

I replied, “Cilaka lu, really wan, he (kid) asked already, nothing at all.” So, I walked off to another shop lot while hubby went to the DVD shop.

And voila! They brought out all the titles to show him. My atm was wearing bermudas and anyway, his size does not qualify to be the tua-kau, way too short mah.

Niamah…now…tell me lah, do I seriously look like a Special Branch S.W.A.T team member or not? Then again, good also lah. Muggers/robbers/snatch thieves/blind molesters won’t even dare come near me, in case I pull out my Smith & Wesson revolver and tembak them. Ahem, off to watch ‘The Devil wears Prada’.

Community message : Do not buy pirated DVDs. It is like robbing and stealing. Bad moral. Boleh faham? Heh!

25 thoughts on “Do I even vaguely look like Special Branch to you? Hmmm…?!?

  1. SWAT team? watch the first few part of The Devil Wears Prada, the fashion SWAT team! although not as hot like in the novel, it was slightly fun. I hope you’d enjoy the movie as it was a huge massive dissapointment for me. great wardrobe anyway. i still haven’t been tu Midlands after that incident. geez.. freaky..

  2. the SB’s (those i’ve learnt to spot sitting quietly in the courts) seems to fancy wearing flowery shirts, rather than those SWAT black uniforms…

    why don’t you download? Free =)

  3. not look like tua kau, but look very Ah Soh. They don’t trust Ah Soh’s mouth. Go and sing everywhere, sooner or later the real tua kau will hear about it. hahahahaaa..

  4. Woman in black ma… look like undercover operative that is trying to blend in by taking a kid in tow! šŸ˜‰

  5. hahahaha had me in stitches imagining the situations as I read the posting above šŸ˜›

    Well, with you dressed in all black, they might have been thinking that you are from the Special Branch.

    Wah..the community service message at the end of the posting is basically the same as the Morality Code of the Kennedy’s which is, Do as I tell you and Not do what I do … hahaha

  6. OK!!! ALL THE MEN. FACE THE WALL, HANDS ON YOUR HEAD. *tembak piang piang piang* Only a few good guys still standing. Ahpek got his testicles blown to pieces.

  7. Aik, business as usual d? Weeks ago, they buka 11am-1pm. Such odd hours how am i to wake up and go buy la. Now biz as usual d i can go buy d, hehehe.

    Batu Ferringhi ones sometimes not clear and it’s far from my place anyway.

  8. aiyo, really ah….I nearly pengsan from laughing. So funny! I didn’t know police are called ‘tua kau’. I also penang hokkien lang tapi wa bo iong the language long time di! Here in PJ still quite easy to get pirated. But…

    Community Service Message: Buying pirated stuff is stealing. DON’T DO IT.

    …anyway, I try my best to resist the urge to get them lah. šŸ™‚

  9. Chief – Ya hor…my camera lagi teruk than a gun hor. Hehehe.

    marsha – Wuah….your blog banner! You look so hot!

    u-jean – Me also got the same principle. The angmohs kaya enuff but local must support lah.

    jlshyang – Ya, I dun like to buy from vendors ‘cos you can never find them in the same place, in case want to return.

    moo_t – The quality not the same leh. Anyway, since I am going to commit the crime, might as well let some enterprising young men to earn my money a bit, so that I passed on my sins to him a bit. LOL. Share-share, so not so fast go to hell.

    ahpek – Nothing left to pick up, all melted.

    shooi – Batu Feringghi too far from home. Petrol will cost me a lot.

    sooi2 – No mood to watch yet. Now I got runny nose pulak. Grr….More than two weeks liao, still not fully recovered.

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