Operasi kurang berat badan

Because my butt was itchy, I consulted a physician.

A physician is a doctor specialised in our total health.

Because I was am have always been snobbish, I refused to see the Medical Officer (also a qualified doctor) for my flu. (see MO one time but did not get better but got worse)

So, to the physician I went.

Because I am such a curious cat and also a kiasi individual, I asked the physician if I am too YOUNG to take a complete medical check-up.

Hell, no! He said. You got money, I got the package! (Hehehe, of course the doctor never said like that lah!)

So, to a complete medical check-up I went.

Uric acid, blood count, cholesterol, creatanin, blood sugar yadda yadda yadda. Hampalang semua every bloody (and I mean bloody) tests also I took. Measure my height, weight, waist, pulse yadda yadda yadda.

And Mr. Physician said “YOU MUST LOSE 5 KILOGRAMMES! I will refer you to the Dietician for a eating plan.”

Me : “Eh, doctor, my weight never changed one. My mom is fat so am I.”

Mr. not-good-looking old Physician : “The Dietician will be able to work out a programme for you.”

Me : (in the heart) Niamah, I probably am more well versed than Miss Dietician on healthy eating, low fat, low sugar, low salt, lots of exercise, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, small meals yadda yadda kong yehsou (preaching). I don’t want to see a blardy Dietician! I pay her and somemore, I kena lecture.

Eh, doctor, I read from those advertisements on your wall? You can prescribe me some alternative foods (those meal replacement shits lah) instead ah?

Mr. even no-more-good-looking Physician : Well, the only way is to get plenty of exercise and eat healthily. The rests are all bluff wan.

Me : (in the heart again lah) Cilakoi, if bluff wan, why you all somemore advertise wor. How about you give me a referrer to the Cosmetic Surgeon across your clinic. I go liposuction faster wor. BECAUSE I FREAKING HATE THE WORD EXERCISE. I chased after my toddler in the park every day, I carried his heavy bicycle up the small hill, I hardly got any chance to even sit down and take a breath. Somemore where got energy left to exercise wor?

Oklah. When do I see the Dietician?

Haih….why la I itchy butt go surrender myself to this kind of torture? Now I kena say goodbye to all the above foods. I am eating cereals and 0% fat yoghurt for breakfast. Salad for lunch and half the portion of my normal dinner and that includes one large plate of vege. Mr. Physician is going to weigh me in another three weeks and I better get at least 1 kg down or else I have to see Miss Dietician.

So Operasi Kurang Berat Badan (OKBB) starts now. *haih* Five kilogrammes only mah. I like to carry it around, cannot meh? Must really lose it ah? I sked I lose liao, my body too hot for me to handle wor. How ah? All the old men falling heads over heels over me, how leh? Lucky I still got my flu with stuffed nose and bad cough. That’s why I can still escape the dreaded ‘EXERCISE’.

Siapa ada rahsia kurang berat badan? Rahsia melangsing badan?

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  1. Aiyo!! Lilian, how to kurang berat badan when I see all the delicious food in Malaysia Bestlah!!! Now I am trying to kurang my bulging tummy (looks like 7 months pregnant..) Any idea how to kurang??? Hates excercise too! Don`t know whether all the gadgets In shopping malls for kurang waist, kurang buttock, kurang ..etc..etc… really works.(So pricey too!!)Happy Losing Weight!

  2. Count me in. I have been round forever since delivering 2 boys. I tried dietitian, ended up muting my ears whenever I see her or food.

  3. I definitely overweight by at least 10kg. Loose weigh with auntie, forget it, beh sai. I am going to the market for more pandan cake, yummmm. Eat til die lah, that’s my motto. See u around.

  4. When we get older, we will need to look after ourselves and it is kinda difficult when we are getting a lil too comfortable with our lives. Anyhoo, fix now before we get major maintenance bill later. Cheers!

