HELP!!!! Penang engulfed in haze again!!! What else is new?

LOL, my photoshop skill very bad. It is supposed to look like haze.

After a rainy morning and several days of clear skies, the haze came back with vengeance. Where is the air purifier? Where is the ioniser? I need fresh air!!!!!
It sorts of appeared very suddenly. One minute I was sitting under clear skies and the next, the whole area is ‘misty’. Now the air smells smokey. Blardy hell.

This photo is taken around 5 pm today. That’s not mist you are looking at but HAZE FROM THAT INCONSIDERATE INDONESIA!

The other day someone damn belagak ‘hantar memorandum to the Indon embasssy’ konon. Like duh, the Indon is going to heed the memorandum. But then, the person can claim to be wira negara, no? Sikit-sikit, he hantar memorandum. Got interbiu by the press. Wuah…like he is the only one taking pro-active action.
Ish, ish, ish! Dinner time! Come back and rant longer.

13 thoughts on “HELP!!!! Penang engulfed in haze again!!! What else is new?

  1. okay. that proves it. it takes an average of 2 full days for the haze to travel up the North-South Highway from KL to Penang.

    If wonder would Penang have had one more day of clear skies if the haze decided to take the trunk road…?

  2. haiyah that son-in-law saja wan publisity lah. indonesia where can eliminate this problem wan. unless they can reduce the population (too cruel) or put more effort on high tech agricultural stuff then settle ade. instead of burning those plants, they should do something esle. and guess who owns many of the agribusiness there? *ahem ahem* GH*pe and S*me. local kompeni wan.. iskh

  3. Soon we need to pay to hav fresh breeze and lately hav come up a brand Super8 air filter come in varies size advertised in the Astro, saw that a jogger carry a air filter around her neck…wat the hell..hate u Indon!

  4. Judy – LOL, I just notice how many hate haze posts I have put up before this one. Look at the Related Post. It is the same old story.

    azhan – That’s why they are dragging their feet lor. Our wira negara (konon) dem bangga when he was interbiu, make me so meluat only.

    simon – HOHOHO, good one!

  5. Jason – Yalor, if I did not see his pic that day, I probably won’t naik api so much. After see him liao, my head also come out smoke.

  6. i work at the twin towers. aiya…why suddenly got splotches of grey paint on them? hahaha… try using airbrush then filter->blur

  7. QUIZ!!!

  8. i just came home from Prangin. my friend parked his car on thr rooftop and ohmigawd! aitelyu ah, penang is clearly not visible anymore! i almost got heat stroke just now after coming out from a cyber cafe in sungai dua. damn hot lah wei!

  9. azhan – Penang Hill also lesap in the asap!

    wuching – Yah, I live amongst the fairies.

    fire80 – I know, I know for the first four. Except the fifth one, I don’t have the answer.

    budokid – My photoshop skills setengah masak only LOL. Like pigeon droppings.

  10. The best air purifiers are the ones using hepa filters but they are quite expensive.~;,

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