These chao angmohs are so clever to earn money

Have you watch those ‘As seen on TV’ ads? The kind where they can sell you a piece of miserable looking shit and pass it on as something that you ‘simply must not miss this chance, only for today, buy one get three free, lifetime guarantee, do not wait any longer because we have limited stocks, call the number on your TV screen now yadda yadda yadda’.

I really admire how creative the Americans are in the marketing field. They really have a way to pull you into something ever so subtlety. If you have watched ‘Wag the dog’, you will know what spin doctors are. Something our local politicians lack.

So, the other day, there was this hoo-haa over ‘Death of Adsense’ and then, no sooner than you can say die, another person came up with Adsense is Alive. Being the sucker that I am, I signed up the newsletter just to find out what’s in store. But I smelled something fishy because they asked for my Paypal email. I dropped the thing like a couple of unwashed spenders (male underwears lah).

Now, this bugger is selling some templates that will make you very, very leech rich. Cost USD197 wor. Chisin meh…..I can optimise my websites free of charge. Ptuuiiilah, think want to earn auntie’s money so easy meh?

Anyway, back to the topic, I just want to rant that there are so many scams and get-rich-quick things out there. So, be careful folks. Don’t blog because you want to get rich quick. Blog because you have something good to share, do it sincerely and you will be richly blessed. I just realised that my parenting website MyMomsBest, my first ever paid domain is three years on October 10th. I bought that domain and hosting for RM200 (share with another person) from Intergricity with my own pocket money. It has so far served it purposes. And my adventure as a blogger is going touch two years on October 23rd!

Peeps – If you haven’t link me, please, please, please, please, please link me! I am desperate because I want to see how far I have gone since the day I started blogging.
Now, Americans are creative in marketing. Japanese are innovative. Malaysians leh?

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18 thoughts on “These chao angmohs are so clever to earn money

  1. Speaking of scams or get-rich-quick schemes, you’ve probably heard of the Amway personal business/leveraged business line? I was mislead into attending a seminar in Australia (I’m studying here now, and the lady who called said that I should attend a seminar – A seminar, haha – that would be very good for students with my degree), and the basic concept is you buy all the stuff from Amway to get points, and the more points you have, the more savings you get, or discounts. Also, if you have more people signing up after you on the same line, you will get profits. Don’t know how that mathematically works, but they brought out all these people who said it works and they’re all retired at 24. Sigh…why is it that sometimes people would rather sit down and get rich, and not want to experience what it’s like working? Or why do they get so disenchanted with work so fast? All the ‘successful’ people said that they don’t want to work anymore for anyone, etc etc…sigh dunnolar.

  2. malaysians ah? good at Rempitting lor! good at saying they don’t get enough lor. good at asking for apology lor. hahahaa…

    btw, i oso got 4.1 Juice oni leh. like how ah? No Juice no shiok wan wor.

  3. Malaysia ah? Good at talking nonsense loh…..they make good salesman, but unfortunately they can’t grasp the concept what they are selling, so no one listen to them

  4. Malaysians r? Good at asking for apology lor… 🙂 Complain also no 1 but complain abt wrong thing la… *sigh*

  5. Malaysia? difficult to answer, so many quote :
    Boleh, close one eye, kautim, everything seetle, 1st world dut 3rd world dut…..

    Actually Malaysian are well known in international syndicate ring.

  6. I signed up for that newsletter too..ha ha…but not easy to earn money from me wanlah 😛 Happy Advance 2nd Blogging Anniversary (aiyo, so long punya greeting ah)

  7. Lilian, I have started my own blog but somehow I’m still not satisfied with it. Will invite all to view it once ready. But still malu-malu lagi…

  8. astrosurge – Haiyohhhh soli lah….. I screwed up my codes and now I can’t open new pages. Then hor…if I want to add link, I have to edit post, type in the html yadda yadda. So, in the end, I ditched it. No more alphabetical orders too. You can go add a comment in my comment box there ah? On the Blogroll post? One fine day, I may find some englightment and know how to rectify the problem. Hehehe.

    fire80 – YAY! HOORAY! Finally. Tell me when you are ready to open shop.

    IMMOM – That guy one day two emails, gek sei ngo.

    pablopa – Must feed the blog long long time baru can get juice wan….Slowly lah

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