  5. Alamak Lil, my BMI ngam ngam 25la. Means overweight wor…. i will loose weight with u… Malaysia boleh, kita pun boleh….

  6. IMHO, most dietician actually practice “guailow-rules”. I rarely see a dietician subscribe to Asian food. In fact : cereal is bad(excessive sugar, salt), 0% fat yogurt are bad (again, with added sugar), salad sauce are unhealthy, etc. Most dietician are bad cook.

    And talk about BMI, it is “invented” in 1850 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_mass_index

    It become a commericalise jargon than a scientific measurament in order to promote business like low fat food, exercise equiment, etc. IMHO, if blood sugar, liver,kidney,etc are good, a person is much healthier to eat their normal “happy food” than taking dietician advise.

  7. AIYO! How to make it man??? How to lose weight?? If we live in Singapore..maybe can la….BUT living in Malaysia is..sigh..just too much torture!!!!!!! The food’s smell is enough to send your head spinning!!! Some more Ramadhan month…the smell can travel far !!!!!!!

  8. Some more stay in Pg where people eat at any time of the day be it 4am in the morning or 12midnight! Tried to diet la… but lasted like 2 days then give up. Now suka2 exercise lor… Azhan, underweight mau gain senang saja… makan, makan n makan. Tapi kalau over, susah la… makan kena makan juga, makan kurang sikit, perut bising. šŸ™‚

  9. You can wallop all the wonderful food…but still lose weight. Here’s how: Begin by eating only 3/4 of the food portion that you normally eat…then gradually change to half portion. That’s it. Even spare tyre can decrease oh. No exercise at all!

    Ahh also don’t eat full full at night.

  10. Me also hate to exercise and that’s why when my hubby go jogging at the beach, I will laid at my hairmok(not sure correct spelling or not) reading newspaper and sipping chilled oolong tea during the weekend.(cannot drink soft drink so change to chinese tea ). Ah so relax…

    No need to eat cereals and yogurt leh everyday. There are full of sugar and I can’t really follow those western diet anyway. I lost about 4kg in 4 months by just doing the followings:-

    1) take your time eating and chewing.

    2) eat less during lunch and dinner. If you scoop two portion of rice, try cutting to just 11/2 scoop and gradually cut to 1 scoop. Don’t eat untill 100% or 110% full. If you feel 70% full, then stop eating. Never try to finish your sons food and your food.

    3) Drink lots of water. Drink 1 cup of water early in the morning, then 2 cups after 1 weeks.

    4) of course you have to eat more fruits and vegie, less fatty food, and bla blah. You know what I mean.

    5) If you feel hungry during tehtime, just munch something healthy like carrots, fruits or cucumbers and not nasi lemak, kuih muih or chay kaoy teow…

    6) Since I cook at home, I use to cook more meat than vegie. So, I cook more vegie than meat nowsdays. I will let my hubby eat more of the meat instead since he still have space to put on..He He.

    The keyword here is not to change your eating habit so dratically. Start by cutting little by little until your tummy get use to it. Also, your will power in the first week is very important.

    I have another 6kg to go….

    Good luck to your Lilian.

    Mott: Not true that you can lost weight if you stay in Singapore…You must know where are all the good food are located. Of course, some of the food cannot compare to Malaysia food lah especially Penang food. Assam laksa………..drool…..

    Disclaimer: The above is only my personnal experience only. I will NOT be liable if you don’t achieve any weight loss.

  11. eh, dun listen to these doctors lah. 5kg oso want to make big deal. if we watch our weight all the time, there won’t be food blogs and we’ll be drinking carrot juice all the time.

    but if 15kg overweight, that one different story la.

  12. I never believed in dieting. Eat everything in moderation is the rule to live. I have a friend who just recently went for lipo. Cost her RM20k. No doubt a washboard tummy after that but heck, painful like he** wor she said.

  13. i also need to lose weight..
    I dun take rice for dinner… sometimes la. šŸ˜›
    Used to exercise.. when I need to ‘comquer’ Mount KK…
    But now … I lazy ler.. so i gave up and my bf gave up on me d. šŸ˜›

  14. Yah lah, that doc. Bluff wan summore advertise for what ler. Here’s my tip. Eat from a smaller plate. Big big plate can fill in more food mah.

  15. LOL, so many pro and so many buckets of water also.

    Oi ahpek, when did I lose weight? I went on vegetarian fast for a whole month, I never lost a single pound. I exercise seriously, I gained. In the end, I just don’t bother lah.

    OK, this Dr. Bernard said eat. My blog sifu, Dr. Liew said ‘Eat first, die later’…so I eat lah! Hahaha.

    I will note all the tips here and see how lah.

  16. wakakaka….you of all people?!!!!!
    u love your food and ur hubby loves ur curves…thats what matters riteee
    kekee….okla….mari join the diet club. we motivate each other

  17. It’s all about portions right? According to the author of “Why french women don’t get fat” said the french eat all courses incl their desserts, and majority of them stay quite slender.
    This buddy of mine said eat 70% of what you’d like to eat. Not easy for sure…it’s like retraining the tummy, and the brain, no less.
    After 2 kids, my BMI according to that link is 23.7. Had my body fat measured (using caliper and skin fold method) last week, and was a whopping 24.7%.
    Don’t diet…do nutrition management, and/or type your metabolism.

  18. Lilian, you seen me and I am also fat mah. But at times, i realise I work better, walk faster and do thing faster than the thinner one. The thinner one, ‘oi sei, ngem sei’ like that. If go down, I accompany you lah. Join you!!! Ha ha ha. This doctors are like that one. Always ‘over-saying’. I always very ‘tu lan’ with them also. The last time I took my mum to see a doc because of flu. This doctor is thin and skinny – like a drug addict. When the 2 of us were about to go out. He say this to me and my mum, “the 2 of you must go exercise a lot. Very fat lah the 2 of you”. I stare at him and say, you think the 2 of us always sit at home and shake legs kah. We also have things to do leh – swipe the floor, mop the floor, take care of the kids and bla bla bla. He say this is not consider – must go jogging. I walk out immediately. Told my mum that is a gila doctor. Follow like him die lah – so damn skinny like a drug addict only. Our size is call ‘fatt fook’. Not everyone also have one. All my *@+-*/###**@@@ for this doctor also come out lah.

  19. hahaha! U should meet my Mom lah.. I think u are her long lost twin.. Cakap pun sebijik serupa! No need for any crap la.. my mom is 103 kg, aged 46, not sick oso.. Tak kisah la gemuk ka kurus ka, yang paling penting sihat dan poket lebat! kekeke

  20. Soleilina – I know her mum, Lilian. What she say is true. Her mum is healthy. Yang paling penting, hidup tu mesti HAPPY always and also like you say poket lebat. Ha ha ha …………….

  21. Aiya, want to lose weight, come to me mah. Why go to the Dietician, hoh. I’ll soon flush them all outta ur system, lolz.

  22. samm – So far away…if not I give you to be the guinea pig hor?

    soleilina – Hahaha, I must meet your mom one of these days.

    Erina – Haiyor so chialat doctor ah? But come to think of it, my doctor also very thin-thin wan. Lucky he never utter the word fat or else I go find another doctor.

    mama23beas – But if your sis like you so thin, then no need to diet lah.

    alphabeta – I talk only lah, I don’t have the drive to do it.

    fashionasia – Marriage makes you happy and ‘fatt fook’ ah?

  23. HaHa sucks for u guys im natural super skiny eat all i want and still stay super skiny!!! Its fabulous!!! It would sure suck 2 be fat!!!

  24. i`m not having a problem about my body weight.i“““““m just 52kg but paha saya besar..knapa jd mcm ni dan how to solve this problae..tq

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